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If you had packers in when you moved house...

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HeadFairy · 02/08/2009 14:05

.. how much did you do before they turned up?

Ours are coming on Wednesday, and I've got Tuesday off with no ds. Shall I spend it watching telly, mnetting and eating biscuits or should I be doing something to prepare for the packers?

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HeadFairy · 03/08/2009 14:10

Grendels..... our removals company take all the packaging away and recycle, they are a green removal firm so guarantee to recycle as much of their packaging material as possible.

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GrendelsMum · 03/08/2009 15:41

Ours said they would take it away and recycle as much as possible, but we didn't have them unpack, so that was slightly pointless. Still, what could be greener than growing veg in composted packing.

HeadFairy · 03/08/2009 15:54

sadly the garden's not big enough for a veg patch, just some pots in a pot and a few beans and tomato plants.

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