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Scotland Mums - Who has a child starting school in the next couple of weeks?

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Weegiemum · 11/08/2008 18:47

My dd2 - my baby - starts school a week today!

Though I have done this twice before, it is still a wrench. And this is the last time I will do it!!!

I am more worried about her than the others as she has Perthe's disease, a hip condition that restricts her activity, and though I know the school will be fab, I still worry (mummy's perogative!!!)

We have got the uniform, schoolbag, shoes (flip! not much change out of £100 for the three of them) lunchbox, pencil case .........

She is so excited. Who else has someone going into Primary 1?

OP posts:
MrsCurly · 16/08/2008 13:16

Yes! My firstborn starts the day after tomorrow. Am def going to embarrass myself and her by weeping.

TrinityRhino · 16/08/2008 13:25

dd2 is starting pre school on tuesday
she is 3.4
I will be crying

Seona1973 · 16/08/2008 20:04

dd starts school on Monday although she is only in 10am-12pm the first day and only mornings till after the September weekend. Dh has taken the morning off so we can both see her into school. We got some 'fab and funky' iron on labels from easy2name so we could get the 10% mumsnet discount. I just hope we have remembered to get everything we need.

Weegiemum · 17/08/2008 09:17

We just put dd2 on the bus with her siblings at 8 tomorrow and off she goes. Better than me weeping at the school gate - and most kids here do that anyway, as almost everyone goes on the bus. But we have to pick up at 12. Dh has also taken the day off as we have both taken the other 2 out for a "grown-up" lunch on their first day.

Almost ready! And thats my baby in school. Can't believe it!

OP posts:
Weegiemum · 18/08/2008 05:59

Good luck for this week everyone, and good luck for TODAY to the Glasgow kiddies!

Here I am up an hour earlier than usual as I am excited/scared in equal measure for my dd2!!

OP posts:
prettybird · 18/08/2008 16:54

My school now having a nightmade trying to warn parents that the school will be closed on Wednesday. They were only infomred around lunch time today.

Having a "disucssion" with dh whether an orgninsed telephone cascade (which as a Parent Council we are not yet geared up to do but we are thinking about) would be better than the "short sharp shock" that thos eparents that don't bother to look in their kids' school bags and/or talk to thme would encounter if they turned up at school on Wednesday.

bobsyouruncle · 18/08/2008 17:11

My pfb starts school tomorrow, and is off again on Wednesday due to the school closure! I'm feeling ok about her starting, but think it may hit home when she's there all day in 2 weeks time! I did hear a rumour there could be a 2 day closure the following week too, but that may be rubbish...!? I'm dreading the morning rush as we've become very lazy in the mornings for the last 7 weeks, but I'm sure we'll soon get back into the routine

Weegiemum · 19/08/2008 00:31

My dd2 had a great time, but we were disappointed that they had not put in place a plan about her hip condition (she cant be allowed to run about). However we had a meeting with the teacher at lunchtime (well, we just went in and asked to see her) and it shoudl all be done by tomorrow.

We are also off Weds. Just when I though tI was getting the mornings at least to myself again!

OP posts:
Rhumba · 19/08/2008 13:47

PFb loved his first day and was all excited today as well. Did his homework yesterday and was really excited about this too. (how long til that wears off!) School will be open tomorrow but no hot lunches which doesn't matter as they take packed ones for first 6 weeks anyway. He's in full time straight away so no 1/2 days thank goodness as would have made child care the days I work a nightmare.

Mascara made it home intact yesterday as well!

MrsCurly · 26/08/2008 11:32

how are our little ones getting on?
Mine seems to enjoy it but still grips my hand desperately after the bell has gone to call them in. Very hard to get much out of her as to what they are doing and if she is making friends. What I would do to be a fly on the wall!

Seona1973 · 26/08/2008 13:07

dd seems to be enjoying herself. Her best friend from nursery is in her class but not in her group (probably best that way as they would probably be disruptive if they sat together). She doesnt know anyones name yet in her group - she sits between 2 boys and there is only 1 other girl in her group (there are 6 altgether in her group). She got her first words home last week (wednesday - her school was open despite the strike) and has been doing the number '2' this week. She has to go for a 1-2-1 with the teacher tomorrow to assess where she is with regards to speaking, counting, etc so they know what to work towards with her. We are on half days here till the September weekend so just as well I dont work!!

Waswondering · 26/08/2008 21:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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