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Help - where do I move (in SW London) for a decent primary school in a nice area?

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hester · 22/07/2009 16:00

As I have moaned at great length on other threads, it is becoming clear that getting dd into a 'good enough' primary within walking distance is going to be like getting a camel through the eye of a needle. So we're thinking of trying to move (market permitting).

Can anyone recommend any nice schools in pleasant areas? We're thinking of a swathe of SW London down the district line, or train line into Waterloo - say, Putney, Chiswick, Wimbledon, Twickenham, Teddington.

Good transport links (we don't drive) and the odd bookshop would be considered a bonus!

OP posts:
JFly · 24/07/2009 09:39

Oh, and Southfields has a fantastic little children's book shop. And everything else you need on the high street.

hatwoman · 24/07/2009 12:56

good point about school capacity in Surbiton/Kingston - I'm a few years "ahead" of you, as it were. kingston has had a big expansion in child population and several schools have had to build terrapins in their playgrounds - this is going to have a wider effect - schools essentially built for having 60 kids a year (with toilets, playground, school hall etc built accordingly) are taking in 90 kids a year. yes you can build an extra classroom (making the playground smaller...), but it needs more than that, imo, to expand the capacity of a school.

I had forgotten about that whole issue...definitely look into it in more detail - eg around medium/long-term plans

Wheelybug · 24/07/2009 14:44

They are doing public consultation re the kingston schools to see where people want the classes (or don't want them which is probably more how people are answering it !). Plans are to expand some schools/ build some new ones I think. So they do at least appear to be doing something about it !

Wheelybug · 24/07/2009 14:45

here -

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