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KS1 SATS question

41 replies

dinny · 12/05/2009 22:29

what does dd mean when she says she could choose whether or not to do a test today? any idea? thought they were compulsory...

OP posts:
FluffyBunnyGoneBad · 12/05/2009 22:33

IIRC, the key stage one tests are more teacher assessment based so not to put pressure on the little ones.

chubbymummy · 12/05/2009 22:38

My guess is that she had probably completed the level 2 test and was borderline for achieving a level 3 so was offered the chance to sit the level 3 test. If she was likely to get a secure level 3 then she probably wouldn't have been given a choice but if she was borderline then she may have been asked if she wants to have a go at it.

This is assuming that she's in year 2, if she's in year 1 it probably means she's high ability and was offered the chance to try the year 2 paper.

Either way it sounds like she's very able and you have nothing to worry about.

dinny · 12/05/2009 22:43

ah righty

she is in year 2...

so they'd have done the level 2 one and then given chance to do the next one based on the result of the level 2? I see...

OP posts:
chubbymummy · 12/05/2009 22:52

That's how it works in my school anyway. Was it maths or literacy and did she have a go at it or choose not to?
If it was literacy and you know what it was about then I can tell you if it was the level 3 paper or not.

dinny · 12/05/2009 22:54

literacy - she did choose to do it - had to read chapters and summarise, I think

OP posts:
chubbymummy · 12/05/2009 23:02

was it about windmills?

dinny · 12/05/2009 23:04

not sure, will ask her tomorrow....

OP posts:
LunarSea · 13/05/2009 09:51

They don't all have to do them together - so perhaps she had the choice of doing it then, or on another day?

slummymomma · 13/05/2009 14:06

Windmills? DS did one yesterday about the Netherlands and dykes. Does that ring any bells?

katiestar · 13/05/2009 16:03

I think KS1 tests can be done any time during May , not all on the same day throughout the country like KS2

melissa75 · 13/05/2009 19:48

Ks1 SATS can be done any time throughout the entire school year...most schools do it between April and early June...we had ours done by the end of April, but I know other schools that have just started theres this week, so it really depends on schedualing.

chubbymummy · 13/05/2009 19:55

yes Slummymomma that's the level 3 paper.

dinny · 13/05/2009 20:17

slummy, yes - it was windmills

OP posts:
Akiko · 15/05/2009 07:29

Who had the non chronological report on Nocturnal creatures as a long writing task? Our teacher did not prepare the class in advance and did not give the children any visual information about the task. It came out of the blue for most of them, they did not have the facts and they wrote very little.

trendymama · 18/05/2010 10:15

my daughter had the windmills one. Which was ther level 3 paper. She got a report for the long writing What did your kids get for their short and long writing task?

Madsometimes · 18/05/2010 11:44

My dd did something on nocturnal animals, and something on the Gruffalo. I have to say that they did do some science work on nocturnal animals the week before, so was Mrs Teacher cheating a little?

trendymama · 18/05/2010 11:59

Lol! They were trying to be discrete! Thank you did she have to do a non chronological report on it? What did she have to do on the gruffalo?

Madsometimes · 18/05/2010 12:14

No I do not think she was being discrete. The teacher obviously decided that it was unfair to get children to write about a topic which none of them knew about, so she did some prep work.

Dd2 did work on nocturnal animals two weeks ago, and then last week said that had nocturnal animals in her test! I assumed the nocturnal animals was ordinary on-going project, even though dd2 was sure it was a test. Not sure about the gruffalo, maybe it was a level 2 paper?

As for a reading task about windmills. I cannot see my still 6 year old getting excited about these, but think that she did mention them too.

trendymama · 18/05/2010 12:23

My D's school has been preparing them about non chronological reports for 3 weeks now and superheros?! Nothing on animals.

LittleFriendSusan · 18/05/2010 12:46

DD's class were doing about nocturnal animals a few weeks ago, and their homework was to do a non-chronological report (SATs were last week). I would assume this was all to prepare them for the papers!

DD sat the windmill paper - I think a few of them did the level 3 paper. I believe the whole class did the level 2 paper first and then some of them did the L3.

MsDav · 18/05/2010 14:21

DS 2 had his last week the day after the english comprehension one he and 3 others were taken to go and do another english comprehension
. He said the teacher told them she was very pleased with how they had done in the one previously. I'm assuming this means they got to do the level 3?

busymummy3 · 18/05/2010 22:42

My DD said she had 'special work' to do for her teacher a couple of weeks ago. She said she had to read a story about Steve Irwin and crocodiles then answer lots of questions. She was certainly fascinated and wanted to hear all about him when she got home. Anyone have any idea if this was a KS1 SAT paper. She is in Y2
and as far as I know has done all of them.Unfortunately DS has been doing KS2 SATS and all focus has been on getting him through last week that LO just got on with them!

treas · 18/05/2010 23:46

yep busymummy3 that was the KS1 SAT Reading paper my Y2 dd did it last week also.

The non-fiction story was about Steve Irwin and crocodiles and the fiction story was about a monkey who wanted to cross a crocodile infested river.

busymummy3 · 19/05/2010 14:38

Asked her this morning whether she has been learning about windmills she then proceeded to tell me all about them and did I know they ground wheat to make flour to make bread? She then went on to say that her special work was about windmills. Amazing what you can learn from a little subtle questioning!

Bodenbabe · 19/05/2010 15:57

Can I just check I've understood this right - there are 2 levels of literacy paper for the KS1 SATs, yes? DD only did one (it was the one about windmills) - does that mean she only did the Level 3 paper? (can they only do Level 3? It sounded like some of you were saying that they have to do Level 2 and then Level if they want to/are capable).

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