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Where in Oxford

22 replies

Robrat · 25/02/2024 13:14

We are thinking of relocating from London to Oxford. I will need to commute into London 2-3 days a week. DP WFH. Aware that areas such as north Oxford, Jericho and Summertown are very expensive. Are there other areas slightly more affordable not too far from the station?

OP posts:
sleepyduvetcat · 25/02/2024 13:20

Hmm. The station is quite central. You could look at Botley (which is Vale of White Horse District Council I think, not Oxford City Council) but is pretty much Oxford! The train station is at the end of the Botley Road.

Slightly further out is Cumnor which is nice and still close to everything.

Cotswoldbee · 25/02/2024 14:40

What sort of budget?

Many parts of Oxford are super expensive and the more affordable areas (thinking the likes of Rose Hill, Blackbird Leys etc) can be pretty grotty while not being super close to the station.
Would Kidlington and the Parkway station be any good?
What about Didcot?

If you want Oxford itself you will need to put your budget into Rightmove and see what comes up.
Remember that driving to Oxford station is not really on, you need to consider walking, bus or bike.

cheapskatemum · 25/02/2024 15:29

The bus services between Oxford and London are good & would mean you could consider Headington & areas close by.

Floatinginvacherin · 26/02/2024 07:34

I’d also look at Headington and the Oxford Tube. Headington is a more affordable part of the city and the Tube is reliable. I’ve had colleagues use it for commuting daily with minimal issues.

AndThatWasNY · 26/02/2024 07:40

What's the budget? Otherwise completely pointless

Notquitegrownup2 · 26/02/2024 07:44

Look at Kidlington and Yarnton and the train line in from Oxford Parkway station (on the Marylebone line) stopping at eg Wembley.

Solonomi · 26/02/2024 07:51

Cutteslowe is central & very cheap compared to the rest of North Oxford. Very close to Oxford Parkway train station and easy to get on the ring road to Redhill for the Oxford tube coach. It’s not the best area but if you choose the north side it’s ok.

AndThatWasNY · 26/02/2024 07:55

@Robrat if you give us
No of beds
Any school requirements (how fussy you are about schools)
Max house price
I can waste time looking at houses rather than doing my urgent bit of work 😁

AndThatWasNY · 26/02/2024 07:57

Also do you want to be able to walk to city centre or happy to be in (boring but more affordable) places like Kidlington.

deplorabelle · 26/02/2024 08:15

Also what is motivating the move? Why Oxford? This will give a clue as to what you want.

Robrat · 26/02/2024 08:16

Thanks all. Budget around £850k. No DC yes but possibly in the next few years. Would prefer to be able to walk to restaurants etc. but we do cycle

OP posts:
Robrat · 26/02/2024 08:18

deplorabelle · 26/02/2024 08:15

Also what is motivating the move? Why Oxford? This will give a clue as to what you want.

We want to live somewhere a bit smaller/less busy than London that will allow us to get out to the countryside fairly easily. Parents are in the Cotswolds so want to be closer to them.

OP posts:
CheerfulBardo · 26/02/2024 08:22

I commuted three days a week on the 6 am Oxford Tube (bus) for a year. It’s a good, very frequent service, and there’s also a rival, the X90. (Or used to be). Depending on when you would want to leave London, traffic on the way home may be more problematic.

I lived just off the Botley Road in a grotty college flat, bang close to the station. I imagine it’s now commuterville.

onemoremile · 26/02/2024 08:27

Have a look at kidlington / Islip rather than Oxford proper. It has a train station at parkway and is easier to get into the Cotswolds from than east Oxford.

deplorabelle · 26/02/2024 10:33

It's going to be a trade off then between quiet life and walking distance restaurants then.

Didcot has amazingly good trains to London (more expensive but can get to London 35 minutes on the quickest train) so you could look at market towns near there. There would be walkable restaurants (small choice mostly pub and Indian) in Abingdon, Wallingford, Drayton. It's a drive to Didcot or quite a bad bus, or a fairly life threatening cycle. Didcot does have shops and chain restaurants. For the right house you might want to live in Didcot itself or the villages immediately round.

Equally you could look at Kidlington and commute from Oxford Parkway on a slower line into Marylebone. Personally I find Kidlington a bit soulless, maybe I just don't know it well enough.

If you don't want to lose the London buzz you'll have to pay up for Oxford. Headington and Cowley could fit the bill. Not sure it will give you much of a quieter life though.

Crikeyalmighty · 26/02/2024 10:41

We lived in Oxford in summer town for a couple of years

If I was you op I would go for something like this- handy for train and town (walk in) the other area that is great for that is called grand pont - and you will get some nice houses in Jericho for that including the big modern estate at iffly fields -

Overtheatlantic · 26/02/2024 10:51

That’s a great house!

NotDavidTennant · 26/02/2024 10:54

Be aware that Oxford station is going to have an extensive remodel this year, which will include them replacing the rail bridge over Botley Road. This is likely to mean a lot of replacement bus services. If you don't have a deadline to move then you might want to put it off for a year.

NotDavidTennant · 26/02/2024 10:55

Also, with a budget of £850k and no kids I would live in Jericho.

GasPanic · 26/02/2024 12:54

Headington is good for the Bus/Tube. But it does take a long time to get into the centre. Maybe you can get off at Hillingdon.

Water Eaton/Kidlington is an alternative station to oxford central if you want to live in Oxford and gets into Marlybone so if you work near there could be a plus.

Didcot has good rail links, but the town is a bit of a dump. But maybe you could park and ride into Didcot and live out of it.

Do your research on flooding if you are living in close proximity to the Thames. But that goes pretty much for anywhere these days.

cheapskatemum · 26/02/2024 19:27

The fact that you cycle is a definite bonus in Oxford. I used to cycle into town & back from Headington & it kept me very fit!


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