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Fun with online floorplans here: interior designers, architects or people who are good at homes

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GoodWilfToAllMN · 11/12/2008 16:41

I need your help!

Please visit my My Deco room plan and let me have it. If you don't want to join mydeco you can see it on my (new but pretty empty facebook page Wilf

Where exactly should my sofas go?


OP posts:
GoodWilfToAllMN · 11/12/2008 19:52

Pleasey-pleasey please please?

Come on, it's a laugh too. You can show me yours too if you like (although be warned I don't really have laminate floors and expensive red Habitat sofas - they were just the closest to my actual ones in size/style...)

OP posts:
VivaLaPotPourri · 11/12/2008 19:54

looking now...

VivaLaPotPourri · 11/12/2008 19:54

Am adding you on FB - is that ok? Can't see otherwise..

VivaLaPotPourri · 11/12/2008 19:56

Ah, am in on the website - you don't have to add me now

GoodWilfToAllMN · 11/12/2008 19:56

Of course... I dunno if you have to register with mydeco to see on FB...?

OP posts:
VivaLaPotPourri · 11/12/2008 19:58

how do I change view? only got red sofa & 2 lamp view.

GoodWilfToAllMN · 11/12/2008 20:01

It just struck me that you could only see the 3D view so I tried the following (god, this is more laborious than I hoped!)...

If you click 'copy this room' I think it opens the planner/editor and then you can see the layout plan - and indeed prolly move things around if you have suggestions!

OP posts:
VivaLaPotPourri · 11/12/2008 20:02

Not quite sure I get it - are tere double french doors opposite the sofa?

VivaLaPotPourri · 11/12/2008 20:04

got it!

silverfrog · 11/12/2008 20:06

what are the dimensions of the room (apols if it says anywhere, but haven't noticed)

have you tied sofas going cross corners? (does cut down on floorspace a bit, but gives you handy toy hiding storage, and can stop the "backs against the wall" issue)

Any other furniture you could bring in form/swap with another room?

VivaLaPotPourri · 11/12/2008 20:08

good layout - i'd have t.v in the corner of coffee table, if possible on a corner unit ie at an angle

silverfrog · 11/12/2008 20:08

how used are the french doors - daily? couple of times a week? only in summer?

VivaLaPotPourri · 11/12/2008 20:10

or 3 seater where 2 seater is, 2 seater in the corner at an angle where 3 seater is, and tv between window and french doors? Or wood burner there?

silverfrog · 11/12/2008 20:13

what age are your dc? are you after cosy homely, or need floorspace to let them run riot in?

have you tried big sofa under window, with TV on wall next to french doors, and small sofa on wall by door? with side tables arranged to suit?

this gives you open floor space, with access to french doors, plus (imo, as someone with far too much furniture) lots of space to put something else in too, in the corner by the french doors, eg desk, or bookcases (I always need more space for bookcases!)

GoodWilfToAllMN · 11/12/2008 20:22

Oh oh oh, lots of helpful suggestions!

OK proportions not quite the same as on the plan (I just guessed the wall lengths but I know they are somewhere between 5-6metres for the long wall and 3.5-4.5 metres for the short wall.

Both windows are wider than allowed on that plan.

French windows only open in summer and have been closed a lot actually because of baby and big step outside to garden. But next summer we'll need lots of access to them I think...

Silverfrog, my DC are 9, 4 and 1 (so we need everything!) I haven't put on here the bench full of toys and the two toy baskets. We do still need toys in the main room for some years but we do have another room which is multipurpose - TV, dining table, storage etc... Certainly the baby's stuff needs to be in here and can't have too much stuff in middle of room (coffee table etc) for him to trip on.

Both your last two suggestions might well work - thanks.

I'm not sure about woodburner/fireplace between window/French window - we have curtains and worried about fire risk etc (the gap is not huge...)

I'd hoped to make this as adult and calm as possible.

OP posts:
GoodWilfToAllMN · 11/12/2008 20:23

And we have other furniture or don't need to be too tied to the smaller stuff that's in there. The main issue is I ain't buying any new sofas and since they dominate the room, their position needs to be balanced.

OP posts:
silverfrog · 11/12/2008 20:36

sofas across corners work well, imo, esp if you have babis, as then you can put things like standard lamps behind them, which at least stops the baby trying to climb them (have a nearly 2 year old who is Trouble. Her sister wasn't.)

I get what you are saying about tv notbeing focal point (my pet hate too) but imo that is as often to do with size of screen as where it is placed.

without buying anymore sofas, i think you need to angle the ones you have, so that they come into the room (which sounds a good size). otherwise, again just imo,it seems a bit like a railway station waiting room, with sofas lined up opposite each other.

i would def put big sofa under windo, angle small sofa into room in front of patio doors (well, a bit to one side really), and out tv on wall behind door.

depending on how big the corner between french doors and wall is, you could maybe have a table set up - either craft stuff or computer/homework stuff?

GoodWilfToAllMN · 11/12/2008 20:45

silverfrog, I have posted what I think you mean as 'better layout', if you can still see the mydeco page.

Thanks by the way, it REALLY helps to get someone else's perspective on this...

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 11/12/2008 20:51

Oh God, I've done mine and now can't work out how to share it with you...

silverfrog · 11/12/2008 20:52

yep, that's the kind of thing I meant. The actual angles would need tinkering with, but that's something that can only be done at the time (you did saythe french doors open outwards, didn't you?)

GoodWilfToAllMN · 11/12/2008 20:53


save it, then make sure the 'make public' box is ticked, then just copy the url at top of the webpage and post it here in a message as a link?

OP posts:
silverfrog · 11/12/2008 20:56

alternatively, you could put the small sofa at an angle across the corner betwen the 2 windows, have the big sofa on the wall with the door, and the tv next to the french doors.

this gives you huge open floor space, as well as he sofas being vaguely arranged for cosiness, but would only work, imo if you had a use for the space opened up between the door and the french doors (eg desk area/playpen area/crafts) as otherwise it does become useless corridor space again.

lalalonglegs · 11/12/2008 21:03

It just has at the top...

GoodWilfToAllMN · 11/12/2008 21:05

You probably have to register with them to be able to save it. Sorry for all the faff, perhaps there's another site you can do this on where you don't have to register.

My other low-tech/hi-tech option was to sketch it out, photo it on my mobile and then post the photo on my profile!

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 11/12/2008 21:10

I have, I have... Well, it's quite simple (and no obvious place for TV unless you get a flatscreen on a wall but I put big wall about 1.5m in front of small window (short wall), smaller sofa facing it about 1.5m in front with coffee table in between. Side table next to small sofa and floor lamp behind big sofa. It's a layout for talkers

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