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End of year reports - Reception & EYFS profile

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southernbelle77 · 07/07/2009 20:23

I got dd's report today. On the whole it's very good and I'm quite impressed as wasn't expecting it be so good (it did have some not so good aspects which we will work on - if you can work on dd being a 'daydreamer' that is ). We also got the EYFS profile too which is where I am confused. They give levels from 1 -9 for each area. Now, as a childminder who has to deal with OFSTEDs inconsistancies on a daily basis it should be no suprise, but it just amazes me the difference some teachers and schools can have on the 'rating' system. As it stands, it seems the children in our school (or at least dd as I don't know what anyone else got!) comes off quite well as she did get a few 9's (working above expectations). However, a friend of mine also has a dd in reception in a different county and the teacher there told her that they 'never' give 9's for anything. How on earth does that work?! It doesn't seem at all fair when there is no consistancy in the grading.
Anyone explain?!

OP posts:
duckyfuzz · 07/07/2009 20:28

we didn't get any gradings at all, just a written report. I wouldn't worry about it, she is still the same person, she will never need to produce these levels again

southernbelle77 · 07/07/2009 20:30

You're right! I guess it jsut annoys me! Probably more because I hate EYFS from a childminder point of view

OP posts:
charliesweb · 07/07/2009 20:35

6 points is considered national average. 9 points means that they have achieved the requirements of the Foundation Stage and are working at National Curriculum level. I gave some of my class 9s although I know that some schools don't encourage that because it makes it harder to have value added by the time they get to Y2.

zeke · 07/07/2009 20:40

Well, I guess it doesn't really matter. If her teacher never gives a 9 then I would think that she has been levelling incorrectly.

I have 'graded' DS myself, it will be interesting to see if his teacher gives him the same level when he report comes out! I will definately go with what she says though! Just for fun with me ( I am a teacher too, but older children).

mrz · 07/07/2009 20:47

politics southernbelle politics
Children who achieve a 9 are predicted to get a level 5 six years later ......pressure!

pigswithfludontfly · 07/07/2009 22:45

Do kids leaving nursery get the same sort of reports i.e. gradings against the EYFS goals?

plonker · 07/07/2009 23:07

Really mrz??

How on earth can they make that prediction for 5yo's?


cat64 · 08/07/2009 00:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

redskyatnight · 08/07/2009 10:00

Was going to ask a similar question. DS has no level 9s on his EYFS report despite his teacher assuring me he is very able. For example, he is one of the top few children in terms of reading level so I guess that would leave all or most of the children in the class without a level 9 in reading? My own "marking" would have him with a few.

Also wondering whether the age/sex of child still has a big effect at this stage. DS is a summer born boy, I guess in general I would "expect" him to do less well than an autumn born girl?

To my mind he has achieved all and more than I expected him to do this year, so I kind of ignoring the rankings (but reading his teacher's comments which are more helpful and targetted anyway).

Mrsdoasyouwouldbedoneby · 08/07/2009 11:42

All a load of bunkum!! SOOOO subjective. AND in order to give the mark someone has to see the child do most of the things... So for eg, if it is KNOWN they can do something (they did it independently for eg), but they won't perform for the teacher than that can make a difference.

Besides the early learning goals are incredibly inconsistent.... despite apparently being measured on a group of children and their developmental achievements (it does admit some children will be able to achieve a higher level, but not be hitting lower ones). But I am shocked at the difference in complexity between the PSRN (numbers for counting) levels and the CLL (handwriting) levels. Up to 20 and some mathematical language etc for a 9... but on CLL, writing in sentences with some correct punctuation, and correctly formed letters!!! It is inconsistent because the number one does not depend on fine motor skills (so younger children might not be there), whereas the handwriting one DOES.

I still have to use it at preschool though... I don't mind it entirely... it is just the assessment part which is odd!

mrz · 08/07/2009 17:33

Children awarded 9 are consistently performing significantly above the EYFS early learning goals ... depending on the actual point they can indicate a child working within NC level 1 or even level 2 ... as already said meaningless!

madwomanintheattic · 08/07/2009 17:37

lol, our school are just making it harder for the juniors then, as some of the yr r kids are given NC levels
just nod and smile.

dee0468 · 10/07/2009 08:22

Yes seeing the child do it is critical. I have just received my ds report and it could be a different child. He is very quiet at preschool. Therefore, they believe his language undersanding is there but the words are not. I would say his vocab is almost as large as my my 5 year old dd. She gets her report today. Hopefully it will now make sense.

bequiet · 11/07/2009 16:01

received dd's EYFS report today. Am very as 9s were awarded for all 13 categories!

Dd is an able child, but no genius. I guess as it's an independent school, there is no need to report value added, so no need to depress figures. Also perhaps an element of keeping parents happy?

Nevertheless, am very proud!

Nemoandthefishes · 11/07/2009 16:10

DS reception report had no mention of levels. Just says he met all standards requird and in addition he can do x,y and z. Then underneath teacher has wrote a couple of sentences about each area and anything she thinks he could work on[pen conrtol but then we knew that] and that otherwise he is achieving above the requirements.

katiestar · 12/07/2009 01:08

Are these EYFS profile assessments not moderated in any way ,shape or form.

MrZ LOL !! can they say what A level point tally we can expect from our level 9s ?

katiestar · 12/07/2009 01:09

Have I a right to see what preschool pass on to school ,before it gets there?

mrz · 12/07/2009 08:10

EYFS profiles are moderated but again there is no consistency between different LAs which is a big cause of stress to teachers around the country.
Really it is a no win situation for teachers if they children score highly inspectors will view it as causing pressure further up the school, if they score less highly OFSTED will say the children aren't making adequate progress.
If only the powers that be wouldn't reduce children's success (and children) to mere numbers.

pigswithfludontfly · 17/07/2009 12:58

Mrz - got ds's report from nursery this am and although I think the categories are based on the EYFS ones, the format of the report was totally different. Why would this be?

Doesn't really reflect the ds I know.
Will they have had to do a standard EYFS report too and will they automatically pass it to his reception class at a different school?

abeltasman · 22/06/2010 20:02


I just got my DS's Reception report today and am appalled by the way that the EYFS constrains the report so much. It doesn't reflect the child I know. I have talked it over with the class teacher but even then I am so CROSS. From the grades and age-corrected scores that the teacher has, my son is top of the class (he's also the youngest in the school), but from his EYFS scores he looks like a total numpty, and it doesn't in any way show what my child can actually DO! (in both the Reading and Numeracy sections, the scores are way off the mark as they can't actually score what DS CAN do). Is this worth pursuing or do I just shut up and let them score what they want, whilst knowing that it is a load of ?!

TheStarsWillShineTonight · 22/06/2010 20:27

I have twins and I demanded to see the EYFS scores for my kids...they were a complete load of rubbish, I know my kids well and the report did not accurately reflect what they were capable of. I did speak to the teacher at the time and she fed me a load of bullshit, apparently kids always do better at home than they do at school. She also told me that she had to deliberately mark my ds down so that the Year 1 teacher would give him special help...funny that never materialised. She refused to acknowledge he could read...yet he was in one of the top reading groups in Y1.

If I had my time again I would ignore the whole thing - it's a load of shite!

abeltasman · 22/06/2010 22:42

Thank you TSWST. I can see it is all Govt-induced bull, and that we know our children best, and try as they might, they will not fit into any multiple choice checkboxes! Nightmare.

HouseofCrazy · 22/06/2010 23:03

I dont get Ds's report until next week. I will be interested to see it as we recently moved and he was scored at his former school. He has only been at the current school less than two months so I wonder what they will score him and how it compares?!?

mrz · 23/06/2010 11:40

abeltasman EYFS doesn't constrain the report at all. I'm not sure what the school has actually reported or why they can't score what your son can do. I have taught some extremely able children over the years and have always felt able to reflect their ability in reports and able to record this using the profile. It seems a very odd situation if I was being cynical I would suspect the school is playing politics

Carmel206 · 23/06/2010 16:30

Does anyone know for a year 1 report, how and where do I find the detail behind how they assess the child.
I would like to read what they are trying to measure my child against as the report never really puts the attainment in perspective for the Year.

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