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what induction arrangements does your shocol have ofr reception kids ?

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FluffyMummy123 · 06/06/2007 16:14

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
charmkin · 06/06/2007 16:16

although didn't always do home visits, they come to us for half hour with parents
was class r teacher for 5 years.
is nice to know what kids are like - some are more ready than others

FluffyMummy123 · 06/06/2007 16:16

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
alex8 · 06/06/2007 16:17

every school, even within the same borough/county really really varies.

my school has no home visits for nursery or reception. I think those at the school nursery visit for one afternoon this term (not sure if those from elsewhere do it too). They also have a parents meeting. Then in autumn they have one week mornings only then one week ams plus lunch then they all start (whenever they were born)

Furball · 06/06/2007 16:18

I don't think anything is 'normal' when ds started reception they did it 5 kids starting a week starting with the eldest, so ds being an August boy started end of October We then moved half way through the year and at the new school, from this last half term the new reception children start going one afternoon with the current reception class until they break up in July. So really one extreme to the other.

tissy · 06/06/2007 16:18

visit to nursery, two afternoons at school, parents evening

then in at the deep end. No home visits at all

my dd survived.

alex8 · 06/06/2007 16:18

when i was teaching they all started full time from day one. well 6 the first day then 12 then 18 then 24 then 30. I had no nursery nurse, it was hell.

charmkin · 06/06/2007 16:19

yup did that
nursery teachers tell you all the goss!
although most of ours now come from nursery attached to school

FluffyMummy123 · 06/06/2007 16:19

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Mercy · 06/06/2007 16:20

At dd's school they are phased in from a week or 2 after the start of term up until half-term.

It's a 3 week process irrc (and varies as to whether the child went to Nursery school next door)

Week 1; mornings only
Week 2; stay for lunch then go home
Week 3; stay all day

No home visits

FluffyMummy123 · 06/06/2007 16:20

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
bundle · 06/06/2007 16:21

it's a nightmare for working parents. i say get them in and keep them for a whole day.

twinsetandpearls · 06/06/2007 16:22

They did visits and the teachers came into school and then for the last half term dd did ine afternoon a week in reception class and the parents did a siumulataneous class about how we could get our kids ready for school.

There were also a few meetings after school.

Mercy · 06/06/2007 16:22

Yes, I think the younger ones here only start at half-term and with a 3 week intro it's practically Christmas anyway.

Flame · 06/06/2007 16:23


4 (3 compulsory) 1hr long school visits - 3 with parents, the 4th is a meeting whilst the kids are left.

Mornings/afternoons only until Oct half term.

No home visits

NuttyMuffins · 06/06/2007 16:23

Ours used to do staggered starts but full days right from the start.

Now though they do staggered start and half days, which I am not keen on tbh. Ds is used to full days at nursery so he won't be impressed when i have to pick him up early or take him late.

NuttyMuffins · 06/06/2007 16:23

Oh they do an afternoon induction too.

charmkin · 06/06/2007 16:24

this gets me every year


kids who have just turned 4 are not the same as kids who are already 5. it is a lot for them to take and there are normally only 1 or 2 adults for 30 kids

they will have 14 odd years of education, let them play and stay with their mums ( or dads)

Chugnuts · 06/06/2007 16:24

The info pack arrived yesterday so:

  • meeting for parents

  • 2 afternoons at school before the summer holidays

  • individual meetings with Head next month

  • a home visit in September (1st time this has been done)

  • visit to pre-schools by teachers

  • Sept-Feb birthdays do half-days until the 3rd week (I think?) and March-August birthdays do half-days until the 4th week.
ELR · 06/06/2007 16:24

dd is already at attached nusery think the start taking them over to reception for little vists in july, we also have parents meeting and then depending on age they do two weeks morning or afternoon only then start full time, dd is in the older lot so is doing afternoons first

alex8 · 06/06/2007 16:25

a friends school do this nightmare thing when they do monrings one week then the next week a full day but go home for lunch (based on the fact that most kids hate the noise of the dinner hall at first ) but what a pain as a parent. and also if they are not keen to go having a battle twice a day!

Mercy · 06/06/2007 16:28

Bundle, I can see it would be very difficult for working parents at our school. I ended doing unofficial child-minding as few parents had already given notice to their regular carers in the understandable assumption that their children would start at the beginning of term.

FluffyMummy123 · 06/06/2007 16:29

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Anchovy · 06/06/2007 16:30

Blimey, this all sounds very "touchy feely"!

We (private school, SW London) get an afternoon's induction in the summer term, then everyone starting all at the same time (18 in class) doing at least 5 mornings and 3 afternoons with effect from beginning of September, with a view to doing five afternoons by January. No home visits, staggered intake etc

HOWEVER, more than half of the children come up through the nursery class, and so were already doing 5 mornings and 3 afternoons anyway.

Interestingly although it sounds a bit brutal looking at other people's experiences I'm not aware that anyone found it really hard doing it this way. It is quite a small, relatively relaxed school, with a single intake per year.

Ladymuck · 06/06/2007 16:32

There was an assessment at his nursery last October I think. He had an hour at school this afternoon with teacher, TA and all of new class, whilst parents listended to rules, had coffee and looked at school uniform. First 2 days he goes in for 1.5 hours (just him, 4 others, teacher and TA), Day 3 he goes for 2.5 hours, and thereafter he is full time. But Reception staff are lovely - all v. maternal, and everything is set up so boys can have a snooze on beanbags whilst stories are read in the afternoon.

Reception boys can't use afterschool club until at least halfterm, and preferably not until 2nd term as they're just too tired, and being with the older ones is not helpful.

haarpsichordcarrier · 06/06/2007 16:32

don't know yet, haven't received my pack [deferred till January] but I know they do mornings only till Easter then full time after that.
BUT I did invite the reception teacher to visit the preschool (not attached to the school but literally 50 yards across the road) and she said she couldn't come, far too busy

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