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Any1 got a wee 1 starting P1 on Monday?

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Peridot30 · 18/08/2006 15:33

My ds is starting P1 on monday and is really excited he's is counting the days unfortunately im getting more nervous as it gets closer. any1 else feeling like this? i dont want to end up crying and upsetting him. and advise?

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scotchick · 22/08/2006 14:31

Hi, no my friend isn't Barrhead, so it wasn't you!

Please all be thinking of me tomorrow morning, as my ds2 starts school. It will not go well, I think I can safely say. As long as I don't cry myself (not sadness to see him go, just seeing him upset) as I would never live it down.

Peridot30 · 22/08/2006 20:00

hi my wee ds started on monday and loved it,. couldnt wait to go back today. i wonder how long that will last!!! only in half day till sept wkend. glad everyone elses kids got on well

OP posts:
rustybear · 23/08/2006 18:19

I've seen a few refs to "the September weekend" in Scottish schools - is that half term or something?

KristinaM · 23/08/2006 19:43

its a friday / monday holiday. instead of the August bank holiday in England

TwoIfBySea · 24/08/2006 21:20

My dts should have started on Tuesday there but they are doing a "phased" start this year. Meaning as our surname begins with S we are the third and final phase and they don't go until this Tuesday.

I thought I was the only one feeling stupidly nervous! I've even had dreams where I forget to take them. Dts are completely nonplussed about it, they are just looking forward to seeing their friends again.

TwoIfBySea · 24/08/2006 21:22

And because of the phased thing they start full time the week after they start! Long day for little guys!

We have to go to lunch with them next week at some point so we can be shown how the tray system works. School dinners at our age!

harrisey · 25/08/2006 13:36

My dd1 went into P2 in a new school on Monday, and its going OK. It has beeen a bit of a shock to the system for her as she went from a class of just 8 girls (p1-7) to a class of 28 with boys in. But she has got on great, and it is a much shorter school day than it was at her old school, which is nice, she is home on the bus by 3.20.
Next year it will be ds starting. He could have been in P1 now with his Feb birthday but we have given him an extra year in nursery which I think is a good idea for him.
Glad to hear it all went well for your little people - hope it continues!

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