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I have never seen this before.. It's a room built UNDER your garden

38 replies

citybranch · 25/03/2010 19:49

I'm off to the Ideal Home Show tomorrow and these people are exhibiting there. I'm quite intrigued as we have a small house with not much scope to extend, but a large garden. What do you think of the idea?

OP posts:
mumblechum · 25/03/2010 19:50

We know someone who did this in London, they have an underground swimming pool complex. God only knows how much they paid for it.

OrmRenewed · 25/03/2010 19:53

I beleive moles favour them.

RealityIsWalking100K · 25/03/2010 19:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

RealityIsWalking100K · 25/03/2010 19:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

citybranch · 25/03/2010 19:57

Hmmm, was thinking they'd be £££.

OP posts:
morningpaper · 25/03/2010 19:57

no natural light though?

but kind of kewl

morejuiceplease · 25/03/2010 19:58

Wow that's so cool. I want one. Wonder how much it would cost.

citybranch · 25/03/2010 20:04

You could make a great little flat for an au-pair/live-in nanny... Then as the kids grow up they can live in it.

OP posts:
Pofacedagain · 25/03/2010 20:05

They've only built one prototype so far. But interesting idea I suppose.

morningpaper · 25/03/2010 20:05


I guess that with drainage etc. then you would be looking at a similar price to an actual flat down the road though

Toots · 25/03/2010 20:36

Bliss... another future fantasy to... fantasise about. Love it.

rebl · 25/03/2010 22:31

WOW I love the idea. I can see me now in my pad in the garden enjoying my indoor heated swimming pool and sauna sipping champagne .

Unfortunatly I will have to keep on dreaming, I don't have anywhere near enough money but the dream is nice .

lalalonglegs · 25/03/2010 22:47

I've seen quite a few basement extensions where they burrow under the garden in very rich people's houses but not this sort. Is it completely separate from the house? I don't understand how you get into it - unless you already have a basement - without excavating quite a lot underneath your house to create a stairwell.

LeSingeEstDansLarbre · 25/03/2010 23:06

that is genius, i love it.

citybranch · 26/03/2010 08:17

There are stairs in your garden to get into it! Well I am off to the Ideal Home today so I will look for them!

OP posts:
JackBauer · 26/03/2010 08:59

Wow, that's a genius idea, perfect for a granny flat or an older child who can't afford to move out but needs independance.
Shame my garden is pure hardcore all teh way down.

What abotu cabling and pipes though? Would they move them all?

glintwithpersperation · 27/03/2010 19:47

......hmmm, Joseph Fritzl comes to mind!

Miggsie · 27/03/2010 19:50

It's quite common round where I work, you see skips parked there full of earth and all sorts of building equipment. All Victorian one day I expect to hear a "whumff" sound and the entire street drop down into the in "Paint your Wagon"

Miggsie · 27/03/2010 19:51

Oh,and I know of someone who tunnelled under his own and then his neighbour's garden wihtout mentioning it to them.

The neighbour found out when he started building his swimming pool and the diggers fell through the lawn.

SoupDragon · 27/03/2010 19:52

I already have one [preen]

although, to be fair, it is only a 6x6ft subterranean air raid shelter...

LynetteScavo · 27/03/2010 19:55

But surely you would need sufficientside access to get the diggers in?

SoupDragon · 27/03/2010 19:57

As I have no side access, they'd have to do it using a spade. Which would be a real bugger of a job seeing as it's solid chalk about 2 feet down

elliephant · 27/03/2010 20:02

This isn't a new idea, been around for some time. i had a quote for one last year- play room, study, utility etc with natural light from roofwell and accessed from my house- would have been fab but unfortunately our budget (DH had palpitations when he saw the quote ), wasn't up to it. It is apparently cheaper than building or extending a basement under your house and obviously takes up less garden space than a standard extension.

JackRabbitBauer · 27/03/2010 20:35

Miggsie, sorry, I am sure your neighbour wasn't amused but that mental image has had me sniggering for about 10 minutes now.

HerHonesty · 28/03/2010 19:00

if they can do that for 50k in london i'll eat my pants.

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