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Any1 got a wee 1 starting P1 on Monday?

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Peridot30 · 18/08/2006 15:33

My ds is starting P1 on monday and is really excited he's is counting the days unfortunately im getting more nervous as it gets closer. any1 else feeling like this? i dont want to end up crying and upsetting him. and advise?

OP posts:
mummy115 · 18/08/2006 19:11

i would count your blessings hes looking forward to it and try and be can cry when they are dreading it coz mine hated preschool all year so im filled with dread taking him to school.its so hard to walk away when their face crumples with tears..

ssd · 20/08/2006 19:45

peridot30, I came on here to write exactly your post! my youngest child(ds) starts P1 tomorrow and I'm really nervous, don't think I'll sleep a wink!

hopefully more experienced mums will come on here with advice for us!

at least we're not alone!

scotchick · 20/08/2006 19:46

Mine starts on Wed, I have another post here about how scared I am. I think it's simply called Help!

scotchick · 20/08/2006 19:47

It's so much worse when it's your last isn't it? Mine's only in til lunch time for 4 weeks then full time. Have another child in P4

ssd · 20/08/2006 20:16

your lucky. mines in the full day from day 1, a Monday at that. I'll be taking him home at lunchtime then have to get him back in. they will all be knackered by Friday

my oldest boy is P4 too.

ssd · 20/08/2006 20:18

and if he's anything like ds1 he'll have homework ON THE FIRST DAY!!!

scotchick · 20/08/2006 20:21

My boys' school hardly hands out any homework. Whereabouts are you? Glasgow or somewhere else in the west?

Wallace · 20/08/2006 20:27

Dd started last Tuesday. She is enjoying it, but does find it very tiring. And she did get homework on the first day - just a "reading" book with no words.

bobsmum · 20/08/2006 20:31

I'll be posting here this time next year!! Ds starts preschool next week for 5 mornings - that's hard enough let alone imagining him in a school uniform!

Good luck wee 'uns - have a lovely first day at school

KristinaM · 20/08/2006 20:36

Good luck to all the new P1s .And mums remember to hold back your tears until you are OUT the school gates

LieselVonTrapp · 20/08/2006 21:20

Yes and Im numb - dont know how to feel or if I should feel anything - is this normal - am I devoid of feelings? Am I a cold heartless bitch?
Anyway good luck to all P1 mummies and children.

KristinaM · 21/08/2006 07:39

no liesel.of course you are not heartless everyone handles it in different ways.probably you are just very anxious that your child will be happy / make friends/ like their teacher/ find the loos etc etc so you are "on hold" waiting to see how it goes.

is thsi your first child starting school today?

I have one starting P3 today but she loves school and is really looking forward to it so i am reasonable chilled . Dont knwo how I'll be with the next two though.......

ssd · 21/08/2006 10:16

kristina, I feel exactly like you say "on hold".

my youngest child started school today and I'm sitting here feeling a bit numb and "on hold".

BTW I'm in east Renfrewshire.

dinny · 21/08/2006 10:17

how come your children start school in August? don't understand....

scotchick · 21/08/2006 10:24

Scotland finish earlier and go back earlier. Mine starts P4 tomorrow and the littlest one starts P1 on Wednesday and I am terrified.

Wallace · 21/08/2006 13:19

How did everybody get on?

ssd · 21/08/2006 14:02

so far so good {said tentively}......

LieselVonTrapp · 21/08/2006 15:48

Well Im not as heartless as I thought - was emotional all morning till I got her back.
Thanks Kristina - I never thought I would feel like that. She was fine anyway.
How did everybody else get on?

scotchick · 21/08/2006 16:28

ssd - I spoke to my friend from East Ren this morning to find out how her ds2 had got on with his first day of school.

Wasn't you was it?!

KristinaM · 21/08/2006 19:20

oh ssd yours are in all day from the start aren't they ? is she exhausted ?

seb1 · 21/08/2006 20:25

ssd, how did today go, my friend's little one (also East Ren) started today apparently he was shattered after being in all day

nicnack2 · 21/08/2006 20:28

my godson started P1 last week. he was fine though he asked his daddy how long he would have to go to school.

ssd · 22/08/2006 12:04

scotchick I'm in Barrhead is it me?!?

He is okay so far at school, but I'm waiting for meltdown, if it doesn't come I'll be so relieved!

seb1 · 22/08/2006 12:12

SSD, we went swimming in Barrhead yesterday it was so quiet with all the schools back.

ssd · 22/08/2006 14:11

I love the baths in Barrhead!

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