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Scotland Mums - Who has a child starting school in the next couple of weeks?

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Weegiemum · 11/08/2008 18:47

My dd2 - my baby - starts school a week today!

Though I have done this twice before, it is still a wrench. And this is the last time I will do it!!!

I am more worried about her than the others as she has Perthe's disease, a hip condition that restricts her activity, and though I know the school will be fab, I still worry (mummy's perogative!!!)

We have got the uniform, schoolbag, shoes (flip! not much change out of £100 for the three of them) lunchbox, pencil case .........

She is so excited. Who else has someone going into Primary 1?

OP posts:
BooBooChicken · 11/08/2008 18:52

my dd starts p1 next tuesday.

my ds started last year (only 14 mnth age gap) so i am finding the idea of my baby going to school too very odd..!

Weegiemum · 11/08/2008 18:57

My ds started last Aug, though there is a 21 m age gap. But yes, it seems to have come round very fast, though she is very excited.

Where are you? Glasgow goes back on Monday. Seems weird to have a full week for the first week.

OP posts:
BooBooChicken · 11/08/2008 19:00

we are central but further east and they do tues-fri til midday for the first week, and then full days from the following week.

it is a lot for them but like yours, my dd is excited, esp about getting the school bus home with her big brother (all of about a mile up the road!).

Weegiemum · 11/08/2008 19:11

Funny enough, it is the bus my dd is excited about too!

As our kids go to the Gaelic school, they get the bus there and back. She is practically wetting herself at the excitement of it all!

OP posts:
BooBooChicken · 11/08/2008 19:16

will you shed a tear, do you think? (i blubbed on the last day of nursery too!)

Waswondering · 11/08/2008 19:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Weegiemum · 11/08/2008 19:33

I cried with both the others. I really did!!!!

So I am sure I will for a bit.

Luckily dd2 is going into a class with at least 5 girls she as at nursery with, and has a playdate tomorrow with one of them, so the people wont freak her. Just me!

OP posts:
tassisssss · 12/08/2008 14:59

I have one too!

My PFB starts on Tuesday, straight into full days. He's very excited, I'm quite emotional. Still have all the labelling of bits and bobs to do. Thankfully he attended the nursery attached to his primary school so goes up with lots of friends plus we know lots of older kids at the school so I'm sure it'll all be fine.

Weegiemum · 12/08/2008 18:39

Gosh I'm glad we're not going straight to full days! Where does that happen? Dd2 will be on half days until the September Weekend (last weekend in Sept) and then on to full days. It is enough - as she has to be out for the bus at 8am, the 11.55 pick up is late enough.

But it will be good when they are all in FT!

OP posts:
Rhumba · 12/08/2008 18:45

PFb starting on Monday here. Straight into full days and then the following week will also be in wraparound three days too. I think he's going to be shattered but atleast some calm will be restored to the house. he is very excited and we have a count down going on to how many days left. Got most of his uniform but only got round to ordering extra lables today so hope I've got enough left somewhere! Am amazed you only spent £100 weegie mum! Still have shoes to get too so may have to squeeze into current ones unless I'm organised on Friday. there're not allowed to buy lunch for the first 6 weeks so am dreading the morning rush with a lunch box to get ready, Dd to get to nursery and Dh and I to work!

Rhumba · 12/08/2008 18:47

hey weegie mum just noticed you comment on another thread re outlet for clarks, is that the one at the forge and does it usually have most sizes?

mrspitt · 12/08/2008 18:55

My dd1 is going to school a week today.

She is my calm in a big storm and i am really going to miss her!!

My ds is going into P3 and my dd2 is starting playgroup. She is only 2.7 and i can't believe it's time for her to become independant already!

Next week is going to be very emotional for me, seriously

Weegiemum · 13/08/2008 14:16

I spent £100 on shoes!!!

Had to also do about £20 on each kid for trousers/skirts/pinafore PLUS the school for sweatshirts and polo shirts.

Haven't figgureed out how much is it in total cos it will freak me OUT!

The Clarks at the Forge ha smany styles, not the latest, for dd2 (4) and ds (6) it wasnt a prob. We ended up at Braehead for dd1 (8), but she has awkward feet - size 2, width G, but really thin heels. She's only going into P4, but as an adult I have size 10 feet (bigger than dh) and at her age also had size 2, so we have to deal with it!

OP posts:
prettybird · 13/08/2008 22:28

My neighbour's ds is starting school on Monday. My ds is not looking forward to him being at the same school (he is still adjusting to the fact that he now has to share the garden after years of being the only youngster in the house ) - but at least he will be in P4 (senior school) while neighbour's ds will be in the Infant School, so different play times.

Weegiemum · 13/08/2008 22:39

Yes, my dd1 is very glad she will have different lunchtimes to dd2, as dd1 is going into primary 4.
I am waiting for the call from the school to tell me ds and dd2 have murdered each other in the playground, they are like cat and dog at the moment!

OP posts:
prettybird · 13/08/2008 22:46

I'll watch the playground from my office window for signs of "murder in the playground" (not that I know what your dds look like )

Weegiemum · 13/08/2008 22:54

They'll be easy to spot. They'll be the ones murdering each other in last-season's shoes!

If i knew where your office was I would wave when I was standing outside at 12 waiting for dd2!

OP posts:
prettybird · 13/08/2008 23:04

It's the big one on the corner of the street closer to the motorway (diagonally opposite Peppers): 4 large brick offices orted of linked together around a courtyard. The new(ish) flats are between us and the school.

When I cycle past in the morning and see the kids going into tbreakfast club, I often wonde if one of them is yours.

Weegiemum · 13/08/2008 23:26

I know the one you mean.

If you ever fancy lunch, CAT me!

OP posts:
prettybird · 13/08/2008 23:31

Will do - but I'll wait until the schools go back

Weegiemum · 14/08/2008 10:59

That would be nice.

OP posts:
mumoftwinz · 15/08/2008 15:35

My DTS are starting on Tuesday. Thats just reminded me about all the labeling! They are going to be the youngest in the year - so bit worried about them. Its going to be very quiet around here!

prettybird · 15/08/2008 15:39

That reminds me - I have run out of labels, so I am going to have to write on ds' new stuff with a marker pen.

Weegiemum · 15/08/2008 18:44

I have no labels either and have spent the whole day writing on the labels with a pen which I hope will not come off before the new ones come!

Luckily we have an unusual surname therefore all I have to do is write it on things - they'll all get back to us.

OP posts:
Rhumba · 16/08/2008 13:09

thanks for the top weegie mum. trkked to the forge on Friday and got two pairs for £40, although this was degated by 2 "bargins" for myself. Finally have most things and lables arrived today (smug face!)so will spend tonight sewing in lables although have also got some iron on ones. Good luck eveyone on Monday!

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