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A quick poll. Which is better new (warm) estate house or old (draughty) and characterful?

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MrsSeanBean · 28/03/2009 15:18

I was always an 'old house' fan, but I am having my head turned by all these new estate developments. They are so nice and shiny/new and warm. I have gaps in my floor and draugts.

Would you sacrifice your love of old and antique for warmth and modernity?

OP posts:
ramonaquimby · 28/03/2009 15:21

but they are soulless. and titchy

Lulumama · 28/03/2009 15:21

having lived in both, i would choose old and antique, despite the crippling heating bills and the constant upkeep. no-one ever went into my new build and cooed over the origional stained glass, high ceilings , fire places and quirky features, like they do in the draughty characterful house we have now !!

also, i found storage a real prbolem in the new build and the 'sameness' of the rooms not so great

but i know that for simplicity and ease of upkeep and warmth they are brilliant

it depends what you want from your house

also, i thikn that selling an older character property is easier? and they tend to hold their value more? depenmds if you are going to stay put long term

Eyeballsinthesky · 28/03/2009 15:22

We had the choice 6 years ago and went for Victorian, fireplaces, character, draughty, cold and in need of money spent on it although it was in reasonable nick. We kick ourselves every single day that we didn't go for the warm, cosy new build. I wouldn't hesitate if I had the choice again, new build every time.

I drive past the new builds all the time and am constantly trying to find ways to move.

Ohforfoxsake · 28/03/2009 15:24

boxy vs. high ceilings. Older definately, for the sense of space if nothing else.

EldonAve · 28/03/2009 15:24

much prefer old

Jojay · 28/03/2009 15:26

New build IF you can find comparable space, garden size, ceiling height etc.

Hard to find IME

TheCrackFox · 28/03/2009 15:26

These new estate houses look great until you move in. Then you realise they are tiny.

Prefer old, have more soul.

janeite · 28/03/2009 15:27

I like old - dust and cold and all.

trixymalixy · 28/03/2009 15:27

Ask me that when we have finished our renovations to our 18 th century farmhouse!!!

I remember going round the showhome of the estate near us when ds was a couple of months and nearly crying because they were so neat and clean and our house was full of plaster dust.

noddyholder · 28/03/2009 15:54

You can insulate an old house and get shutters etc but a new build will always be a characterless box.

kidcreoleandthecoconuts · 28/03/2009 15:58

I prefer old houses with character....but if you cant afford to insulate and heat them it's grim! With two young children I would have to choose heat over style. However if money were no object and I could heat it etc I would go with the old.

snuffyp · 28/03/2009 16:05

I do like old houses but i like having everything spanking new,think it would always be new build for me

Hassled · 28/03/2009 16:05

I love old houses - the older the better. I laugh in the face of constant upkeep and draughts.

expatinscotland · 28/03/2009 16:07

Lived in both.

Give me warm every time.

JeanPoole · 28/03/2009 16:09

if you live an an old house you need to be able to have the heating on alot. nearly all the time.
so if you can afford that than old

EvaLongoria · 28/03/2009 16:14

Same here, we are in a house that was build in the 1900's with the old style loo's along the side, but boy the heating bills are huge. We've tried to fix the draughty door but still very cold, Next week we are moving to a 9 year old house and boy we cant wait. Will never fall for the charm of a old house again unless I have over enough money and can insulate and insulate and insulate and take the floors out and put underfloor heating in. So new built gfrom no on

Lulumama · 28/03/2009 16:17

you get used to the cold !! the childrens' bedrooms were double glazed when we moved in and we had them carpeted, so they are quite warm, we have an electric blanket we are in the looooong process of replacing all the windows.. and have had a new boiler and thermostats on all radiators

would rather wear 4 extra jumpers and have the old house

janeite · 28/03/2009 16:18

Yes - I'll stick to the extra jumpers, hot water bottles and original feature too. Says she, wearing two jumpers and her slippers and with her sleeves pulled down so only fingertips exposed to type!

uberalice · 28/03/2009 16:20

Go for old. At least with an old house you can assume that if it's been there for 100 years it must be sound. And I've heard awful stories from friends who have bought new builds.

lalalonglegs · 28/03/2009 16:23

Does it have to be one or the other? Some Victorian houses are really ugly and badly laid-out; some new-builds are very well-designed.

expatinscotland · 28/03/2009 16:27

You don't get used to the cold up here.

Life's too short to be shivering under a bunch of jumpers and sharing my space with the undead, IMO .

Gimme WARM and cheaper to heat.

Can't wait to move into a newer home.

noddyholder · 28/03/2009 16:45

We have an old house and it is warm

deste · 28/03/2009 18:10

I agree expatinscotland, I have lived in both and would have warm anyday. We have had snow today and we are freezing. The heating is on all the time through the day but I dream of living in a nice warm roomy new house. I cant see me living here into my old age as I dont think I could survive many more freezing winters. If you dont like the cold period features mean nothing.

ByTheSea · 28/03/2009 18:15

I live in a very high-maintenance draughty old house with loads of character and now would love a warm and modern house but prefer a non-estate location.

Fimbo · 28/03/2009 18:15

I live in a top of the range new build and am about 95% happy with it. (sorry for sounding smug). We have a double driveway, so are ok for parking but we do have issues with people who think it is their god given right to park right outside my front door (opens right onto the street) half up on the pavement.

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