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To the people who owned a house AFTER me, I'd like to confess and apologise for...

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Tinker · 30/03/2009 23:21

...hiding a damp patch on a wall with a big book

getting the boiler "fixed" so that it limped on for another month or so apparently

leaving a garden table (because we were being so kind!) because the 4th leg was just propping it up and broken.

Anyone else want to, ahem, get anything off their chest?

OP posts:
skramble · 30/03/2009 23:22

Oh can I apologise for covering strange holes in the wall and the damp in the porch, and the leaking shower

iwontbite · 30/03/2009 23:23

using no more nails to glue the shelves onto the walls. in our defence, the walls were so hard we couldn't drill them, we got through 2 drill bits on one hole before we gave in and glued them on.

we also didn't have a spirit level, so we guessed if it was straight by putting a pencil on and seeing if it rolled off

Hathor · 30/03/2009 23:27

Painting round the bookcase.

Hathor · 30/03/2009 23:28

Tippexing over the scuffs on the white wallpaper.

Twinklemegan · 30/03/2009 23:29

Oh what a great thread! Claiming we had no problems with the damp identified by the surveyor (having just painted over a large patch of flaking paint).

Leaving a chimney that desperately needed relining and which smoked into the upstairs spare bedroom.

But in our defence, we had completely re-rendered the outside, fitted a new kitchen sink, a new bathroom and new carpets. So we're not all bad, we just had to move. On the plus side the new owner got a gorgeous little cottage that I still miss to this day.

But where's the other thread - I need to vent about this house!

pollywobbledoodle · 30/03/2009 23:51

completely forgetting that i had a loft until 1 am of the day i moved out......and not leaving anything useful up there

covering the kitchen tiles with a vibrant orange tile paint which matched the window frames....

IamWearingADisguise · 31/03/2009 10:50

The borders in every room. SORRY they were fashionable at the time. I'm very sorry

ninedragons · 31/03/2009 10:54

Painting the bedroom wall dark purple. By the time anyone gets that back to white, the paint will be two inches thick.

hoarsewhisperer · 31/03/2009 11:08

Peeling the paper off the spare bedroom wall, then painting the wall with glosspaint to seal the damp coming from the bathroom on the other side of teh wall and after it had dried resticking the wallpaper down with industrial strength adhesive. in my defense it was my mums advice, and it worked for 2 years before i even moved out.

to the other people who bought a flat from me - i still miss the place,....and you got a new kitchen , new fridge/ washing machine and boiler/central heating and a new bathroom....Hopefully you are enjoying it all

greenbeanie · 31/03/2009 11:48

For forgetting to mention that the immersion heater timer was broken and the only way to get hot water was to manually set it each day.

madrush · 31/03/2009 11:53

for forgetting to mention the neighbour's drum kit .....

pagwatch · 31/03/2009 11:57

well I replace a boiler that broke down after we had accepted their offer ( £2000 ).
Then, when we moved my dad died and the same week my DD nearly died in hospital and DH had to move everything and our two other children on his own whilst driving backwards and forwards to the hospital.

In the muddle he left my engagement ring there. When he phoned and told them they swore he hadn't

Bleatblurt · 31/03/2009 13:07

for telling you the neighbours in the converted mansion were lovely, just lovely. Two were evil bitches that we had police involvement several times with and were the reason we wanted to move.

Sorry for telling you there was a fund for housing repairs/things that people wanted when actually Psycho 1 had stolen the thousands of pounds in it. (TBH we didn't know until AFTER we'd sold it to you.)

Sorry for the Irn Bru stains on the master bedroom carpet that I'd hidden with a rug.

skramble · 31/03/2009 13:11

Oh I forgot, the washing machine I left (they didn't pay extra) well the knob fell off so I superglued it back on and I don't know if would turn after.

She did put in a solicitors letter that the oven didn't work, (again they didn't pay extra I added it later) the reply explained that you could use a match or plug in the cable that operated the auto socket. was mention of the front window being hard to lock, unfortunatly bad design as when you opened it fully it was simply to heavy and difficult to shut, had to sort of prise it back in with a lump of wood, can't remember the excuse for that one.

blithedance · 31/03/2009 13:11

For leaving the fitted kitchen behind. Which we Hand Built. And you Ripped Out. After One. Year.

Not bitter, me, no....

HeadFairy · 31/03/2009 13:13

aren't some of these illegal? Don't you have to disclose some of the things listed on here? I've just filled out my forms for the solicitors and there are dire warnings about failing to mention disputes with neighbours etc.

GrinnyPig · 31/03/2009 13:14

I'm sorry we didn't explain that the central heating was shit. In my defence, when you commented that the radiators were very big, I did explain that was because the whole system was so old.

Are the neighbours still just as awful?

blametheparents · 31/03/2009 13:16

Not cleaning the house is ANY way before moving, in my defence I had a 5 week old baby. If the bloody purchasers had got a move on and completed the purchase some 3 months before as planned then they might have had the house cleaned too!

GrinnyPig · 31/03/2009 13:17

headfairy, yes, you certainly have to disclose any disputes that you may have with neighbours. In our case we realised they were barking and ran like the wind before any disputes arose

Bleatblurt · 31/03/2009 13:18

I don't remember anything legal about telling people about Psycho 1 and 2. But DH did most of the legal stuff so he can be the lawbreaker

Though there were two other couples in the building that were very lovely. So it's not like we actually lied. Omitted some information maybe...

Walkingwiththighosaurs · 31/03/2009 13:21

For leaving a teatowel casually draped on the worktop, hiding a burn mark during viewings

trixymalixy · 31/03/2009 13:40

For leaving you with that horrible psycho deluded witch upstairs, having told you that she was fine and we hardly saw her as they were abroad a lot.

Although on second thoughts I don't feel guilty as you would probably get on like a house on fire after your attempts to extort money out of us by

  • bypassing our solicitor and sending us a demand for money we didn't owe you on fake headed legal notepaper therefore trying to intimidate us into paying up. Did you really think we wouldn't ask our solicitor whether we did owe the money or not?

- Holding our mail to ransom. Did you really think we would not get the police/royal mail involved?

-Phoning my dad to ask for the money? Did you really think he would just pay up without asking me and wouldn't know about attempts one and two above?!?!?!?!?
deckchair · 31/03/2009 14:21

Hiding a burn mark with a rug in the 2nd bedroom. In my defence the rug was horrid too and did look out of place so I would have thought there was something dodgy about it's "positioning" in the room. Poor defence though I know.

For taking the hooks behind the door - I didnt say I was leaving them though did I?

The neighbours @ no 8 and number 10. Not nice are they? Sorry I didnt mention the fact that they think they own the road and are priveledged enough to park just wherever they like, whenever they like.

Finally, for stalling the process by three days in order to fit in better with my plans. I know you were holding boxes for the others lower in the chain (more fool you) but there was no way I was moving and having to pay an extra weeks rent for the sake of 3 days.

Hope you enjoy the house, seriously.

bluebump · 31/03/2009 14:40

You horrible lot!!

On the other side of the coin so to speak...The people we bought from hid a burn mark on the carpet (to be fair I should have guessed at their quirky looking lamp in a random place in the lounge) and neglected to tell us about the noisy neighbours - until they saw us in the pub a few months after and they were drunk and were laughing about how horrid the neighbours were and how much their dog barked . Oh well I then neglected to tell the woman that I saw her new hubby of a month canoodling with another woman in the pub and dumped all their mail that they had failed to have redirected to save money in the bin. I also thought it was karma when they got burgled not long after living in their new house, but maybe i'm just mean!

procrastinatingparent · 31/03/2009 14:42

For choosing red and blue kitchen tiles so the kitchen looked liked a BNP get-together.

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