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Lateness at primary school - what can they actually DO to the parent?

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charliecat · 04/06/2008 18:25

My friends school are hounding her for being late.
They have said the EWO officer will be involved next time.
So if she pretends they are sick for the WHOLE DAY nothing happens and they miss a day at school.
But if they are 5 mins late shes hit on like a ton of bricks...anyway, what can they do about lateness?

OP posts:
posieflump · 04/06/2008 18:43

could you go and pick them up for her a few mornings a week?

Idobelieveinfairies · 04/06/2008 18:43

she needs to not text you 'shit!' and that will save her some

charliecat · 04/06/2008 18:43

If you say they were sick they cant not authorise it? Who are they to know you are telling a lie.
I have had one chat with an EWO, it was when I used to get the bus to school. I was late..about 10 mins. She stood in front of me with a clipboard and said Why are you later? I said the Bus was late, she said thats not good enough. I said the bus was late?
Thinking, maybe she didnt hear me....
She repeated thats not good enough so I laughed and walked round her. Just thought jeesus.

OP posts:
charliecat · 04/06/2008 18:44

My kids are at a diff school or I would take them.

OP posts:
savoycabbage · 04/06/2008 18:45

She needs a MASSIVE alarm clock!

I hate getting up but I hate the thought of entertaining a 4 year old all morning when she could be at pre-school more and that generally gets me moving. And I have an enormous cup of tea and get all of the clothes out the night before.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker · 04/06/2008 18:45

Even if she calls in and says they're sick, the school don't have to authorise it. They don't have to authorise any absence.

They'll be especially suspicious if siblings are always off togther.

Idobelieveinfairies · 04/06/2008 18:45

you can't help it if the bus is

wannaBe · 04/06/2008 18:45

when we had our reception meeting we had a little chat from the EWO.

She was like atilla the hun. scary, scary womanalthough very patronising. stood there saying "well if your child is off for 1 day out of 5 then that's 20% absence that week!" really? I was waiting for her to start wagging her finger at parents.

Seriously though, lateness is very annoying and there is, IMO, no excuse for it. there are two children in my ds' class who are consistently late. In fact I met one of them in the shop on my way home from dropping ds off one morning and her mum just laughed when I said "oh shouldn't you be in school?". the other one regularly comes in at 9:00 or so (school starts at 8:30. so she misses out on nearly half a day a week.

posieflump · 04/06/2008 18:49

is there a breakfast club she could use so she could get there late to that but the children would still be there on time
or could she afford for a childminder to take them?

charliecat · 04/06/2008 18:56

Couldnt afford CM, and If she could get up for the BC she would get up for school IYWIM?

OP posts:
nametaken · 04/06/2008 19:09

Can't their father take them?

charliecat · 04/06/2008 19:11

Actual father not present, step dad does often run them up the road, literally if hes not working that morning, like I said they are trying but sometimes...

OP posts:
RosaLuxembourg · 04/06/2008 19:14

Maybe she could start going to bed earlier.

nametaken · 04/06/2008 19:16

you know what - she just sounds like a lazy cow using every excuse in the book to me.

charliecat · 04/06/2008 19:28

Eh? waking up late is using every excuse in the book?

OP posts:
BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 04/06/2008 19:31

A late child is a disadvantaged child.

She wouldn't be doing it at our school, our HM, is seriously scary but with gravitas.

posieflump · 04/06/2008 19:32

waking up late is an excuse for being a lazy parent imo

posieflump · 04/06/2008 19:34

there is a woman at preschool who is always late
she saunters along the road with her dcs without a care in the world
I don't knw what she is like (as she is always late have never chatted to her) but i can't help judge her for being late
it just gives a crap impression
also what does it teach her dcs? that it is ok to be late because mum always was and no one minds? I wonder what will happen in Sept, her dd will be in my ds' class. Maybe I'll get a chance to talk to her then

SaintGeorge · 04/06/2008 19:35

Why is she always waking up late though charliecat?

harpsichordcarrier · 04/06/2008 19:37

at some of the attitudes on this thread.
the woman has been depressed fgs, that might just possibly be why she is having difficulty getting out of bed do you rekcon?
have a little flipping compassion for a woman struggling a little and trying hard and making progress rather than just calling her a lazy cow and moaning about the effect on your children
which is tiny, by the way.

cazboldy · 04/06/2008 19:37

there is a cjild like this at our school

I feel so sorry for her

and what makes me most angry is that she is always a mess - hair not brushed, breakfast round her mouth, and her Mum is pristine

posieflump · 04/06/2008 19:39

but hc according to the news half of us are depressed. Everyone has something going on. Should the ewo's be understanding then to half the class? Is it the child's fault the parent is depressed? Surely they have to do something and it sounds like this wasn't the first reminder/warning

BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 04/06/2008 19:39

My BF was clinically depressed a follow on from PND, and she was in a really bad way, but she still managed to get the children to school on time.

Idobelieveinfairies · 04/06/2008 19:41

are the children awake before her? or are they all not morning people?

do you know?

harpsichordcarrier · 04/06/2008 19:42

I am not saying anything about the involvement of the EWO, I don't have a problem with that as this woman obviously needs support. of course she should get it.
I am just opening my eyes rather wide at the attitudes on this thread to a woman who is struggling and has got depression.

charliecat you sound like a good friend. I think the EWO might be able to offer her some support. I hope so anyeay

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