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having a spoilt brat moment.....

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Fruitbatlings · 10/11/2009 14:09

How the hell do we get from this tiny little 2 bed flat to something like this?

I hate being stuck in such a small flat. I want to live in a nice house with a nice garden. Not too much to ask for. I'm not asking for a 4 million house in Wimbledon Village. I just want to be in a house like I grew up in. Waaaaaaagggghhhhhh!!!

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displayuntilbestbefore · 10/11/2009 14:10

links don't work

Fruitbatlings · 10/11/2009 14:12^2505&insId=2 &maxPrice=210000&minBedrooms=2&displayPropertyType=flats&retirement=false&oldDisplayPropertyType=fla ts&pageNumber=1&fromSummary=true&backToListURL=%2Fproperty-for-sale%2Ffind.html%3FlocationIdentifier %3DOUTCODE%255E2505%26insId%3D2%26maxPrice%3D210000%26minBedrooms%3D2%26displayPropertyType%3Dflats% 26retirement%3Dfalse%26oldDisplayPropertyType%3Dhouses

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Fruitbatlings · 10/11/2009 14:22

That work? What's with the BIG WHITE space?

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displayuntilbestbefore · 10/11/2009 14:26

I didn't even scroll down and see the rest of your post, the space was so white!
No, it doesn't work - wonder if right move has settings so you can't c&p?
I know what you mean anyway - it will happen for you one day I'm sure....just keep stashing away the pennies (or find a rich elderly relative to bond with!)

FimboFortunaFeet · 10/11/2009 14:28

Try again Fruit!

Fruitbatlings · 10/11/2009 14:29

perhaps I should start looking up my family tree

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displayuntilbestbefore · 10/11/2009 14:29
Fruitbatlings · 10/11/2009 14:40

Last try!
From this:

To this:

Doesn't have to be that one, just a nice house

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dilemma456 · 10/11/2009 14:42

Message withdrawn

dilemma456 · 10/11/2009 14:44

Message withdrawn

Fruitbatlings · 10/11/2009 14:46

ah, I give up then
Glad I'm not the only one. I feel like I should be lucky to be on the property ladder at all but can't help feeling of everyone I know in RL.

Good luck on the offer dilemma
Our flat has been on the market for about a year and even if we sell for what we want, it's no where near enough to buy a decent sized house

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Sidge · 10/11/2009 14:46

Move to my town - for what you are selling your flat for, you could get a 4 bed detached house near the sea!

Might be a bit of a commute to London though but if you don't mind a 1.5 hour train journey come on down

Fruitbatlings · 10/11/2009 14:51

haha, I would be happy to Sidge but DH works in Soho and can barely afford the tube fare which is why we can't move out of London as overground fare is too expensive

If we move to Sutton which is only down the road we could get a two/three bed house but there's no tube station only overground

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displayuntilbestbefore · 10/11/2009 14:54

yay, the links worked!
Hope you sell your flat soon Fruit!

Fruitbatlings · 10/11/2009 16:01

thanks display
God only knows what we'll end up with once we sell....

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MrsZuko · 10/11/2009 16:11

What about West Norwood/Crystal Palace way? I live round there and work in Soho and it's definitely cheaper than Colliers Wood...

Fruitbatlings · 10/11/2009 16:53

ooh SE london, I've no idea about SE London. DH and I have lived in SW London all our lives.
Hadn't even thought of moving East. I imagined moving furthur South.
I'm just really nervous not knowing an area but would definitely look into suggestions

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MortaIWombat · 10/11/2009 20:39

Forest Hill. Sydenham. Excellent area. 12 minutes into London Bridge, lots of nice Victorian houses with gardens....

HerHonesty · 10/11/2009 21:09

work harder or marry better. sorry life aint fair...

or leave london?

MillyMollyMoo · 13/11/2009 12:01

How ??? Wait until all the old people currently living in 6 bedroomed house with the two of them need extremely expensive health care and their pensions have been wiped out by inflation and low interest rates, then they will be forced to sell their house to you for a reasonable price.
That's what I am hoping/praying/banking on

Fruitbatlings · 13/11/2009 16:06

Like your way of thinking MillyMollyMoo

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Indith · 13/11/2009 16:13

Move to the North East. My lovely new 3 bed house (pre 1900 terrace, big rooms, fire) was considerably less than the flat in your link. [still can't believe it is mine emotion]. Of course it is now furnished by freecycle and in need of some new carpets and a lot of paint and we won't be able to afford anything for a long time after buying it so maybe I shall join you in brat corner. I want to win the lottery!

Fruitbatlings · 13/11/2009 16:18

Sounds good Indith - I'll make DH commute to London from there, Mwahahahaha

OP posts:
notagrannyyet · 13/11/2009 16:40

Millymolly but all those nice big house with big gardens are being bought by developers. They are being converted into flats or being pulled down for building plots.

MillyMollyMoo · 13/11/2009 20:54

Am still hopeful that one day the developers will be taxed to high heaven so that property becomes something that people live in rather than an investment.

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