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I want to repaint my kitchen and would appreciate colour ideas please

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FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 10:45

The floor is terracotta coloured, a touch lighter maybe. The cupboards are light wood and the work tops are black/brown/cream/white speckled. The walls are currently a creamy colour.


OP posts:
catinthehat2 · 28/04/2010 18:49

Cooking Apple green is the answer to everything. Looks great heading into a garden as well. The link isn't especially flattering, but it's a good green.

Katymac · 28/04/2010 18:49

I think so, yes

atworknotworking · 28/04/2010 20:37

Wev'e just done the breakfast room in Overtly Olive by Dulux, looks very nice, thinking of doing kitchen the same colour. I also have a large amount of Egyptian Cotton, must be a childminder thing .

A lot of nice greens around atm, not usually a greeney but saw the olive colour in a kitchen mag with the same units as mine and was gobsmacked at how nice it looked, it actually makes the room look bigger and warmer which is a bit wierd as it was Ivory before.

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 20:40

Not sure I can afford F&B paint. Is it very expensive.

OP posts:
atworknotworking · 28/04/2010 20:45

Do you like bold colours Fab or more of a subtle type person, how old is your house?

atworknotworking · 28/04/2010 20:48

Some nice greens here, the hallway is very like mine in style but DH doesnt want to change it, I would love the colours in the pic

or orange tones to go with your flooring

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 20:53

I love colour.

House is about 17 years old I think.

OP posts:
FabIsGoingToGetFit · 28/04/2010 20:55

I like the putting green colour but don't know if it will go with the flooring.

OP posts:
Earlybird · 28/04/2010 20:57

One of the prettiest and cheeriest kitchens i've ever seen is painted a butter yellow - would that be a nice complement to your floors/cupboards/work tops?

onepieceoflollipop · 28/04/2010 20:59

I have a similar coloured kitchen by your description (light wood and dark worktops)

I like Chinese Jade (Dulux) on the website it looks more like a duck egg blue, but it is more of a fresh green imo.

Get some tester pots?

Monty100 · 28/04/2010 21:04

My kitchen is teale and moccha (which is a brown colour)with original floor boards.

I'm liking a chartreuse sort of colour a friend has just used in their dining room, it's a green colour, very nice.

Earlybird · 28/04/2010 21:08

My kitchen is pale green, and even though it has windows all down one wall, it always feels dark to me. Of course, that could have to do with the fact that it is northern light.

It is too late to change now, but i do sometimes wish it was less chic and more cheery and warm feeling.

SardineJam · 28/04/2010 21:11

What about lilac?

Monty100 · 28/04/2010 21:32

Lilac . With terracotta tiles?

Each to their own I guess .

DitaVonCheese · 28/04/2010 22:06

My last kitchen was sage-y green (an improvement on the orange/grey it was when we moved in) and it was lovely. Pale wood cupboards, blue-ish grey tiles, can't remember the worksurfaces dark I think. It was a very small kitchen though!

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 29/04/2010 07:52

Thank you for all these fab ideas.

I am making a list of all the colours and will get tester pot shopping .

OP posts:
FabIsGoingToGetFit · 29/04/2010 12:26

Right, I could only get 4 of the suggestions and they are -

Dulux - Egyptian Cotton, Overtly Olive and Putting Green.

F&B - Cooking Apple Green.

I have painted sample squares on the wall by the door and so far my favourite is Cooking apple green and overtly olive.

OP posts:
catinthehat2 · 29/04/2010 12:39

The other reason I like F&B is they don't have that sticking in your throat chemical stink which hangs round for days.

Monty100 · 29/04/2010 14:20

Fab, that's nice.

here's a link to dulux colour schemes

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 29/04/2010 14:48

It is annoying that I prefer the F&B one as it is much more money than Dulux.

OP posts:
FabIsGoingToGetFit · 29/04/2010 18:28

In the history of me decorating our house never has a colour been decided on so easily and quickly.

We are going for Overtly Olive.

Thanks for all your help.

Only 5ish rooms to do.
OP posts:
atworknotworking · 29/04/2010 19:03


Tis loverly on, I was a bit when the first coat went up, looked greyish, and we got the kitchen paint so its a bugga to put on, bit watery, after the second coat went on it looked reeet klassy. And the kitchen paint cleans like a dream.

Happy painting, you must let us know how it goes.


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JaynieB · 29/04/2010 19:09

I've joined this thread too late, but was going to say our kitchen sounds similar to yours and we've got pale olivey green and it looks nice - but it seems you've already come to the same conclusion.
You've great taste BTW

atworknotworking · 29/04/2010 19:14

Fab youv'e inspired me to do the kitchen to match the breakfast room.

I will break the news to DH very carefully.

FabIsGoingToGetFit · 29/04/2010 19:19

Thanks for the heads up about getting the kitchen paint.

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