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How much do you pay for school dinners?

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TigerFeet · 29/11/2007 21:53

Went to see a primary school today and was shocked at the cost of the cooked dinners - £1.90 a day. Is that normal? I undertand that there is a lot more to it than the cost of the food but it does seem a lot.

Is that around about what everyone else pays?

OP posts:
MrsSlowLearner · 29/11/2007 21:54

At dd's school they charge £1.70

scorpio1 · 29/11/2007 21:55


GreatAuntieWurly · 29/11/2007 21:55

£1.75 per day

andyrobo237 · 29/11/2007 21:55

Ours are £1.50 per day - I guess it will vary depending upon where you are - we are in the NW

LyraSilvertongue · 29/11/2007 21:56

£2 a day. it's expensive but i don't mind. I'm just pleased DS is getting a cooked meal in the middle of the cold winter school day instead of sandwiches. Also it's less work for me in the mornings

oliveoil · 29/11/2007 21:57


organic, cooked on the premises

dd1 starts on them next week

mmjeozz · 29/11/2007 21:57

£1.70 a day

bluenosesaint · 29/11/2007 21:57

1.80 per day - also in the NW

TigerFeet · 29/11/2007 21:58

I was expecting around £1.50 tbh - 40p isn't a lot I know but added up over the course of a year its rather more than I was expecting!

Interesting range of prices - looks like this school is the top end of normal.

OP posts:
Twiglett · 29/11/2007 21:58

£1.55 per day in London

paolosgirl · 29/11/2007 21:58

£1.50 here. Organic? Is that a state primary?

mmjeozz · 29/11/2007 21:58

Im also NW

hippipotami · 29/11/2007 21:59

Ours are £1.70 per day.

oliveoil · 29/11/2007 21:59

yes, state primary

well, they told me it was organic, it could be grown in a lab for all I know

colditz · 29/11/2007 21:59

£1.75 here. They are ok. We are in the Midlands.

TigerFeet · 29/11/2007 21:59

We are in Sth Lincs - not one of the country's more affluent areas. Regardless of the price she will probably have a cooked meal at school for all the reasons that Lyra says

OP posts:
scorpio1 · 29/11/2007 22:00

We are in Cornwall - healthy school, cooked on site.

paolosgirl · 29/11/2007 22:01

Oooh, am oliveoil!

colditz · 29/11/2007 22:01

he he he

I was in my local green grocers once, when some Anxious First Time Parents came in, and asked "Are these cherries organic?"

He replied "If by organic you mean 'carbon-based' then yes. Otherwise, I'm afraid not."

I lurve him.

paddingtonbear1 · 29/11/2007 22:04

£2 a day for us, state primary.It's a bit more expensive than I was expecting but dd likes them and it saves me time,and her the same old boring sarnies!

TigerFeet · 29/11/2007 22:05


OP posts:
aintnomountainhighenough · 29/11/2007 22:09

Gosh ours are 2.25 a day! Perhaps I should move.....!

pooka · 29/11/2007 22:10

£1.70 for us. State primary school.

aintnomountainhighenough · 29/11/2007 22:12

and today my DD had pasta with cheese (no not cheese sauce, she couldn't hear what the sauce was so gave it a miss), a piece of garlic bread and a slice of cucumber. Swifly followed by green jelly 'some frothy stuff' and sprinkles ('just like ours Mummy'- yes the ones we use once in a blue moon for fun....). Do you think green jelly could be organic....

colditz · 29/11/2007 22:15

Ds once informed me he had had rice and ice cream

I don't think he had remembered everything.

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