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End of year reports - Reception & EYFS profile

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southernbelle77 · 07/07/2009 20:23

I got dd's report today. On the whole it's very good and I'm quite impressed as wasn't expecting it be so good (it did have some not so good aspects which we will work on - if you can work on dd being a 'daydreamer' that is ). We also got the EYFS profile too which is where I am confused. They give levels from 1 -9 for each area. Now, as a childminder who has to deal with OFSTEDs inconsistancies on a daily basis it should be no suprise, but it just amazes me the difference some teachers and schools can have on the 'rating' system. As it stands, it seems the children in our school (or at least dd as I don't know what anyone else got!) comes off quite well as she did get a few 9's (working above expectations). However, a friend of mine also has a dd in reception in a different county and the teacher there told her that they 'never' give 9's for anything. How on earth does that work?! It doesn't seem at all fair when there is no consistancy in the grading.
Anyone explain?!

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mrz · 23/06/2010 16:58



Carmel206 · 23/06/2010 17:08

Thank you mrz.

bearski · 01/12/2011 13:47

My son has just started school and we have received his EYFSP Spider graph and wonder if anyone can tell me where I can find out what each code means ie.. DA SD SSM C PD etc..

mrz · 01/12/2011 17:43

PSED Personal Social and Emotional Development
DA Dispositions and Attitudes
SD Social Development
ED Emotional Development

PSRN Problem Solving Reasoning and Numeracy
NLC Numbers as labels and counting
SSM Shape Space and Measure
C Calculating

CLLD communication language and literacy development
LCT Language for communication and thinking
LSL Linking Sounds to Letters

PD Physical Development
KUW Knowledge and Understanding of the World
CD Creative Development

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