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Free standing kitchen

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sleepyeyes · 01/01/2009 16:29

We are considering a free standing kitchen as we are moving into DH old house that doesn't have a kitchen and we need to put one in ASAP, I never actually seen a free standing kitchen. Do they look messy, cheap, odd? The pics I've googled look pretty good but in reality how do they measure up to a fitted kitchen.

Where would you recommend?

OP posts:
madrose · 01/01/2009 16:42

no idea - but apart from bumping, will watch this thread - as we fancy ripping out our fitted and replacing it with freestanding. Quite like the thought of it and the look.

MadameCastafiore · 01/01/2009 16:43

Fired Earth and Habitat both do really good quality free standing kitchens.

mrsmaidamess · 01/01/2009 16:55

Ikea also do one which I was considering for a while. I think they can look great. Bear in mind bits left under cabinets (mouse treats) as you won't have a plinth to keep the muck out.

Hassled · 01/01/2009 16:57

We have just got one of the Habitat free standing ones and are really impressed with it - self-assembly (we paid someone to do it), but good solid pieces of lovely oak, and from sustainable forests. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Hassled · 01/01/2009 16:58

And if you're on the Habitat mailing list they'll send you cards that entitle you to 20% off on specific random days - we had 20% off the whole kitchen.

OHBollox · 01/01/2009 17:09

Marks and Spencers do one, on offer at the moment too, looks nice, why not.

sleepyeyes · 01/01/2009 17:28

Hassled will go and have looked thanks for that.

Mrsmaidamess do you think a free stsnding kitchen will encourage rodents?
I have a really really awful fear of rodents!

OP posts:
AMumInScotland · 01/01/2009 17:34

I think the downside of freestanding is that you get gaps between the units, so it's not as efficient a use of space, and you get the gaps under the units - but if you were to put down your flooring before the units, you'd be able to sweep and mop under them to stop crumbs etc from building up.

You'll still need to get someone to plumb in your sink, and washing machine and dishwasher, plus attach the cooker to gas or electric, so there will still be a need for fitters unless you have someone who can do it for you.

wombleprincess · 01/01/2009 17:45

very very nice but im very ho only ifyou have a reasonably large kitchen. heals and m and s also have a freestanding range. or mix and match different pieces of furniture, ie a dresser and some fitted units, farmhouse table instead of island etc.

it depends on how much storage space you need as they tend to be bulkier and less space efficient than fitted kitchens.

littlerach · 01/01/2009 17:52

My friend had one in her old haouse and it looked brilliant.

It was an Ikea one.
They had a couple of the co ordinating wall cabinets over one area and it was great.

ScummyMummy · 01/01/2009 17:56

Some are lovely but do agree it can be hard fitting things in. We conidered a habitat one but as well as being a bit expensive for us we just couldn't work out how we would get all the units to tessalate. If you have a nice big space should be easier though.

WishItWouldSnow · 01/01/2009 18:04

We got one from Harvey Jones and it looks as though fitted IYSWIM so not messy at all but can take it with us.
Really solid - they say that kids can swing on the doors etc

sleepyeyes · 01/01/2009 18:13

MUM we have a funny shaped kitchen so I was thinking it might actually maximise space. Am I being deluded?

The flooring in the whole of the house will be put down before we move in.

OP posts:
sleepyeyes · 01/01/2009 18:19

Wish taking it with us it one reason we are thinking of free standing.
DH and his EX own the house and the bank wont let her off the mortgage, I'm not putting money into a house then possibly having to move and letting her gain profit.

The kitchen shape it like a long G. We already have a really good expensive free standing cooker, fridge, freezer but no other appliances so can be fairly flexible.

OP posts:
OHBollox · 01/01/2009 18:30

Check this out but if your DH is paying all the mortgage it might be possible to get the house valued and then when you come to sell prove that the ex's interest in the house ended on this date and that was the value at that time.
Worth a try

8oreighty · 01/01/2009 18:37

We have ikea one...they do two ranges I think one is cheaper than the other. They aren't that easy to actually fit though, is a bit misleading. Is fine though I can clean under it really well...

mrsmaidamess · 01/01/2009 18:48

I'm sure you won't get more mice than anyone else? But for me it would jus tbe another section of kitchen floor i had to keep clean!

I think if you are going for an eclectic mix and match look they can be good, but need as much planning as a fitted one.. But as for taking it with you if you moved house? I'm not sure that would work. Selling a house with no kitchen would be a pain...and ripping out a kitchen in the new place just to accomodate your portable one would be a pain too.

I have a run of fitted waist high cabinets in my long kitchen, and a free standing dresser and zinc topped unit on the opposite wall as I wanted to avoid that 'fitted' look. But if time is your biggest factor, I'm not sure if free standing would necessarily be put in any quicker.

Tinker · 01/01/2009 18:57

Have seen these linked to before on mn

I love freestanding kitchens but think you need a big room. I do like a mish-mash look

sleepyeyes · 01/01/2009 18:59

OHBOLLOX thanks will look into it. DH has been paying (and can prove it) the morgage exclusivly for almost 3 years.

mrsmaid we would only take the kitchen if it went pear shaped if the house was to go on the market now DH would be left with a lot of debt.

I was hoped it be much quicker to fit, I take it they take just as much time to put together?

8 I was looking at the ikea set, is it worth the money quality wise?

OP posts:
Anna8888 · 01/01/2009 19:00

The cleaning is a nightmare in a free-standing kitchen.

sleepyeyes · 01/01/2009 19:06

Really Anna why?

OP posts:
Hassled · 01/01/2009 19:09

I don't find the cleaniing an issue at all. We had quarry tiles laid in the whole room before the furniture came in - yes, there are spillages that go under the units etc but it's easy enough to sweep/hoover them up.

mrsmaidamess · 01/01/2009 19:10

Perhaps its because there's all those sides for things to fall down, spill down, get swpt under, rather than a run of work top and a plinth to keep the mice dust out.

SoupDragon · 01/01/2009 19:31

Taking the kitchen with you would devalue your house and make it more difficult to sell.

Flihgtattendant · 01/01/2009 19:34

Go for big units though
I mean something that gives you a run of worktop etc.

Had a haphazard freestanding effort in our old house, it was 16ftx12, enormous.

We had dressers, cupboards, you name it

it had nothing fitted at all except for sink,
the thing I missed was worktops. I'd have killed for some horrible old worktops by the time we left there and moved here, with its tiny little 80s fitted kitchen! I am in heaven!

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