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If you had packers in when you moved house...

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HeadFairy · 02/08/2009 14:05

.. how much did you do before they turned up?

Ours are coming on Wednesday, and I've got Tuesday off with no ds. Shall I spend it watching telly, mnetting and eating biscuits or should I be doing something to prepare for the packers?

OP posts:
midnightexpress · 02/08/2009 14:10

We had them, and I took the DSs to the seaside and ate ice cream for the day. Twas fab.

My only advice would be to chuck out rubbish as they really will just swoop round packing every last thing - we ended up unwrapping half tins of baked beans from the fridge and broken bits and bobs that we'd stuck in a drawer instead of filing straight in the bin.

That, and keep a box of stuff that you'll need as soon as you get there - kettle, teabags/wine/washing up/cleaning stuff, maybe sleeping gear if youy have young DCs.

We ordered a tesco delivery for the afternoon of our arrival which was fab. Saved us having to worry about it. Oh and a pizza/curry for the first evening.

Good luck!

IotasCat · 02/08/2009 14:11

Mine did everything

HeadFairy · 02/08/2009 14:13

Thanks midnight.

I think they want me to be there, or at least nearby, when they're packing.

I suppose I ought to show a little willing and sort out some of the junk we've accumulated and we have no intention of taking with us.

We're actually not moving in to our new home for another couple of months so we're keeping out some clothes and essentials. Everything else is going in to storage.

OP posts:
midnightexpress · 02/08/2009 14:24

Oh yes, I left DP around for reference and skedaddled.

Paolosgirl · 02/08/2009 14:29

We packed up our personal stuff at their request, and left everything else for them - which meant my underwear and jewellry. It was the best £200 ever spent.

stuffitlllama · 02/08/2009 14:34

If you pack some of the boxes yourselves you might not be covered by their insurance. Ask them before you start packing!

stuffitlllama · 02/08/2009 14:35

and midnight is quite right.. they will pack rubbish bins full of rubbish, honest

Blu · 02/08/2009 14:36

We have had packers twice.

I would pack a small 'immediate needs' bag for the day of moving and the next morning, and a box with kettle, teabags, mugs, the last cleaning materials you will need to clean behind the removal team, and anything you need straight away at new house. Pet bowls or whatever.

I think i did pack my underwear, very personal items and valuables of sentimental value, and took them with me in the car.

A paking service is GREAT!

HeadFairy · 02/08/2009 14:47

Thing is, I won't have any packing boxes until they arrive as they're bringing everything with them... shall I just ask for a box for my undies etc and pack them when they're here.

As all our stuff is going in to storage and we're house sitting at my sisters for a month or so, I won't need cleaning stuff and kettle etc, as we'll have my sisters. I do want to make sure they don't pack all our clothes as we'll need some for the next couple of months!

OP posts:
GrendelsMum · 02/08/2009 16:11

One key tip

LABEL the box with the tea, milk, mugs, lunchtime sandwiches, etc.

If you don't, suddenly that gets packed as well.

HeadFairy · 02/08/2009 17:22

Grendelsmum, we're putting everything in storage so I won't need to keep the kettle out or anything else... I wonder if that means I'll need to pack everything we're keeping out (ie our clothes and toiletries) the night before. From the sounds of it, the packers tend to be rather rampant once they get started, and I guess I don't want them to be packing all our clothes as we'll have nothing to wear for 8 weeks

OP posts:
Mybox · 02/08/2009 17:24

Just be super organized & have no junk as they will pack everything.

HeadFairy · 02/08/2009 17:27

I'm now having visions of me ending up packed up in a giant box if I stand still too long!

OP posts:
Blu · 02/08/2009 19:42

Oh, they do it REALLY fast.
Definitely pack everything you don't want in stirage.In suitcases or something. You won't need more than a binliner or box from the supermarket for your undies, surely?
Are you cleaning the house before you leave it?

HeadFairy · 02/08/2009 20:02

Oh I will Blu... don't want to be left wrapped in bubblewrap!!! I'm going to pack a suitcase (or three) with our stuff. I was going to hoover after all the stuff was out and run around with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust. Nothing major, it doesn't really need it.

OP posts:
CMOTdibbler · 02/08/2009 20:41

Hide everything you don't want packed in the car, or at someone elses house. Otherwise they will pack it !

Move1 with packers Dh sat in the garden in a deckchair, move2 with packers I just cleaned behind them

JackieNo · 02/08/2009 20:47

It was the unpacking that got to us - we'd find a large parcel, carefully unwrap at least 5 layers of paper to find....a wooden spoon . We speculated that maybe they really hated us .

HeadFairy · 02/08/2009 20:50

jackie!! We're paying for an unpacking service too and as they claim to be a green moving company they take away all packaging material and recycle it so hopefully we'll avoid the shipping crate for a spoon type scenario!

OP posts:
JackieNo · 02/08/2009 20:52

Very wise to have an unpacking service! The removals people took some of the boxes away, but we had some boxes and paper sitting around in the garage for years, then I think we passed them on to someone else who was moving. HOpe it all goes well .

HeadFairy · 02/08/2009 20:54


OP posts:
Owls · 02/08/2009 22:55

Ooh great idea the unpacking service. Yes can reiterate anything you do not want packed and want left behind, i.e. central heating/boiler instructions, etc., strap them to your person while the packers are there or label them in triplicate "DO NOT PACK". Otherwise they WILL pack them. I know believe me.

Good luck with the move!

ABetaDad · 02/08/2009 23:09

We had packers on Thursday/Friday last week. They work very fast so make sure you pack away everything you need.

We did a lot of pre packing and rearranging things to make sure everything was in the right rooms in the old house that needed to coe out of the boxes in the right place in the new house. We also did a lot of disposal of things we did not need and sorting papers into filing boxes as we work at home.

We have had packers before and we know that when they delivered the goods we did not know whih boxes things were that we needed and everything ended up in the wrong room and took ages to sort out.

frostyfingers · 03/08/2009 11:51

We had packers for the first time, and they do whizz round picking up everything they find unless you're careful! They were doing it over two days, and at the end of day one I had to stop them from removing chairs, table and beds - it didn't occur to them that we might need them. I think they switch into their "must pack everything" mode, and leave any other sensible thoughts behind.

That said, they were brilliant, and I'd do it again, even if we did find a few things in odd places. When we got to new house, they kindly cleared out the crap left by previous owner, including the attic, which was really good of them

But boy did they drink gallons and gallons of tea - I couldn't do anything else but refill the kettle!

Good luck with your move.

Poledra · 03/08/2009 12:04

We had packers the last time - it was fab! I packed our underwear and personal bits (jewellery etc) into suitcases, which they then moved for us. Otherwise, we made sure we got rid of things we didn't want (not enough - DH is a hoarder!) then stayed out of their way.

And yes, they drink gallons of tea with loads of sugar, and loads of chocolate biscuits. And are dead skinny too . Mind you, I don;t think they stopped moving ever

GrendelsMum · 03/08/2009 13:32

You can pass the packing paper and boxes on to someone else via Freecycle when you've unpacked, OR alternate layers of packing paper and grass cuttings make wonderful compost, which you then use to fill raised beds which have flattened packing boxes on the bottom to suppress perennial weeks. Oh yes.

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