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Weybridge or Cobham

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Pearcie · 07/09/2009 18:25

We are looking to move to either Weybridge or Cobham and I am looking for advice on either!
We need to be near the station for a train to Waterloo but we also need to be near good schools (state or private). We currently have a two year old girl and another on the way so nurseries are a consideration. Also would be great to find out about community spirit, proximity to green spaces (we are moving from nr Wimbledon Common), nct groups etc.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

OP posts:
overweightnoverdrawn · 07/09/2009 19:15

Weybridge is the best IMO . but Im sure ther will be people later on to say Cobham is better .lol

Pearcie · 07/09/2009 22:14

Thanks for your post. Would love to know why you prefer Weybridge?

OP posts:
PlumpRumpSoggyBaps · 07/09/2009 22:35

I have to say that there isn't much community spirit in Weybridge, if any. We've lived here for three years and not seen a hint of it- although I suppose you may find it better if you belong to a church/the cricket club/similar.

There is a good secondary state school (Heathside) where ds1 is. There's a junior school close to me (St James') which is considered reasonably good, I believe (although will only be looking at that in a couple of years for ds2) but the one that everyone wants to get their child into is Cleves, which is kind of between Walton and Weybridge.

I quite like Cobham but don't know what it's like to live there. I think the secondary that serves Cobham is probably Howard of Effingham but have no idea about junior/primary schools.

We have a Waitrose in Weybridge though!

PlumpRumpSoggyBaps · 07/09/2009 22:37

Oh and Weybridge has a most excellent recreation ground with plenty of safe, clean swings/slides/sandpit etc for little kids.

Avoid Cafe One on a Friday morning as Max Clifford goes there for a coffee (according to my in-laws, ds2 has taken quite a shine to him. )

Rindercella · 07/09/2009 22:50

Here's my take on it - the state schools are better in Weybridge. Cobham has pretty good private schools, so it depends which way you're going to go in terms of state/private education. Think Trinity in Esher may also take pupils from Cobham as well as The Howard (much better). Train is faster into Waterloo from Weybridge.

Personally, I would live in Cobham any day over Weybridge. Imo, it is prettier, has far nicer shops and much more community spirit.

There is a great Waitrose in Cobham. And unfortunately, Max Clifford makes appearances in Cobham every so often too! In fact, every time we're down that way we seem to see him. Much the same way as we always see Michael bloody Winner when we're in Barbados

In rush hour, the traffic between the two towns is horrendous (used to drive from Cobham to Weybridge every day for work and it could take well over an hour ).

PlumpRumpSoggyBaps · 07/09/2009 23:02

Hmm. Interesting about community spirit in Cobham. We're looking to move in a few years and can't decide where to go.I want a place with more of that. (Was borught up in Claygate-would move there but my mother still lives there...)

I agree, actually, Cobham is prettier. But do watch out for Esher High (the new name for Trinity). It's had a bad reputation since it was Waynflete (many years ago) although several people have assured me it's getting better. I'd reserve judgment on that, though.

It seems then that you can't escape Max Clifford in either place....

Rindercella · 07/09/2009 23:08

I went to Wayneflete for about half a term. It was horrendous. I ended up at Heathside, which was lovely

Pearcie, are you set on living in one of those two towns, or would one of the villages near Cobham appeal? There's Ripley, Hatchford, Ockham, the Horsleys, etc., all within a short drive of Effingham Junction which has a slightly better train service than Cobham. Think St Matthews in Downside is still considered to be a nice primary school and the private schools locally have a fairly good reputation iirc.

Rindercella · 07/09/2009 23:11

Funny about Max Clifford...there is no escape My father and my brother keep bumping in to Chris Tarrant's ex wife...they both reckon she's after them

overweightnoverdrawn · 08/09/2009 16:13

Scary I was bought up in Claygate im 44 yrs old now . still I havnt a clue who you are though . lol

overweightnoverdrawn · 08/09/2009 16:15

oh and my ds goes to st james

PlumpRumpSoggyBaps · 08/09/2009 16:25

That is spooky! I probably know you!!
You probably walk past my house every day.

You didn't ever go to Chadsworth or the Esher Church school, did you?

titchy · 08/09/2009 16:43

Grrrrr dd is at Esher High - it has transformed itself into a totally different school. Problem is reputations live on hence others' comments on this thread - although it is well over-subscribed now. Results - 78% getting 5 GCSE's. Fantastic head, fantastic behaviour from the kids, no over-crowding like there is at Howard, relatively small, good pastoral support and pushes the bright kids - two former pupils going to Oxbridge this year.

Can't comment on Weybridge, but Cobham fab! Plenty to do, lots of mummy-things (and Chelsea footballers - don't let that put you off though). And easy to get to Wimbledon or central London. Traffic's a bit of a pain in W'bridge I believe.

Having said that do check out secondary options, from Cobham you won't get into Howard if that's what you want, your choices would be Esher or Therfield (both popular and over-subscribed), but check distances cos you may end up finding out that Rydens is your nearest and the journey there is a bugger. St Andrews is the state one in Cobham. On a council estate which puts lots of people off (including me - mine went elsewhere), but unnecessarily so - check its OFSTED.

titchy · 08/09/2009 16:45

Sorry St Andrews is the state PRIMARY...

overweightnoverdrawn · 08/09/2009 17:04

I went to Hollyfield in surbiton .oh I dont walk past houses I drive LOL .

overweightnoverdrawn · 08/09/2009 17:05

by the way Rydens is on the way up according to my Ds head teacher .

PlumpRumpSoggyBaps · 08/09/2009 21:03

Daggers drawn then, overweightnoverdrawn.

I went to Surbiton High.

titchy-glad to hear about Esher High. Lots of ds's friends went there. Didn't mean any offence!

Pearcie · 09/09/2009 13:58

Thanks for that. Re private schools, does anyone have any views/experience of Notre Dame or Feltonfleet? Also if we ended up living in Weybridge would these be a nightmare to get to in terms of traffic? In terms of primary, PlumpRumpSoggyBaps mentioned Cleves which is for age 7-11, is Manby Lodge the infant school for this? Looking at the Ofsted report Cleves seems to be an outstanding where as Manby Lodge is only a 2/3. Is there an alternative infant school around?

OP posts:
overweightnoverdrawn · 09/09/2009 14:09

ha my uniform was bgetter than yours .nah nah nah nah nah. just being nosey where did ds (13 ) go befor Heathside .

overweightnoverdrawn · 09/09/2009 14:10

All schools round here are good . seriously

PlumpRumpSoggyBaps · 09/09/2009 14:15

Honestly. Nothing wrong with snot green uniform. Not to mention the straw boaters we had to wear in junior school. Ds went to St Lawrence in Molesey.

Second what over says- all schools are good. Don't know about Notre Dame (other than they were on our hit list at SHS ) or Feltonfleet, nor even Manby Lodge. I suppose I need to start looking into infant schools fairly soon for ds2.

Traffic can be horrendous through Weybridge at school times- many people use the High Street to get to the M25 etc. Also I think getting to Notre Dame would be a nightmare- the road from Brooklands to Cobham can be backed up even on a quiet day.

overweightnoverdrawn · 09/09/2009 14:31

there is a back way into ND .

overweightnoverdrawn · 09/09/2009 14:32

SL is supposed to be a lovely school . Have to say I have always been very happy with St James school everyone knows everyone its a very friendly place .

Rindercella · 09/09/2009 18:05

There is indeed a back way into ND, off the Seven Hills Rd, so actually the traffic shouldn't be too bad to get there - miss out having to cross over the A3. Watch out for the ghostly nuns though

Pearcie · 09/09/2009 18:24

Sorry overweightnoverdrawn for my ignorance but what is SL? Good to hear that St James is good as think that would be the closest to a house we have found. Also, does anyone know of or use any good nurseries in the area?

OP posts:
mumtoted · 09/09/2009 18:31

Why Cobham or Weybridge? (overpriced). Why not Walton/Hersham? More house for your money, good train service to Waterloo & good schools. Could still be in catchment for Rydens(excellent ofsted) or Heathside.

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