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I have to put my school uniform order in many jumpers/tops etc do we need really??!!

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Fluffybubble · 30/06/2008 21:07

DS (4) starts school in September...I have many pairs of trousers/ shorts but I have to order the uniform from school tomorrow. My order form is full of scribbles!! Do I need 2/3/4 sweatshirts? 3/4/5 polo shirts?? 1/2 pe t-shirts??


OP posts:
bellavita · 30/06/2008 21:39

2 Sweatshirts
5 polo shirts
2 pair trousers
1 pe shirt
1 pair pe shorts
1 jogging pants for outdoor pe
1 warm jumper/sweatshirt for outdoor pe

Clean polo shirt everyday.

Unless any visible marks, trousers and sweatshirts get changed on a Thursday.

DS1 is now finishing Yr6 and DS2 is in Yr3, they are both active and I always found the the above is enough.

Blandmum · 30/06/2008 21:39

I work on the principle of 'One on, one off, one in the wash'

with the exception of PE kit, where we have 1 set

BigBadMousey · 30/06/2008 22:06

So when do you all buy your uniforms?

DD1 is starting school in September, I think we shouldn't leave it until the last minute to buy dresses etc unless everything is sold out DH says we should wait until September to safeguard against growth spurts.

Heated · 30/06/2008 22:10

Mutt, thanks for that, I can cope with age bands! Am going on the MB principle for tidy ds.

When the uniform list says plimsolls for PE do they mean those black elastic things we used to wear back in the day? And do most shoe shops - Clarks? - sell them?

Orinoco · 30/06/2008 22:10

Message withdrawn

Orinoco · 30/06/2008 22:11

Message withdrawn

Mutt · 30/06/2008 22:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fluffybubble · 30/06/2008 22:16

M&S do plimsolls (sp?!) for £1.75 a pair, I bought one pair in current size and one pair in next size up!

Nappy - the wind comment is so true!! Ds is only 4 but has already learned to say it was his stomach not his bottom in an attempt to avoid embarrassment!!

Thank you all, am going to dig out tippex and fill in form for last time!!

OP posts:
Fluffybubble · 30/06/2008 22:19

Also..Peachy, good tip re sweatshirts, will buy two school (badged) jumpers and head to Asda for the rest!

OP posts:
Mutt · 30/06/2008 22:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BigBadMousey · 30/06/2008 22:25

Thanks Orinoco.

Orinoco · 30/06/2008 22:29

Message withdrawn

bluenosesaint · 30/06/2008 22:30

I'm with Martianbishop - one on, one off, one in the wash, so 3 of everything

Also, both my dd's have started off with size 26 - size 24 would have fit, but i prefer to get their clothes a little bit big to give plenty growing room and last a bit longer. The 26 hasn't swamped either of them (average build).

Fluffybubble · 30/06/2008 22:30

Mutt - I have a feeling that most will wear the school badge jumpers (it's a school in a relatively well-off area (I am driving 15 minutes to get there ) - I guess an emergency Asda version won't hurt as a one-off. This is why I posted really, I don't want ds to be the odd one out and look scruffy (I MUST get over this!!) but I think I am in danger of going completely over the top!

OP posts:
Mutt · 30/06/2008 22:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BigBadMousey · 30/06/2008 22:35

I'm so completely unorganised - I wish I had paid more attention to what all the others were wearing. I don't even know what she is supposed to take in with her every day equipment wise .

Heated · 30/06/2008 22:36

Feel I should be in pedants' corner but plimsoll/ plimsoles both acceptable.

Fluffybubble · 30/06/2008 22:44

Mutt - I just know that I will feel like that once the first day is over...I never expect him to look smart for anything else, so it'll come as a shock to both of us (am sure it will wear off pretty quickly !).

Heated...neither looked right !!

OP posts:
ChippyMinton · 30/06/2008 22:47

For Reception smaller boys 26", average boys 28".
1 jumper (if 100% polyester which dries overnight - if cotton sweatshirts I'd get 2 each)
1 tie
5 shirts
2 trousers
2 shorts
1 PE kit
10 pairs of identical socks - by the end of the year the sock monster will have eaten at least 5 pairs

ChippyMinton · 30/06/2008 22:49

Plimsolls with the velcro flap instead of elastic are good - easy to get on and off.

Fluffybubble · 30/06/2008 22:49

Mousey - We have a meeting at school tomorrow where (I think) we will be told what they are to take / not to take, what they should have in their lunch boxes etc, do you have a meeting where you can ask this stuff??

OP posts:
cece · 30/06/2008 23:02

Can I just add if you want school dresses for Sept then buy them now.They are very difficult to get hold of nearer to Sept! Buy big so they last for next summer too!

HappyMummyOfOne · 30/06/2008 23:44

6 Sweatshirts
6 polo shirts
6 pair trousers
1 pe shirt
1 pair pe shorts
PE pumps
1 PE bag
1 school book bag

DS started reception last year and I went with the above, theory being clean set of uniform for every day and a spare set. As well as dinner spills, he's occasionally had the odd bit of paint and felt pen marks. Has lasted the whole year bar having to by an extra few jumpers due to the pen stains.

ecoworrier · 01/07/2008 09:44

Depends how often you wash. At primary school we have usually got away with 2 sweatshirts, two pairs of trousers/skirts and up to 3 polo shirts. P.E. kit only one of everything.

At secondary school they really really start to get hormonal and sweaty so we buy 5-6 shirts so there's a clean one for everyday without doing white washes more than once or twice a week. But still only 2 pairs trousers and two sweatshirts.

What we have often done at primary school is only buy one new sweatshirt and then get a 'spare' from the school's second-hand shop.

BigBadMousey · 01/07/2008 10:19

Fluffybubble - we have a 'short group meeting for parents' with the class teacher in two weeks time so I'm hoping they will be covering it during that - if not it is going to turn into a 'long meeting' with me asking 1001 questions....hmmm that will make me popular with the other mums eh?

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