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Has anyone bought ABC Adventure buggy direct

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sazzleevans · 03/01/2011 00:17


I am looking to buy an ABC adventure buggy. The triplet version sells for around £600 on eBay. I just emailed them direct and they have replied with a price list marked as a January sale price which is fabtasticaly cheap.

The email was [email protected] from Phil Green. I am hoping this is all legit. Has anyone bought direct like this?


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sazzleevans · 06/01/2011 17:53

OP posts:

sazzleevans · 06/01/2011 19:22

Just had another email from Phil at ABC. My dispatch will be in less than a weeks time. Fab!!!

The second hand one i was watching on eBay is now a staggering £620 plus £35 postage! I would have been bidding if I hadn't found the direct route. It's one of those girlie shopping highlights;)


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MomOrMum · 06/01/2011 19:22

Yes, I ordered the bar for the kiddie board attachment. Thanks for pointing that out as I wouldn't have noticed it as an option! I also ordered the 4 wheel converter thingy and the baby mattress. Think the total was £606 incl freight and it says it should arrive by the end of the month. How exciting!


sazzleevans · 06/01/2011 19:58

We are easily pleased;)

I am 37 weeks so I don't get out much at the mo lol

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harrygracejessica · 06/01/2011 20:44

I bought the last one just over 2 years ago when they stopped the UK distributor!!

I managed to get a double buggy, raincover, leg warmer, backpack thing, 2 newborn mattresses and 2 cosytoes for £500!! Was super offer and glad I did.

Ive got the red one :) I now have a buggyboard on it though instead of the toddler seat although am currently pregnant with my 2nd set of twins so the elder twins will be in the seat and on the buggy board - they are 2.5.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my buggy, seriously love it and we were going to sell it but im glad we didnt and it means I get to use it again.


MonkeysPunk · 07/01/2011 13:05 Just adding this link on calculating VAT and Import duty - as I have been stung with this when importing my Phil and Teds E3 Explorer buggy (7/8 years ago now before they were available in the UK).

I was not only charged vat and import duty - but also the couriers handling fee on the above (they paid on my behalf so I owed them a fee - all this was done without consulting me first!).....

It came to over £100!!! Shock

They add the import duty to the value of the goods and then charge the vat on both amounts.


MonkeysPunk · 07/01/2011 13:09

I'm seriously considering getting the single everest buggy with top reclining toddler seat - but am not keen on getting the extra 4 wheel conversion.

I will mostly use the buggy in single mode for one child - but occasionally will need to use the toddler seat.

Does anyone on this thread have experience of using the single buggy with reclining top seat on with only 3 wheels? If using in this manner it would only be on pavements - not off road.

It's just the 4 wheel conversion puts me off as mostly it will be unecessary (I think as the toddler seat won't be on all the time plus wouldn't be used off road) - it makes folding and storing a bit more "clumsy" and adds weight to the buggy etc.


sazzleevans · 07/01/2011 14:06

Hi Hun

when you have the 4 wheel conversion I think the buggy still comes as a 3 wheeler. Then there's an adapter bar you can add for extra stability. You take it off and on yourself quite easily i think. I think there's a video on YouTube. So you would have both options to play with. I think if you had 2 toddler seats on top you would need 4 wheels but 1 might be ok. Don't know though?

Thanks 4 the import duty calculator! X

OP posts:

MonkeysPunk · 07/01/2011 16:16

i did see the video later of the fourth wheel being fitted. It does look quick and easy to do. Shame they are not including it in the package deal. It's an extra £69 though. The single with reclining toddler seat and rain and sun covers comes to £499 on the Jan sale deal.


sazzleevans · 07/01/2011 17:43

Hmmm... I would have thought the 4 wheel add on would b included in the package. Have you emailed to double check just in case?

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mel2005 · 07/01/2011 19:09

i had the single with a reclining toddler seat and did use it with three and four wheels. i used to pop the extra wheel on when i went to the woods or beach and just had it three wheels around the shops. but to be honest the extra wheel didnt make that much difference to folding etc, it was good for stability on uneven ground. one thing is if you dont buy it when you come to resell it it is recommended that it be used with 4 wheels so it might make it worth alot less than the cost of the extra wheel if the potential buyers spot that on the website.


mel2005 · 07/01/2011 19:12

also if you can put the younger child in the main seat and only use the toddler seat occasionally personally i would get the static seat rather than the reclining seat as its easier to see especially if you are short like me (5ft5) and you really dont need the extra wheel for the static seat.


MonkeysPunk · 07/01/2011 20:14

oddly they are including the extra wheel with the static seat package deal but not with the reclining seat deal. The static seat deal does not include sun or rain covers for toddler seat, so I'd end up paying extra for those. Also the recline toddler seat has a much larger weight limit. Also comes with sun and rain covers. I thought it would have more resale value as also suitable for twins.


sazzleevans · 07/01/2011 22:13

I would get the reclining toddler package and just add the extra wheel as an option.

OP posts:

ednurse · 07/01/2011 22:16

We have the ABC Adventure Triplet (im a nanny) 11mo triplets, 10 weeks prem so one is still very small (13lbs) and have only used it once! Tend to still use the seperate twin and single as go out with mum.

It seems good and sturdy though and will be great in a couple of months. Also it's a nightmare to get in the car Confused

They didn't get it direct, actually it came from one of the dads colleagues at a steal for £100!!


sazzleevans · 08/01/2011 00:06

Oh to have a nanny;) My problem is finding a method of going it alone with 3. You free two weeks Friday lol


OP posts:

MonkeysPunk · 08/01/2011 11:37

ednurse - wow that was a steal at only £100 - and wow - they are lucky to have a nanny with 11 month old triplets (I should think it's still hard work even with you though - prem triplets must be a lot of work!!!).

Yes they do look a bit tricky for in and out the car - I would mostly have mine set up all the time at home for walking to school and back locally (we walk at least 6 miles per day!).

One of the mums at my school (who has about 6 or 7 kids!) has a double with top reclining toddler seat - I notice she's still able to use the top reclining toddler seat with her son who looks about 4y old (and she has twin girls around 1y old in the other seats). She has actually had this buggy for a long time (before she even had the twins!) due to so many kids - and it still looks brand new (even though I have seen her around with it daily for years!).

I'm having to think long and hard about whether to order or not - I have a range of lovely prams to use - but mostly use something sturdy and parent facing for daily use.
I need to whittle down to two prams (one sturdy for everyday - one lightweight for bus/train on the odd occasion).

I have enough (prams) to sell to cover the cost of this new one while it's on the January sale deal so that's not the worry.

It's just my everyday pram is parent facing - and I'm wondering whether I'll look a bit silly using the abc adventure with top seat for 2y old - and only occasionally using main seat (in order to have him parent facing as I like - or if I'll put him in the main seat mostly - and only in the top seat if need main seat for older child (who will only need seat when exhausted from busy week at school plus daily 3 mile walking - 2 journeys a day of 1.5 miles - or if unwell).

I got really stuck this winter with both my older kids being unwell alternate weeks - but having to either walk sick child to school and back twice to deliver well child to school (not practical as that's a 6 mile walk altogether for an unwell child).

In the end - Dad had to alter working hours to drop one kid at school and gran had to collect from school and keep until 6.30pm when dad could collect her after he finished work!)

If I had this ABC adventure buggy - it would suffice for daily use in single mode - but at least I'd have the option of being able to bundle poorly child in main seat, have 2y old in toddler seat - and well child delivered to school and back without any problem to dad or gran!

Its not a situation that arises regualarly though - maybe once or twice a year.

Also the younger of the older children does get a bit too tired to walk some days - and we have an awful lot of whining and bad behaviour due to tiredness - which could be solved by letting her ride home from school in the buggy seat on a thurs or friday (due to the very long walk - and how long it takes her to walk it when tired (takes up to 50 minutes if she's worn out..which is awful if she is whining all the time).

It just seems a bit mad for me to buy this now - at this late stage...although toddler would benefit from main buggy seat until at least 5y (given our circumstances of distance from school and my experience of how it is for little ones being so tired with long walks and school).

I don't drive - the bus is not only ridiculously costly (costing £5 for our family - to travel only one stop - less than a mile - and still having to walk some distance home) the bus is also difficult to get on and off with a buggy - even a small one with a number if kids in tow - drivers don't even allow you to your seat before setting off with a lurch!

There are too many of us to beg a lift with a neighbour or friend (car seats and room in cars etc).

There is no other option than to walk the distance - day in day out - even if it's power showering with rain - and it's so miserable walking back slowly with very tired whiney kids!

I have tried a buggy board on my main buggy, actually, I've tried a buggy board with many different buggies - but it doesn't really help me much. I have a long stride and am fairly tall 5'7" and find stooping to use a board is too painful for my lower back (I have some back issues after 4 pregnancies with heavy babies!).

I'm taking driving lessons - and hope to pass my test this year (have already passed the theory part now - whoo hoo!) - but we will remain a one car family - and husband will need the car for work - so we'll still have to walk most of the time (if not all!).


MonkeysPunk · 08/01/2011 11:44

I think I need to know if this is a fab and durable buggy as a single in it's own right - because the toddler seat deal doesn't make it much more costly than a top of the range atp.

It certainly looks the biz - and I would then have the option of getting about a bit quicker by putting 2 in the buggy, as I certainly don't need a side by side double - and something like the phil and teds e3 doesn't work either due to lower weight allowances on the seats.

I can't see anything available in the UK that would work as well as this for the days when I could benefit from having 2 seats available for kids.

I'm also hoping the resale value might be good. Smile


MonkeysPunk · 08/01/2011 14:08

I got these video links from Phil who said it was designed to be in 3 wheel mode with the reclining toddler seat (as the weight is over the rear wheels). The 4th wheel may be added when going over rough terrain if wished. It is not part of the January Sale RTS package deal though.
I think I'll just go for the Package deal without 4th wheel. I don't think we will need it as not going to be going over rough terrain with TWO in the pram - and if I resell - unless they are wanting to go off-road with two in it - the new owners won't need that 4th wheel either - or they can order it themselves for only £69 (free shipping).

MonkeysPunk · 08/01/2011 14:20

Also, those that have ordered the cross bar to fit a kiddy board - it seems lascal have discontinued sale of the kiddyboard! I hope there is another brand one you can use instead.
Would a normal buggy board not have fitted without this bar?


sazzleevans · 08/01/2011 19:08

That sounds good. The main reason I am getting mine is for independence too. My mum said she will help which is great but I really need to be able to get our and about on my own and if one kid is playing up I need a sear for them not just a board!

OP posts:

MonkeysPunk · 09/01/2011 15:21

After much thought I'm now thinking maybe I shouldn't get this buggy - It does look marvellous and it could take my child's weights combined - but I fear my elder child would still be too big to fit into the main seat (I think her head would be up in the hood!).

I do really like it though - but I'm not sure it's worth giving up my two main buggies to get (seed pli and babyjogger sumit xc)...I would loose the ability to have ds parent facing (seed pli) all the time for school runs - and loose the large seat, handbrake, suspension and lightness the babyjogger offers.

I might be better looking for an electric scooter for my elder child that might have been using the main seat only two nights a week (when she's really tired!)...(goodness knows how much those cost though!).

If only I'd seen this marvellous abc adventure everest buggy years ago though! Wink

PS Phil has been marvellous taking the time to respond to my emails - but his first inclination is apart from the 2y old - my other child is simply too old for it (despite being well in the weight limits for either seat). He did let me know that the BLACK buggy has a DEEPER seat than the other colourways though - so there is that to consider.


sazzleevans · 11/01/2011 00:07

How about one of those trailers you add on a push
bike or is thar bit mad idea?

OP posts:

MonkeysPunk · 11/01/2011 18:42

lol! Think I'll try the buggy board again!


manicminder · 11/01/2011 21:28

Have you considered the bibi strolli as an attachment for an older child (it's like a bike seat)- I haven't used one myself as the eldest I look after at the mo is just 2 - but other minders I know say it is great, allowing independance as it can be folded up onto the side of the buggy.

The other thing to consider would be a scooter with 3 wheels but 2 at the front, not cheap but my 4 yr old has used his for the school run for the last 18 months and loves it, they don't have to steer they just lean slightly and their weight does it for them, they are as quick as a normal 2 wheeler but more stable - mine is also height adjustable.

Hope you find your solution, T

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