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Changing relationship with DS 11

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Layladylay234 · 13/08/2020 21:28

Long story short - we've always been very close as we were a single parent family for many years before I met DP. Me and my son did lots of things together,went places etc. I had a baby in May and whilst he adores her,the fact that most of my time is now spent feeding/getting her to sleep and he's now 11 means our relationship has changed.

I know he's not my little boy anymore and he's growing up and I want our relationship to reflect this. I know it's important for him to spent time cultivating his relationships with his friends but I also want to have a relationship with him.

How have others coped with their changing relationship with their children as they got older?

OP posts:
Felic23 · 14/08/2020 10:10

I dont have any suggestions just to say I will following this post as its similar with my Son. I am a single parent and we've always been close but I can see him detaching from me and is only interested in friends, I know this is perfectly normal and what they should naturally be doing but I cant help taking it personally and feeling a bit hurt by it!

HugeAckmansWife · 21/08/2020 08:05

Likewise. Not completely, but after school he wants to play games online with the friends he's been with all day, which is fine, but it's as much as I can do to get him to sit at the table for 10 mins to eat with me and sibling. If I ask him to join us with a board game or similar he'll very politely decline. He does still likw me to read to him at night and we play outside games but I think it is just a natural change

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