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Does any1 know where I can find a 26A or AA bra?

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Emmamamama · 03/10/2020 20:43

I need shopping help! Fear not. Im not after anyone's credit cards, just some advice. / ight brain picking. My DD is having issues with her developing chest (nips) being extremely sensitive. She says the bra-lets she's been using this past year or so aren't helping, she says they move and rub against her. So there are some bras out there with thick super soft material cups that I think might help, as they would 'stay put' but I cant find band size 26 anywhere - even with formatted searches and slogging through over ten pages of google results. (Found the occasional 28s, but most starting at 32 - but I dont think I'd make a decent job of shortening a band, we would be talking total frankenbra tbh.)
So, does anyone out there know where I might find any 26" bras?? Thank u and fingers crossed. :-)

OP posts:
RedCatBlueCat · 03/10/2020 20:50

Might age related bras work?

New Look

eatthepineapple · 03/10/2020 20:53

Bravissimo do 28 back sizes for sure but not sure about what cup sizes they do as I have bought 28 but a different cup size to that. Worth looking there though and they do good service (though not sure what it would be like at the mo).

Unfortunately with a size like that you can't usually buy at places like M&S or John Lewis but proper bra places would be the best bet!

eatthepineapple · 03/10/2020 20:54

Sorry just read you're looking for 26 but still worth trying. Also there used to be a website called brastop that did lots of different sizes but no idea if it's still going!

Seeline · 03/10/2020 20:54

These have 28AA. I always find m&s come up a bit small so might be worth a try? My DD loved these.

OwlBasket · 03/10/2020 21:11

Yes, my dd was also a great fan of the m&s first bras linked above. We found the band came up smallish too although it was a couple of years ago now. They are well worth a try for the price they are.

eatthepineapple · 04/10/2020 00:53

Oops I stand corrected on M&S!

OwlBasket · 04/10/2020 10:04

Only for pre-bras, pineapple. they have nothing for any actual cup size and a small back.

Imapotato · 04/10/2020 13:21

Maybe a sports bra might be better? Primark have nice soft ones for a very reasonable price.

Imapotato · 04/10/2020 13:22

Also Matalans first bras are practically identical to M&S ones and half the price.

movingonup20 · 04/10/2020 13:24

M&S do small sizes in the children's dept and also angel teen range. The soft spongy ones are very comfortable

Emmamamama · 04/10/2020 23:50

You're all fantastic,.thank you very much! 😘

OP posts:
tywysoges · 04/10/2020 23:58

I’ve not tried them but was browsing with DD and saw 28AA on John Lewis website earlier today.

tywysoges · 04/10/2020 23:59

It’s in the children’s section, under vests, crop tops and bras.

tywysoges · 05/10/2020 00:12

Quick google suggests La Redoute have a few 26”, @Emmamamama - bit pricey, mind. Hope link works.

greenlynx · 05/10/2020 00:17

My DD has small size, we’ve started from cotton bras from Debenhams:
Debenhams - 2 Pack Baby Pink and White Cotton Blend Non-Wired Non-Padded Triangle Bras
They are quite small.

Emmamamama · 05/10/2020 21:29

I knew the Mumsnet loons...ahem... I mean geniuses wouldnt let me down! X

OP posts:
ScissorsBike · 05/10/2020 21:31

Google it?

Emmamamama · 06/10/2020 08:42

I knew the Mumsnet loons...ahem... I mean geniuses wouldnt let me down! Thank you. X

OP posts:
Emmamamama · 06/10/2020 08:44

Yeah, it was cos that didnt work that I brought this to Mumsnet. Thanks for wanting to help all the same tho. :-)

OP posts:
Emmamamama · 06/10/2020 08:47

Cos they start at 28 I'd thought they were no use, but chat says they come up a bit small, so might be worth a go.

OP posts:
Lexilooo · 06/10/2020 08:51

If you can't find anything small enough in the back you can buy a gadget that makes the back smaller. Kind of like a bra extender in reverse.

namechanger0989 · 06/10/2020 08:53

Matalan sizes are very small from the teenage section. I wear a 28 in grown up sizes but had to get daughter a 30 from matalan as the 28 was way too tight.

Lexilooo · 06/10/2020 08:54
margotsdevil · 06/10/2020 09:20

Also have a look at Boob or Bust on Facebook - lots of very knowledgeable ladies there, particularly when it comes to less common sizes!

Montmartre · 06/10/2020 09:25

The John Lewis sports bras are in ages- the dimensions will be on the size guide. I think it's probably age 11 or 12 she'd need. They're v comfy.

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