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Anyone else anxiously waiting to see if DC's got their first choice of primary school.

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TheSweetLittleBunny · 25/03/2008 11:14

Or indeed - any of their choices?
I am so anxious about this. I had to stop myself ringing my first choice school to see if they could offer me a glimmer of hope -surley they must know by now. The letters don't go out to parents until 4th April. I don't know how I will be able to contain myself for that long - keep thinking about the what if's ....

OP posts:
becks5109 · 25/03/2008 16:35

yes and won't find out until May 1st - such a long wait.......

JodieG1 · 25/03/2008 16:36

April 25th here.

Eddas · 25/03/2008 20:28

me, me

although I find out on 31st March, please don't throw things at me

I keep doing the what if business. If dd doesn't get into the first choice, which I am fairly confident she will, she will go in September, whereas the first choice have 2 intakes so she'll be January(June bday) so it's really annoying me as it's preventing my planning

threetinytots · 25/03/2008 20:33

already gone to appeal as first and only choice is full

Eddas · 25/03/2008 20:36

oh no have you been told what your chances are? it's such a horrible time. Once you get the first dc in the others will all get in fine. That's the theory i'm clinging too as I won't be worried about ds' application once dd is in

Flubdub · 25/03/2008 20:38

I know somebody that was told to check the local councils website to see if her ds had got into his preferred school, and this was about 3 weeks ago. It did say he had got in.
I thought it was strange that she was told to find out this way.

threetinytots · 25/03/2008 20:44

Chances are quite good. The head said we would stand a better chance if we didn't put a second choice down. They have an unusually high reception intake this year - 9 children!!

plus our very lovely landlord is a governor - must be a little bit useful

Your theory's good! I'm sure it's right, hope it is anyway, don't want to be doing two different school runs!!

Wolfgirl · 25/03/2008 20:48

OOh, sorry ladies, we got our notifications through end Jan, or maybe.... was it begin Feb. Either way, loads sooner than you guys.

We did manage to get in, but I have to say that I have heard (through nursery mums and neighbours) that zillions got turned away this year, and they really pulled in the cachement area.

I was really anxious too, and like you TLSB, I wanted to call the school to find out. T'was quite like tortue in my mind.

Hope all works out for you

Eddas · 25/03/2008 20:48

well siblings are first on the list to get in, in our area so it will work unless they change the rules lol

If you apply online you can go back to the website on a certain day, 31st March for me, and it'll tell you where they've allocate dc the place. It's 4pm for me so guess what i'll be doing at work next monday you then get the decision in the post and that will tell you how to accept/reject/appeal etc

Twiglett · 25/03/2008 20:49

hope so as I only put down one school

Miggsie · 25/03/2008 20:54

I got the letter today (our chosen school, phew!) and they want an acceptance form in to them by 2nd April or you lose the place!
Wow, glad I'm not on holiday!!!!

JodieG1 · 26/03/2008 08:18

The rules changed here so that silbings don't get priority, it's all down to catchment area.

Dd is at the local school already and it's our catchment one so I'm praying that ds1 gets in too. Couldn't get them both to school at the same time!

Bluestocking · 26/03/2008 08:28

We got ours earlier this month - DS has his place at our first choice school so we're delighted. Hope things work out well for all of you.

Chocolateteapot · 27/03/2008 07:23

Fingers firmly crossed for you all. I was waiting anxiously with the one choice I had put down which was slightly out of catchment.

Heard he got in and we have a parents evening thing on 14th April plus the introduction sessions start on 22nd April. So DS will have had his first session before some of you even find out, which seems completely ridiculous.

sagacious · 27/03/2008 07:34

April 1st is our D day...

TheSweetLittleBunny · 28/03/2008 15:29

We find out on 4 April. I have been hearing a few horror stories about people not getting any of their choices for secondary schools - and this has not helped.

OP posts:
staranise · 30/03/2008 22:16

hate to worry people but we didn't get into ANY of the seven schools we had put down. My dc is now 19th on the waiting list for her first choice and we're going through the appeals process. we live in a very 'nappy valley' area of London but i really think we weren't being too demanding - our first choice is by no means the most popular choice locally, it's state, non- church etc. Hope that everyone else has better luck!

Lazylou · 30/03/2008 22:20

To the OP, I was in your shoes last week and ended up stalking three different local postmen to see if they had the letter.

Fortunately, we were offered first choice and are obviously thrilled. Cut off point is Tuesday or we lose the place completely.

Have also heard that many people in this area didn't get the schools they wanted. We had to put three down and some didn't get offered a place in any of them. Hope it all works out for you.

Eddas · 31/03/2008 07:50

just bumping this as I find out today about dd. Have to wait all day until I get an email after 4pm or if I don't get that i can access the website after 6

Ags · 31/03/2008 09:47

Oh, Eddas, me too! Very very nervous/excited. I am crossing everything that my ds gets our local village school and realistically, I don't think there will be a problem. But I am still a bit worried. Last year was a mad year and many did not get in including my best friend's ds who lives closer to the school. Good luck!

Eddas · 31/03/2008 09:55

hi ags > fingers crossed for you. I too am not really worried dd won't get in but i'm bursting to find out for sure

why can't they just email at 9am why the wait I think I need to relax Good job i'm working this afternoon!

serenity · 31/03/2008 09:59

We got our reply last week, and yes I was anxious as we only put one choice down - DSs are already there, and DD is at the Nursery, but there's still that little niggling fear of 'OMG we're stuffed if she gets refused', but she got in and I'm dropping the acceptance stuff in when I pick her up at 11.30. Fingers crossed that everyone else gets what they want

JingleyJen · 31/03/2008 15:17

Me me me..
how do I know what date we will find out?
I had secretly worried that everyone else had already known and they had forgotten about us!

Eddas · 31/03/2008 16:32

Dd got her first choice school , ok my first choice i'm sure she isn't worried

JingleyJen, did you apply online? you'll get an email if you did. If not check the website for your area and it will say when you find out.

Franniban · 31/03/2008 18:26

Am gutted, ds not even been offered a place at any of the 3 schools we put down, he has been offered a place, but not at a school we're that keen on. We will have to appeal. Any advise on appealing be gratefully received.

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