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How much do you pay for school dinners?

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TigerFeet · 29/11/2007 21:53

Went to see a primary school today and was shocked at the cost of the cooked dinners - £1.90 a day. Is that normal? I undertand that there is a lot more to it than the cost of the food but it does seem a lot.

Is that around about what everyone else pays?

OP posts:
cat64 · 01/12/2007 16:59

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Message withdrawn

NAB3littlemonkeys · 01/12/2007 17:00

£1.85 a day.

Mum2Luke · 01/12/2007 17:29

£1.60 per day, ds seems to eat them (I have spies who work at school!) even if he can't remember what he had that day!

The school meals are cooked at another school and bought in as the school is too small to have its own built and has not enough room to build.

£8 per week is not too bad, its enough as I have two others at 6th form and high school to buy school dinners for. I give them £2 per day and its still not enough! They are not allowed out for lunch at local chippy (thank goodness) so have to queue for ages. If on 2nd dinners there is often not enough left, especially if at end of queue.

geek3 · 01/12/2007 17:43

Ours are £2.00 a day which works out at about £80 a month for me as I have 2 children in primary school. We are in Dorset.

jenpet · 01/12/2007 19:16

Primary school in France 2,80 euros a day - 3 courses but no choice at all!

cadelaide · 01/12/2007 21:00

£1.80, lovely meals, local produce and seasonal menus.

ChasingSquirrels · 01/12/2007 21:02

£1.85 (cambridgeshire), although ds doesn't have them.

drummerboy · 01/12/2007 22:15

my girls school do not do school dinner :-(

so they get pack up's instead

prettybird · 01/12/2007 23:12

Like Aimsmum, I don't currently have to pay for ds' lunches, as Glasgow is trialling free lunches for all P1 to P3s (Receopetion to year 2)

We were paying £1.15 -whci is what P4s and above stll pay. It seems quite healthty, althugh at our school there is a limited amount they can produce on site due to sapce constraints.

All kids also have the option of free breakfasts!

laineylou · 02/12/2007 10:47

All you lucky parents - no cooked meals in Sussex - council decided kitchens were too expensive some years back & ripped them all out. My lot went from home cooked nursery food (yummy) to Mummy made packed lunches (dull) - and then the schools castigate us for too much unhealthy stuff - well duh. Nw the infants school is trialling 'steam cooked food' - a bit like airline dinners (gulp) - but they have to re equip the kitchen first....

JulesJules · 03/12/2007 11:53

£1.60 here in the NE, which I think is good value - all healthy, freshly cooked at the school every day. They get free fruit at break time as well. It still feels painful writing out a cheque for £60 or so every half term, but I know I'd be hopeless at having to do a packed lunch every day. DD can never remember what she had for lunch, but she comes home with lunchtime star stickers on her cardi which I'm guessing means she eats them... Either that, or she dances on the table...

PurpleFrog · 03/12/2007 12:35

We pay £1.50 per day, and have a 4-week rotation. At present dd eats school lunches on Tuesday and Fridays and takes packed lunches on the other days.

fourboys · 03/12/2007 12:47

Ours are £2.40 Hence they are now having packed lunch.....

PestohohohoMonster · 03/12/2007 12:49

£1.75 a head, which doesn't include a drink. Mine drink water.

Spockster · 03/12/2007 15:11

None in Bucks, either; so I have to remember to have enough food in the 'fridge for sarnies, every day. Bit of a challenge. And apparently left-over curry isn't a good idea for a 4 year old's packed lunch...

hellywobs · 03/12/2007 18:53

In Hampshire it is £1.80 a day.

taffy101 · 03/12/2007 20:31

£1.80 in Cheshire. DD had them a few times but when i ask her what she had she usually says mash potato, sweetcorn and a biscuit, so i think i'm better off sending her a packed lunch for a fraction of the price [scrooge emoticon]

CountessDracula · 03/12/2007 20:32

£2.10 a day I think

fairydust · 03/12/2007 20:33

£1.70 a day including a drink

tissy · 03/12/2007 20:38

same as Aimsmum and prettybird, Nothing!

However, this is just a trial, and we'll be back to paying after Christmas, except that dd will be back to packed lunches, as about the only thing on the menu she will eat is Macaroni cheese!

prettybird · 04/12/2007 09:44

Our trial goes on until March .

Peachy · 04/12/2007 09:47

£1.70 at year 3 plus

£1.60 Infant years

Plus 45p day fro a glass of water / squash (which i ahven't paid in terms, think its completely extortionate, dont want them having squash anyway and they get to choose- would much rather be allowed to provide own carton of juice or bottle of water)

Peachy · 04/12/2007 09:51

Oh sorry- not organic, S-Wales, covers a lot of crap like chips twice a week, burgers, all sorts of thing Jamie Oliver would hate

They have them occasionally, such as this morning when DH was late back from work, but ds3 starts school in January and isn't allowed as the canteen staff cant cope with hsi SN so wont commit regularly.

GooseyLoosey · 04/12/2007 10:00

£1.50. Ds only has them on fridays so takes his money with him. Last week he took £2 as we had no change and the teacher would not give him 50p - she said that she didn't want to give him the money (he's 4). Hoping they will give him lunch this week for £1 but I suspect the 50p will just have been forgotten. Sorry, off point ramble.

thehollyandtheivy · 04/12/2007 10:21

Tigerfeet, how much would you consider acceptable? I think under £2 for a hot meal for children is a bargain. How much do you pay for lunch?

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