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I want to repaint my kitchen and would appreciate colour ideas please

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FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 10:45

The floor is terracotta coloured, a touch lighter maybe. The cupboards are light wood and the work tops are black/brown/cream/white speckled. The walls are currently a creamy colour.


OP posts:
mumblechum · 28/04/2010 10:53

What sort of thing do you like? Are you a warm reds person or a cool duck egg blue person? IMO either (in moderation) could work. You have a fairly blank canvas there.

As you already have a creamy colour, I'm assuming you want a change?

Sorry not v helpful...

mumblechum · 28/04/2010 10:53

Is it a fairly light room?

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 10:55

I am desperate for a change and also it looks old, messy, crap.

Yep, a light room as big and has patio doors out to the garden as well as a window and a glass pannelled door to the utility room so lots f light to come in.

Just hoovered the hallway and now want to redecorate there too. Sick of mucky finger marks on the wall.

OP posts:
FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 11:01

i am off to see what paint I have in the garage. I might do several different colours. I just feel that way out today.

OP posts:
mumblechum · 28/04/2010 11:03

I wonder if blues would look good? I really love hyacinth blue, ie quite a deep blue with a purplish tinge, but not too much of it so maybe one wall (against your pale wood cabinets) in that colour and a lighter, perhaps Wedgewoody blue on the others?

Ooooor (I love decorating, can you tell?) you could put something like Farrow and Ball's Pale Hound on most of the walls. This looks on the card like a cream but on walls it has a definite greenish undertone which would look good with a slightly deeper (but not dark) green, maybe some pictures with white backgrounds, light wood frames and greenish botanical prints in them to pick out the other colours would look good.

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 11:11

I have blue babe (Dulux), sea blue and potters wheel, all dulux.

Don't really want to go out now as in a lot of pain but am liking the idea of one wall a diffferent colour. We have that in our bedroom.

OP posts:
FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 11:15

I think I am going to just paint each wall until I run out of paint and if it has more than one colour on each wall then .

OP posts:
melondrama · 28/04/2010 11:18

well i came home to a newly painted kitchen the other day... almond = dreary khaki, it's vile and now the kitchen looks like a dingy dungeon..

so stay light and bright would be my advice!

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 11:20

This is so not what I should be doing.

I am in a really weird mood and are now about to paint my kitchen walls blue .

OP posts:
FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 11:28

Won't blue make it look cold or does it not really matter?

OP posts:
MarshaBrady · 28/04/2010 11:32

I would avoid blue .

Not conducive to eating, apparently.

Keep it light imo. (F&B house white or tallow)

justallovertheplace · 28/04/2010 11:33

Are you having a manic episode?

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 11:36

I agree about blue .

Yep, justallover....

OP posts:
mumoverseas · 28/04/2010 13:04

glad you put the paint back, not sure blue would have worked.

Am thinking of painting my kitchen this summer so would be interested in what people think is 'in' (have been abroad too long)

Dark green and cream tiles around sink/cooker, light oak (ish) cupboards and light worksurfaces which I'm hoping to get replaced with a dark granite (look, not real thing) current floor is light coloured laminate but am thinking of replacing.

Views on wall colours and flooring as DH is colour blind and I'm crap at choosing.
Sorry for hijack Fab. Hope you make a good choice, I'm thinking for you maybe an orangy colour, but as I've said, I'm crap at choosing.

Tolalola · 28/04/2010 13:09

I ahve a similar colour scheme to you Fab on the patio - light terracottaish tiles on the floor with sort of sand-coloured coral stone tiles on surfaces (bbq and seat around pond). I'm going to paint the wall and think I'll go for a sagey greenish type thing.

MarshaBrady · 28/04/2010 13:16

mos it's cream-ish!

I had a F&B thread here the other day and a poster (cassell) recommended it. Checked it out on chart and it's great.

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 13:24

I used to have a bright orange type colour and it was a disaster.

I have painted the skirting boards and door frames in white gloss. Even that has made a difference. The walls do need doing and I am intrigued about using a green colour.

OP posts:
mumoverseas · 28/04/2010 14:31

Fab, said I was crap at choosing colours. sagey green sounds nice thought

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 14:34

It does.

OP posts:
Katymac · 28/04/2010 14:39

My bedroom is watermelon which is a strong green - but my favourite paint colour is Egyptian cotton

Slowly over the course of 9 years my whole house is turning Egyptian cotton

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 14:41

What colour is Egyptian cotton?

The kids rooms are lovely and colourful. The rest of the house, apart from our room, is various shades of cream. Boring boring boring but when we moved in it was so bright we had to do something.

OP posts:
mumoverseas · 28/04/2010 14:42

Fab, I think you should go with the sagey green and put it on your profile so I can decide whether it would look nice in my kitchen. Saves me having to try to decide in the summer

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 14:43


OP posts:
Katymac · 28/04/2010 14:45

It's somewhere between putty & grey - but very calming and restful

People always say how calm it is at my house & when you have 9 under 3's there that is saying something

Jacaqueen · 28/04/2010 18:41

Katymac is it Dulux?

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