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The nursery have written a transition document. It portrays my PFB as a total nightmare. Should I withhold it from his school?

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nevergoogledragonbutter · 03/07/2009 19:03

Some 'highlights':

"Sharing is somtimes a problem and he can become sulky when reprimanded. However the episode is soon forgotten and no grudge held"

"He has a wide and varied vocabulary enabling him to express himself in an authoritative manner"

"In the sandpit, he is the architect and uses a clipboard to make notes" - why can't he just build sandcastles like the others.

There are other nice stuff about having a great imagination and enjoying role-playing with his friends.

But shouldn't the teacher find out about his moods and bossyness for herself. I know it's not a dreadful report but it does make him sound a bit obnoxious.


OP posts:
MangoJuggler · 03/07/2009 19:07

It's not bad stuff

All of those are great

being able to express oneself in a authoritative manner - check

imaginative play with clip board - check

no grudge held - check

honestly, it's not a bad report, in fact the opposite

it shows good self esteem, confidence, emotional maturity

Chin up

mrz · 03/07/2009 19:07

Is it a report to you or his transfer documents to his new school?

Tinker · 03/07/2009 19:08

I love the clipboard

MadameCastafiore · 03/07/2009 19:09

Oooohhhh you are being a mother if a PFB - there is nothing wrong with that at all.

rookiemater · 03/07/2009 19:09

I think he sounds gorgeous, I love the idea of him standing there with the clip board, sounds like he is a born leader !

nevergoogledragonbutter · 03/07/2009 19:09

it's his transfer report.
i had to make comments.
they will copy and probably give to me to take to his new school as we are moving before start of term.

OP posts:
kif · 03/07/2009 19:11

I think you're viewing it wrong. It sounds affectionate to me - like the way you'd describe your granddad ( 'Falls asleep after lunch, gets crumbs trapped in his beard and always has humbugs in his pocket).

I think the nursery are trying to help the school to 'get off on the right foot'. The thing about sharing, for example. The teacher can pick up on it and engineer a situation where he shares nicely and then praise him. Without the prior warning, he might get told off in his first week for failing to share, and then get in a sulk, and it's all a bit of a downer.

The wide vocabulary sounds nice. So perhaps the teacher will feel on safe ground to use longer words with him.

He sounds sweet, not obnoxious. Sweet and PFB.

nevergoogledragonbutter · 03/07/2009 19:12

born leader?
isn't that just what parents of PFB's tell themself to make his obnoxiousness and inability to do as he's told seem like a positive thing?

my MIL could hardly read his report for crying with laughter. it was her that suggested i don't pass it to the school as he sounds like a lunatic.

OP posts:
charliesweb · 03/07/2009 19:12

I'm a Reception teacher and I wouldn't read these comments as portraying a total nightmare. It is important that information passed on is accurate otherwise it's a waste of time IMO. It is useful to have some information about the children before they start, but I would never let it cloud my own judgements of the child from my own observations. You are right your child's teacher will soon get to know him so I wouldn't worry.

SenoraPostrophe · 03/07/2009 19:13

I really love the sound of your son: the architect in the sandpit thing really made me laugh.

If those are the worst bits then it's a great report. all 4 yr old boys are a bit sulky and most find sharing difficult.

nevergoogledragonbutter · 03/07/2009 19:13

guess what DH does for a living?

OP posts:
nevergoogledragonbutter · 03/07/2009 19:14

he issuing building warrants on sandcastles.

the shame.

OP posts:
StealthPolarBear · 03/07/2009 19:16

PMSL at his clipboard! I was expecting something bad when I opened this but they all sound positive and things that make him stand out from the rest (which I assume is the kind of stuff that will have been put on everyone's - not just "Joe is a bog standard 4 year old"). The stuff about sharing and sulking is just stuff they're suggesting the school work on surely - there are plenty of adults who sulk and don't like to share so I doubt it's that rare in a 4yo!

StealthPolarBear · 03/07/2009 19:17

does he condemn certain ones and raze them to the sandpit?

pointydog · 03/07/2009 19:17

Do you recognise your sone in this report? If so, let it stand.

lisad123 · 03/07/2009 19:21

they have to right the truth and tohonest it sounds fine to me. Its always helpful for the next teacher to know what the kids is like. You are being very PFB

nevergoogledragonbutter · 03/07/2009 19:22

i absolutely recognise everything. nothing is a surprise to me, but it's not stuff i would tell somebody before they met him.

of course, i want them to think he's wonderful.
not a pita.

OP posts:
pointydog · 03/07/2009 19:24

he doesn't sound like a pita, don;t worry

StealthPolarBear · 03/07/2009 19:25

he doesn't sound like a pita - sounds like a cute little boy with amusing things that make him unique!

Quattrocento · 03/07/2009 19:25

Oh I like the sound of your DS - I'd be more than pleased with that, honestly.

Just got DS's report. Here are some of the lows:

  1. "His hand writing has become a little untidy of late"

2. "His recall of tables under timed conditions is improving" (what, so they weren't good to start with)
3. "He is beginning to reflect upon his work" (What?)
4. "He needs to work on his presentation"
5. (long paragraph culminating in a grave...) "There is still much work to be done with regard to his batting and bowling - he needs to work on basic shot selection when batting"

Plus a one-liner on SATS levels achieved with no explanation.

Gingerly · 03/07/2009 19:26

God its FINE! Rather be honest about say , the sulking than say " he is an angel and is never cross"

plimple · 03/07/2009 19:27

Ha ha! Clipboard, brilliant. Share it! Could have read:
"Sharing is somtimes a problem and he has been known to bite/hit/push to get what he wants"

"He has a good vocabulary, but sometimes finds it hard to express himself clearly"

"In the sandpit, he makes wonderful sandcastles, but occasionally gets carried away when digging causing sand to get in the eyes of other children"

Much more likely and dull.

nevergoogledragonbutter · 03/07/2009 19:27

i do realised his report is funny, so i'm not seriously upset about this.

...although still feel nervous about a stranger reading it and thinking, "oh he's one to watch, mr stroppypants".

OP posts:
nevergoogledragonbutter · 03/07/2009 19:31

When i pick him up from nursery and ask how he's been. His key worker sort of grins and says 'we've had our moments'.

i don't know how to take it. what the hell is he up to?

OP posts:
Gingerly · 03/07/2009 19:32

ds3s was fabbo last year all apart from " his cheekiness ocasioanlyl touches on the side of rudeness"

HE did an Elvis impression with the mike when rehearsing for the nativity


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