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Weybridge or Cobham

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Pearcie · 07/09/2009 18:25

We are looking to move to either Weybridge or Cobham and I am looking for advice on either!
We need to be near the station for a train to Waterloo but we also need to be near good schools (state or private). We currently have a two year old girl and another on the way so nurseries are a consideration. Also would be great to find out about community spirit, proximity to green spaces (we are moving from nr Wimbledon Common), nct groups etc.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

OP posts:
overweightnoverdrawn · 09/09/2009 20:21

Sl was for St Lawrence lazy that i am I couldnt be bothered to type the whole name out earlier. Mumtoted I dont think Walton is covered by Heathside or maybe only a very small area is in the catchment area looking at this years map .

overweightnoverdrawn · 09/09/2009 20:25

Seriously I am not bluffing all nurseries are good too . Penny Farthing is the feeder for St James . Its not my favorite by a long way but hey ho . My Ds went to Merry Go round by the church in Weybridge and there are a lot of new ones that have opened so the choice is yours . But get the name down early .

arabicabean · 09/09/2009 22:12

Walton is very convenient for Waterloo. It has a new shopping centre (The Heart) and a Waitrose (Hersham). The gated estates in Walton - Burwood Park and Ashley Park, and St George's Hill in Weybridge are really excellent. St George's has a lawn tennis club (includes a lovely nursery) and a golf club. Weybridge and Walton have much to offer.

SazzyG · 13/09/2009 13:34

A couple of you mention good nurseries in weybridge - would love some advice, as am shortly moving there. Thanks

overweightnoverdrawn · 14/09/2009 13:17

I like merry go round . There are a lot so you are better off telephoning the council and asking for a list best of luck .

Clare7787 · 21/09/2009 21:52

Hi Pearcie

I live in Weybridge and so hopefully can answer some of your specific questions.

The nearest infant school to Cleves is Oatlands Infant School, which is on St Mary's Road. It takes 90 children into its reception class and because of popularity you have to live very close. Last year you had to live c.400 metres from the school. The catchment for Cleves changes year on year and over the last few years it has changed to take in a lot more of Walton and a lot less of Weybridge.

I think you mention ND in your post. Other catholic schools are St Charles (state primary), which has a very good reputation and in terms of private eduation St Georges is the main catholic school in Weybridge/Addlestone. St Georges Junior School is round the corner from St James.

Weybridge is a bit short on options for nursery care (i.e. 8-6 care). There is Cherrylands in Brooklands/Weybridge, Lilliputs in Hersham (has a good reputation) and there is a new nursery just opened a few weeks ago in the centre of Weybridge called Churchfields, which looks all singing and dancing.

Preschools have been mentioned already, and the only other one that I am aware of that has a good reputation is Honeypots, which has an 'Outstanding' ofsted report. They take children from 2 and they currently have places.

On the other stuff. Community spirit can be found in Weybridge if you dig deep. Traffic is rubbish although there are plenty of shortcuts and the parks are very good (Weybridge Park and Oatlands). We also go to Bushy Park opposite Hampton Court for proper parkland. The commute into London is fine and you can always get a seat on the train.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

Pearcie · 23/09/2009 19:45

Thanks Clare7787 - really good to find out about Bushy Park as was wondering where the nearest large open space was!!
Thanks for info re schools too - didn't realise catchment for Oatlands would be so small. Think we might be out of the area unfortunately as we are quite near Weybridge station!! Manby Lodge would be our closest and haven't heard/read great things about it - does anyone know any different? Also does anyone have any experience of Notre Dame prep or St George junior?

OP posts:
Pearcie · 23/09/2009 19:50

Thanks Clare7787 for info re Bushy Park - was begining to wonder where nearest big open space was! Green space is what was so appealing about Cobham, however we have now found a house in Weybridge and are moving in 2 weeks.
Thanks for your info re schools too - had no idea that the catchment for Oatlands would be so small. Think we are probably out of the area as we are nearer Weybridge station. Our closest school would be Manby Lodge and i haven't read/heard great things about it. Does anyone know any different? Also does anyone have any experience of Notre Dame nursery/prep or St George's Junior school?

OP posts:
Clare7787 · 23/09/2009 21:25

Hi Pearcie

I am currently at the application stage for my son, who is due to start school in Sep 10 and so have to make some decisions and quick! A word of warning the application deadline is early i.e. for this year it is 22nd October!

Manby Lodge would probably be the nearest for you, however when you apply you can put down two other choices and so best to check out all your options. Oatlands may be your second nearest.The Surrey County Council website has a measurement guide and so by using your postcode you can establish exactly what your nearest schools are. Catchment areas appear to change year on year, depending on the number of applications.

In terms of Manby Lodge, I don' know anyone directly who goes there but I have heard that it is an improving school (regardless of what the reports say) and there is a good community/support of parents. I'm not a local and therefore don't know about old/previous reputations. The only question I have is where your child would go once finished at Manby, if out of catchment for Cleves?

I'm sure you have a lot going on with your move, however most of the schools (both private and state) have their open days/sessions over the next month if you want to check them out. Just call up the schools you are interested in.

In terms of the private schools, I am more familiar with St George's. If you want your daughter to attend the nursery (from 3 years), then you would need to give them a call to find out if they have places. They will send you a rather snazzy folder/brochure and registration is £75. The open day for both junior and senior school is this Friday and Saturday. I understand from others that it has changed over the last 10-15 years to a more academically focused school and children who don't achieve the required standards have to move elsewhere.

To be honest there are loads of private schools around here as demonstrated by the fact that there is also an Independent Schools Fair taking place locally, can't remember the details but might be worth looking into.

Okay, enough about schools... (I am looking forward to the time when I don't have to think about it!)

Good luck with the move.

Clare7787 · 24/09/2009 08:06

Pearcie - I forgot to mention that although I didn't do the NCT thing the first time round, I did do the class for second time Mum's as a refresher(I like to do things backwards!). They tailored the class to our individual needs and so I found it really useful and I also met some nice people.

Mrscoit · 24/09/2010 23:39

Pearcie, hi! I am now in a similar situation to you last year and am trying to decide between weybridge or cobham. Did you make the move to weybridge in the end and if so can you offer any advice now you are there. We have a 16 month old son so will need to be looking for nurseries and considering state and private schools. I have been through numerous ofsted reports etc today but still can't work out where exactly we need to be!! I'd appreciate any advice you have.

Siasl · 25/09/2010 11:21


We're looking at Weybridge, Walton, Cobham and Oxshott and I recently started a thread on schools in the area. Got a number of views.

I think we're still undecided on both. Weybridge has a good trainline and good choice of housing stock. However, there does seem a lack of community. Cobham seems a bit nicer but the trainline is inferior and there is less housing stock. Schools in both areas may not meet our needs.

ReshapeWhileDamp · 28/09/2010 14:51

Is St James' School what used to be Weybridge Middle School (plus, I guess, St James' first school)?

I grew up in Walton (Hersham borders, so we were closer to Hersham shops but also close to Walton station) and can't ever imagine affording to live there again! Grin I went to Oatlands (am Shock that you have to live so close now), Weybridge Middle School and Heathside. All great in the 70's/80's and sounds like they've got better!

If I were choosing between Weybridge and Cobham I'd go for the latter - less up itself and frankly, one can have too much of bumping into Cliff Richard in the shops. Grin

overweightnoverdrawn · 29/09/2010 10:43

Cliffs moved now its Max Clifford lol Yes St James is the old Weybridge Middle School . Fab school

Zeffirelli · 07/12/2012 12:42


Just moved to Cobham, I'm a down to earth decent friendly kindda gal & haven't had time to go out & about to meet other mums partly worried about the 'aspirational'/pretentious/pretending to be what they're not/re-inveinting image & faking up therir past types whom I do not want to encounter or mix with. Conham seems nice place but no more affluent or 'better' than my Home Counties upbringing. I am fortunate to be very successful & comfortable in my own skin, hence have nothing to prove to competitive mums or wannabes nor do I have time to tolerate them. And if that were that 'well off' I'm sure they would be living in Kensington & Chelsea/Holland Park! :)

Any thoughts on where to go/not go in Cobham (nice ones only please!)


househuntingforever · 30/01/2013 22:08


You are funny. I moved to Weybridge in Nov and grew up in Holland Park so your post made me giggle. Your description of mums reminded me of a certain music class I went to and didn't end up booking!

Hope you are settling in well!


jadealicious · 21/10/2013 10:25

Hi Pearcie,

I realise this is a rather old post now but I was wondering how you were getting on?
We viewed a property in Weybridge on Saturday and I loved it. We currently live in Kew with our 6 month old daughter.
Its such a big decision and lots to consider with schools etc. We were thinking of either Milbourne lodge or St. Georges, hopefully applying early will make it more likely to get a spot.
Visiting a friend of mine living in Parsons Green has made me question the move out of London to leafy Surrey.
Are you liking it? Have you met some nice friends in the area etc.
Finally, is it still fun or are you missing London?

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