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I have to put my school uniform order in many jumpers/tops etc do we need really??!!

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Fluffybubble · 30/06/2008 21:07

DS (4) starts school in September...I have many pairs of trousers/ shorts but I have to order the uniform from school tomorrow. My order form is full of scribbles!! Do I need 2/3/4 sweatshirts? 3/4/5 polo shirts?? 1/2 pe t-shirts??


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Fluffybubble · 01/07/2008 14:11

Mousey - write a list and tick everything off . We had our meeting this morning, which involved 30 children and parents hovering in the playground for an hour - we did get an info pack to take home to read but I also resorted to badgering a nice school lady with all of my questions too (am sure they loved me?!). Good luck with your meeting!

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BigBadMousey · 01/07/2008 16:09

Thanks for the advice fluffy. I definitely need a list atm as I have a serious case of baby brain and forget everything unless it is written down in at least three places . Luckily I have an excuse (DS is 5wo) right now but in a few months time.....

Glad your meeting went well - I'll be doing plenty of badgering myself, I'm sure they are used to it though!

PrincessPeaHead · 01/07/2008 16:39

Don't know if anyone has said this but M&S school uniform is all on "special purchase" at the moment. Just bought 3 packs of polo shirts for £3 for a 5 year old (goes up to the princely sum of £4 for a 7 year old) etc. Also their usual pack of 5 socks now has two extra free, trousers etc reduced.
Worth a look

BigBadMousey · 01/07/2008 22:29

Excellent - will do. Do you know if their sizes come up big / small / just right?

I know they say go on the measurements they give rather than the age range but sometimes I find the measurements are a bit out IYSWIM.

PrincessPeaHead · 01/07/2008 22:45

M&S I think is just right
I have very average 50th centile children and the track suit bottoms I bought today for their correct ages have just the right amount of growth in them

Yurtgirl · 01/07/2008 22:48

We have 2 sweatshirts, 5 polo shirts (multi pack from woolworths etc) 3 if expensive school branded ones, 1 pe shirt and shorts. A third sweatshirt is something I hanker after though

BigBadMousey · 01/07/2008 23:04

Thanks to do some shopping I guess

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