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<panic> i just phoned the school to enrol dd1 and they said "we only have 2 spaces left in P1"

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nailpolish · 19/04/2007 16:00

jesus thats one of the reasons i bought a house in that area

i thought catchment areas were obliged to take all children in that catchment area

what if i dont get the enrolment form in in time

OP posts:
scotlou · 19/04/2007 16:08

tbh, April seems quite late for enrolment - is it for start this August? OUr enrolment date was mid Feb! I THINK that they only have to accept children in the catchment up to teh capacity of the school. OUr school is reaching full capacity and we have been told taht when capacity is exceeded, new kids will have to attend another school that has free spaces.

nailpolish · 19/04/2007 16:10

we are mving house next month scotlou - we have only just bought the house so i need to enrol pronto

OP posts:
LilyLoo · 19/04/2007 16:10

When it comes to numbers schools cannot exceed their limit regardless of catchment area. Why have you left it so late ?

nailpolish · 19/04/2007 16:10

i will be devastated if she doesnt get in

its too far for me to hand the form in in person i have to do it by post

OP posts:
nailpolish · 19/04/2007 16:11

ive left it late cos i have only just bought the house

OP posts:
WendyWeber · 19/04/2007 16:11

A friend of ours whose DD already attends a very popular local school failed to get her DS in because she didn't return the forms in time - he had to go to another one - so even though she lives in catchment and has another child there already she had no priority

Can you enrol online, naily? You can here now.

nailpolish · 19/04/2007 16:12

they are posting me a form so i can send it back

i just hope they are prompt sending it

OP posts:
LilyLoo · 19/04/2007 16:12

Sorry x post np. Just have to hope it gets there then is there not a next day delivery type thing ?

nailpolish · 19/04/2007 16:13

oh fuck im really panicking
i can see the friggin school from the house - if she doesnt get in i will seeth every time i look out the window

OP posts:
Tinker · 19/04/2007 16:14

But 2 spaces left mean not full doesn't it?

WendyWeber · 19/04/2007 16:14

Could you possibly get yourself there (this is to LEA HQ presumably?) and fill the forms in on the spot?

However far it is it would be worth it!

Gobbledigook · 19/04/2007 16:15

nailey can't you do it online?

Is this for this year? It's late

2cheekymonkeys · 19/04/2007 16:15

Could you fax them the forms?

nailpolish · 19/04/2007 16:15

yes thanks tinker! i am panicking over nothing surely

everyone else who wants to go to the school will have ahnded their forms in????????

OP posts:
nailpolish · 19/04/2007 16:15

GDG you know why its late!

i might fax it. good idea

OP posts:
Tinker · 19/04/2007 16:16

My eldest was about 14th on the list for her school - still got in. Too soon to panic yet

nailpolish · 19/04/2007 16:17

ok when it arrives i shall fax it back

OP posts:
Gobbledigook · 19/04/2007 16:19

I know, I didn't mean you are late, it seems late to still be dealing with allocating places.

Ours have all been done for Sept.

scotlou · 19/04/2007 16:19

I would think that if there are 2 places left at moment that you will be OK since most others will already have registered.
Fingers crossed!

nailpolish · 19/04/2007 16:21

i dont know what you mean GDG

i phoned them and told them i was moving there, they said "we have space left for 2"

im just worried other people might be moving there too with a P1 aged child - there were a few other houses for sale in the sam estreet even

OP posts:
Gobbledigook · 19/04/2007 16:26

Well here, applications had to be in by Feb and letters went out to allocate places in March. So, really it's done now.

So if you start in August, it just seems late. Or, have they done all that but have 2 left?

compo · 19/04/2007 16:29

can't you get dh, good friend, passing stranger to drive over and pick it up?

bozza · 19/04/2007 16:29

I think it sounds like they have done all that and have two places left, which is good news really, but I would still get on with sorting it out to put your mind at rest.

nailpolish · 19/04/2007 16:45

bozza and GDG - yes

you 2 are being sensible

compo its 85 miles away

dh may be in the locality the rest of the week tho..

OP posts:
nailpolish · 19/04/2007 16:46

i just keep thinking 2 other children are going to be P1 age too and they are going to move in the area too and snap up the places

OP posts:
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