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New boiler or heat source pump?

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WilbursWinnie · 28/03/2023 20:38

So, our boiler has packed up! At least it's on the way into summer and not the start of winter!

So, do we buy a new boiler or should we be looking into a heat source pump or alternative eco friendly solution?

I have this fear that buying a new boiler is the wrong thing to do but I'm not really basing this on anything.

Full disclosure: our house is an old brick building that is not currently well insulated. it is rural and we currently have oil central heating.

What would you do and why?

OP posts:
GasPanic · 17/04/2023 11:17

BishopRock · 17/04/2023 11:08


OP lives rurally and has up till now had oil CH, not mains gas.

Yes, but the OP has also said they have poor insulation and live in an old house.

Installing new insulation in old houses to bring them up to scratch is expensive and risky, because high insulation tends to lock in the humidity, so you often need humidity control as well.

This is often the issue with non mains gas houses. Heat pumps look a lot more attractive if you don't have mains gas ... BUT houses that don't have mains gas are often older ones with poor insulation.

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