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Has anyone bought ABC Adventure buggy direct

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sazzleevans · 03/01/2011 00:17


I am looking to buy an ABC adventure buggy. The triplet version sells for around £600 on eBay. I just emailed them direct and they have replied with a price list marked as a January sale price which is fabtasticaly cheap.

The email was [email protected] from Phil Green. I am hoping this is all legit. Has anyone bought direct like this?


OP posts:

moofolk · 16/03/2011 10:09

I am very nearly about to buy one of these - I have a toddler and twin babies - but nowhere can I find measurements for the width of the unfolded buggy, only that it fits through a 'standard door'. What's a standard door?! Don't want to get it shipped over only to find out I can't get sleeping babies inside after a walk! If anyone has one can they please help?

Have emailed Phil and he seems to answer every question but that one which worries me somewhat.

Also someone on here mentioned that the black buggy has deeper seats? Really? I want the one that will last me the longest!


MonkeysPunk · 16/03/2011 14:07

Phil told me the black model has deeper seats.
Ask him the width again, he probably just overlooked that I'm sure its not a secret!I find when manufacturers say standard doorway, its a standard shop doorway not the one in my home!


moofolk · 17/03/2011 20:51

I have had a few emails back and forth with Phil. Seems lovely and all but repeatedly does not answer my question about the width of the buggy.

The only info I can find on the website is that the double fits through a 'standard door'. I have no idea if I have a standard door or if a British standard door is the same as a NZ standard door! I am itching to order but not until I know I can get inside if I get home with sleeping babies...

Can anybody help? How wide is the ABC double?


moofolk · 17/03/2011 21:33

Just seen this...

Folded Dimensions

Width: 74cm
Length: 130cm (front wheels on), 110cm (front wheels off)
Height: 25cm
Weight: 15kg

Unfolded Dimensions

Width: 74cm
Length: 85cm
Height: 90cm ? 112cm (Depending on the handle bar position)
Weight: 15kg


echojoy · 02/10/2013 10:11

hi Sarah,

May I know whether you take the ABC buggy, I'm also interested about it, thanks



eviola · 30/03/2014 14:55

Hi! I see most of the messages are from 2011, ans I was wondering if anyone is now selling a used ABC triple? I would love that! We live in Edinburgh. Thanks


eviola · 30/03/2014 14:56

Hi! I see the message is from 2011, ans I was wondering if you are now selling a used ABC triple? I would love that! We live in Edinburgh. Thanks

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