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Which pushchair would you recommend to a new parent?

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TinaMumsnet · 05/11/2018 12:00

We're making plans to test and review new pushchairs and we'd love to know which ones you'd recommend.

There are so many options on the market, it can be hard for new parents to know which ones are really worth investing in. So if you've used a great travel system/pushchair in the last two years, we want to hear about it!

Tell us the make and model of the pushchair you rate, and why you'd recommend it to others. Your comments will help us to create a shortlist of pushchairs to test and recommend to new parents.

Also, if you have any helpful advice on what to look out for when shopping for a pushchair, we'll include it in our buyer's guide.


OP posts:
Mummychoochoo3 · 05/11/2018 21:39

Stoke xplory. Expensive but has lasted 7 years and 3 kids and still going strong. I have a cousin who keeps asking when it will be hers. Nice and high up for baby and easy for me and dad to push and the adjustable handle is longer than most so great if your taller. Good size and easy to maneuver.

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo · 05/11/2018 21:42

My helpful tip would be think about how you will travel around and if it's by public transport choose something compact and easy to fold down. Don't be the person on the bus refusing to fold down your giant sized travel system to make room for a wheelchair user. Or left in the rain because trying to fold down your prom is too daunting to fold down when there's no room for a pram.

I had a bugaboo bee - it was great for city life/bus use. A lot of people I knew at the time had big expensive travel systems that were replaced by strollers within six months - a year. I used my bee right until I stopped needing a buggy.

OrdinaryGirl · 05/11/2018 21:45

For twins: Baby Jogger City Select.

It's been perfect - narrower than some regular buggies, incredibly smooth to push and can be steered with one hand. Looks smart too. Lots of people have come up to me to ask about it. Obviously I do not now, nor have I ever jogged with it.

AmieGeo · 05/11/2018 22:34

Bugaboo Cameleon.

I love the hand break, it can face either way, suspension is great, it looks smart, I won't have to buy another Pram/buggy in the future.

FlyingwithBaby · 05/11/2018 23:05

The Out N About nipper 360 is an excellent buggy!
It’s possible to buy a basinett and adaptors, as well as car seat adaptors.
We absolutely love ours 😀

sophiec123 · 05/11/2018 23:06

Another vote for silvercross pioneer

  • great on all terrains
  • big basket!
  • easy to unfold/set up

Nonomore2 · 05/11/2018 23:12

BabyZen yo-yo. Unbeatable for city living.

Freddiepurrcury · 05/11/2018 23:16

Something with large wheels if you do a lot of walking.

ruthieruthuk · 05/11/2018 23:18

I have a ICandy Peach however I do find it quite big to get in/out of the car as I have learnt to drive since having kids and now go most places by car, apart from that it's a great pram and I use it both as a single and a double!

I've also had a surf which I didn't keep long as it kept going faulty and a Graco Evo which was great!

daffjeri · 05/11/2018 23:24

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Nofilter · 05/11/2018 23:34


KerfuffleShuffle · 06/11/2018 00:11

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Littlereen · 06/11/2018 04:01

Nuna Mixx
Amazing value for money for a premium brand (I think we paid £600), big basket, tyres fab for off road walks. Carrycot part very ergonomic with dream drape hood. Magnets instead of zips for stuff which makes it quicker, quieter and easy one handed. Would also consider their new Demi grow Pram which is similar but can convert to a double. My baby is 16m and I still love the Nuna and doubt I’ll bother every getting a buggy

Jenniferb21 · 06/11/2018 04:27

Definitely worth considering a bugaboo donkey whilst it isn’t my faveourite by looks it simple and serves a great purpose.. it can be used as a single pram and a double pram. So many people have a baby and another baby when first baby is a toddler and then have to buy another pram. This is what happened to me so I spent about £1000 on a mamas and papas pram in 2016 then in 2018 bought a bugaboo donkey.

I knew I wanted to try for another baby within 2 years but it never crossed my mind and I didn’t know some prams had this facility. As I was blessed and had twins this year every little helped and I just wished I hadn’t of had such a big expense. We bought it for around £800 pre loved but had only been used for 6 months or so by another lady with twins and then we got a buggy for our two year old.

Photo attached of my twins in their pram they love it x

Which pushchair would you recommend to a new parent?
PurpleFlowersInMyHair · 06/11/2018 05:15

Baby Jogger City mini GT

There’s a reason they’re everywhere now despite lack of marketing and love by mumsnet/ John Lewis etc

They really are birth to 3 with the deluxe carrycot attachment

One hand fold big enough to house a large hood. Push like a dream and go off road. Massive good sheilds child from sun and rain- even on the carrycot no need to attach a muslin cloth like other prams. Lie flat for naps. Massive basket. It packs down fairly small for the boot/bus.

What’s the catch? The only thing it doesn’t do is a parent facing mode post carrycot which I think puts new parents off. But never been a problem for me.

I think the love for these buggies is evident on the pushchair board and once you have had one there’s no going back!

PurpleFlowersInMyHair · 06/11/2018 05:18

^ ah so many typos above!

I meant big enough to house a large toddler

It has a hood with great weather protection

Also it gets a lot of love on mumsnet boards but not the official pages

PurpleFlowersInMyHair · 06/11/2018 05:31


You are so right - so many of the ‘travel systems’ are too big bulky and impractical to use after 6 months/ a year. Everyone I know with one has ditched it for an umbrella fold. I was actually choosing between a bugaboo bee and BJCM GT for this reason but ended up opting for the GT because it goes off road so well.

Both of these buggies have separate attachments which makes them into a travel system (bracket for car seat, carrycot) but they are not sold as a package so somehow aren’t viewed as travel systems Confused

orangeblosssom · 06/11/2018 05:48


Can use from new born to age 3. Huge hood so protects the infant from the sun and rain. So lightweight and extremely easy to fold.

IrishMamaMia · 06/11/2018 06:25

Didn't want a big travel system, so went for the silver cross reflex with new born attachment and I've been happy with it. It's a third of the cost of some prams and has lasted well. It is very nippy, narrow for bus travel and going into cafés, turns very easily and is nice to push.
Its great for naps. There is a huge hood and the seat adjusts easily.
It is great for toddlers as it has a weight limit of 25kg (!).

harrietm87 · 06/11/2018 06:40

Obviously the best pram for you will depend on your circumstances/intended use. We wanted a small, light, easy fold city pram so looked at the babyzen yoyo, bugaboo bee, uppababy and the one handed fold one - babyjogger mini?

Uppababy was higher up than the others and more storage but bulkier and heavier. Babyjogger seemed flimsier/less good quality somehow (though fold was awesome).

The yoyo was lightest and folds down the smallest, but is so low to the ground and can’t parent face from 6 months onwards, and the handlebars aren’t adjustable.

So we were left with the bee and love it. Easy to switch from parent to outward facing, folds in one piece, narrow enough to fit on the bus, handlebars adjust (height disparity between DH and I meant this was important), light and actually surprisingly good suspension - often go for walks in the countryside when visiting grandparents and it works fine. Can buy car seat adaptors so becomes a travel system. Can also buy the bugaboo runner chassis and use the bee seat so you have an off-road/running option there.

KateTTC123 · 06/11/2018 06:49

The Janè Matrix every time! The lie flat car seat was invaluable and has since been borrowed by 2 friends! The system is affordable, cleverly designed and user friendly. We had the Mum model which has lots of storage too.

RidingMyBike · 06/11/2018 06:55

Look at your lifestyle and what you need the travel system to do - public transport and/or car? One baby or more? Storage space at home? Basket size? Pavements or off road use?

We chose a Graco Evo carrycot and pushchair travel system and it's been fantastic - does all the things the more expensive ones do but at a fraction of the price. We chose it because it only narrowly missed being a Which Best Buy and for the price was unbeatable (less than £300 for the whole lot). We have used it almost every day for nearly three years and it's still going strong. Have walked miles with it on pavements and it copes fine with smoothish/mown grass surfaces. Carrycot for six months, then parent facing them forward facing. Huge basket for shopping. Light and nippy and compact so great for public transport or if you only have a small boot. No need to buy extras as it comes with footmuff and rain cover.

I look round at the much more expensive buggies at toddler group and think that mine does all the same things but I paid so much less!

Callmecordelia · 06/11/2018 07:00

Out N about nipper is excellent. I agonised about the parent facing thing, but I didn't miss it. Mine is a version 1, bought for my daughter in 2010, and the build quality is excellent. I had children five years apart and it's had daily use for a lot of the last seven years and is as solid as ever. It's been used on country walks, beaches, gravel and on normal roads. It's light, supremely manoeuvrable, slim through doorways, in one piece, the wheels come off so it folds down incredibly small, and the tyres (on my version anyway) are cheap to replace. However if you put slime in the tyres they'll hardly need replacing anyway.

The upgrades over the years for car seat adaptors and carry cots have fixed all the little niggles I had, and if I had the cash, I'd have upgraded without question.

It's all about what fits your lifestyle isn't it? I compromised on parent facing because I live rurally near the sea, so I went for a true off road buggy, and I've never regretted that decision.

mummmy2017 · 06/11/2018 08:14

We got one for under £100...
Then when you get feed up with it... Which you will. We should it for £50 and upgraded, please don't get sucked up into paying more than a cheap car for a pram, it is a profit making exercise for the manufacturer.

bourbonbiccy · 06/11/2018 08:30

I love my Silvercross wayfarer Chelsea travel system. I haven't used any other though, but would recommend this one

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