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Help - where do I move (in SW London) for a decent primary school in a nice area?

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hester · 22/07/2009 16:00

As I have moaned at great length on other threads, it is becoming clear that getting dd into a 'good enough' primary within walking distance is going to be like getting a camel through the eye of a needle. So we're thinking of trying to move (market permitting).

Can anyone recommend any nice schools in pleasant areas? We're thinking of a swathe of SW London down the district line, or train line into Waterloo - say, Putney, Chiswick, Wimbledon, Twickenham, Teddington.

Good transport links (we don't drive) and the odd bookshop would be considered a bonus!

OP posts:
hester · 22/07/2009 16:01

I shoudl add that when I say decent school, I'm not primarily thinking about academic results. My priorities are somewhere that feels safe and happy, deals well with bullying, will be able to provide a nice family atmosphere to a child from a same-sex, multi-racial family.

OP posts:
stuffitlllama · 22/07/2009 16:03

Try Southfields SW18, a couple of nice ones, CE and a non CE.

stuffitlllama · 22/07/2009 16:04

Also Merton has the three tier system but some good schools I am pretty sure.

giantkatestacks · 22/07/2009 16:05

Can you afford all those places hester? Blimey I wouldnt suggest Wimbledon though as you will need to live very close to the schools indeed and the secondaries are rubbish - there was some problem with Richmond not having nearly enough primary places this year as well.

Certain bits of Kingston perhaps? Or New Malden - then you can get to both Kingston or Sutton for secondary grammars.

Where are you now?

DebiNewberry · 22/07/2009 16:06

what's your budget?

giantkatestacks · 22/07/2009 16:07

I like your name Debi

DebiNewberry · 22/07/2009 16:10

Ah! I like yours... nobody gets it usually, i think they think I am just a hun using my own name!

noideawhereIamgoing · 22/07/2009 16:14

Wimbledon has lots of good primary schools but the secondary school situation isn't good - unless your child is academically brilliant or you can afford to go private.

stuffitlllama · 22/07/2009 16:18

No.. that's right.. secondary in Wandsworth pretty hopeless I think.

Somewhere in Tooting for Graveney school?

merrymonsters · 22/07/2009 19:00

Wimbledon has good primary schools. Secondaries (Rutlish and Ricards Lodge) have been improving over the last couple of years with new head teachers and local people are starting to use them. Secondaries are also good if you're catholic (Ursuline and Wimbledon College).

giantkatestacks is right that in Wimbledon you need to live very close to a school, especially if it's one-form entry. At our school this year, you needed to live within 300m to get a child in without an older sibling.

BecauseImWorthIt · 22/07/2009 19:04

How about Merton Park? It's SW19 and SW20 postcodes, and Merton Park primary is good, I think. The other good primaries are Wimbledon Chase and Pelham. My boys both went to Pelham and it was a lovey school.

DS1 was at and DS2 still goes to Rutlish and I can confirm that it is a much, much better school than it used to be.

It's no longer a 3 tier system, btw - that ended some time ago - a conventional primary/secondary system.

ZephirineDrouhin · 22/07/2009 19:06

Graveney good in Tooting/Furzedown. Primaries not so brilliant unless you are Catholic.

BecauseImWorthIt · 22/07/2009 19:08

Transport links in Merton Park/South Wimbledon also very good - Tramlink between Croydon/Wimbledon, with a stop at Merton Park, Northern Line at South Wimbledon and District Line and mainline trains at Wimbledon.

Come for a coffee with me and I can show you! (One of my friends is a teacher at Pelham, so you can get the inside gen from her too!)

DebiNewberry · 22/07/2009 19:09

Penwortham is a great primary in Furzedown (outstanding ofsted I believe)

Ravenstone in Balham might suit op too - no school uniform, lovely head, nice mix of kids.

HeadFairy · 22/07/2009 19:11

Very good primary schools where I am in Battersea Hester (am on Northcote Road SW11) very nappy valley, but both Honeywell and Belleville schools are highly regarded, lots of different types of children (ie not lots of Jocastas and Raefs) but it's not a cheap area. A three bed terrace house will set you back about £700k. Clapham junction station is at the end of our road, trains to Waterlook take about 8 mins.

BecauseImWorthIt · 22/07/2009 19:13

Ooh - I'll wave at you next time I'm in the queue at Doves, HeadFairy!

lemaillotjeune · 22/07/2009 19:14

Ooh, Head and BIWI do you have kids at either of those schools?

BecauseImWorthIt · 22/07/2009 19:15

Yes - DS2 now at Rutlish. (DS1 was, but is now at Esher 6th form college). Both boys went to Pelham when it was a first school and Wimbledon Chase when it was a middle and then primary school.

HeadFairy · 22/07/2009 19:16

BIWI, I can't afford Doves so I'll have to wave to you from the street

Lemaillot, ds isn't school age yet so no he doesn't. But I'm perfectly placed for either as we're perfectly between them.... but we're moving because we can't afford a house in the area and dc 2 is on the way and our 2 bed flat won't cope with four of us!

ZephirineDrouhin · 22/07/2009 19:16

Yes, Debi's right about Penwortham - would definitely consider Furzedown actually.

BecauseImWorthIt · 22/07/2009 19:23

I only go there at Christmas or for very special occasions!
HeadFairy · 22/07/2009 19:26

I still can't get over the queues at Christmas time BIWI... so long they have to serve mulled wine to stop the everyone rebelling and bundling in to the shop to demand their turkeys!

HeadFairy · 22/07/2009 19:27

To stop the everyone? Sorry, brain not fully engaged.

BecauseImWorthIt · 22/07/2009 19:34

HeadFairy, merrymonsters - and anyone else on this thread who is the environs - we're having a Wimbledon meet up on Saturday, at the Rose & Crown - any takers?

You'll get to meet daftpunk! (Who is lovely, btw)

HeadFairy · 22/07/2009 19:36

Ah, that's a shame BIWI, I've always wanted to go to a meet up, but this weekend I'm dismantling my roof garden in preparation for our move out Have fun though! Is Daftpunk some kind of legend... have heard of her obv but wondered why meeting her would be so cool. Can she cure my scrofula?

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