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Shoe size

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sparkla · 20/08/2019 20:53

Can I ask what size shoe your pre teen is? My dd is 9y3m and very tall - 145cm/ 98th centile. She's a 2-2.5 shoe which I think is closer to average. When do kids reach their final shoe size anyway? I'm very average myself fwiw 5'5" and shoe 5.

OP posts:
DumbleDork · 20/08/2019 22:57

My 11 year old son is 5’3 and size 6.

At 9 he was about 4’6 and about a size 1 ish.

He’s shot up the last few years, literally looks like someone’s stretched him on a rack Grin

MollysMummy2010 · 20/08/2019 23:04

9.5 y/o did is a 3 but also quite tall (almost my height but I am only 5.2)

sparkla · 21/08/2019 14:55

@MollysMummy2010 yes my dd is already 4'9 but her dad and I aren't tall!

OP posts:
MollysMummy2010 · 21/08/2019 15:09

@sparkla - her dad is 6ft5 so I am a bit worried!!

JiltedJohnsJulie · 22/08/2019 23:01

My DN is on the 98th centile. I think she has reached her adult shoe size at 13 (years, not shoe size!) Smile

YouCantBeSirius · 22/08/2019 23:07

My 11 daughter is 158cm and has just started wearing size 6 shoes. My feet didn't stop growing until I was 17 Confused I wear a size 9

justanotherworkingmum · 22/08/2019 23:41

DD not massively tall (5 foot 6/7 now at 14) but has had size 7.5 feet since year 6, when she was about 5 foot 3. Great actually as you know she's not going to grow out of shoes!

sparkla · 23/08/2019 08:16

So is my dd really disproportionate?! Are her feet small for someone of her height?

OP posts:
LifeOfBox · 23/08/2019 08:23

Not sure but DD is only just 13, 5’9” and a size 8.5 shoe, 9 in Nike trainers. Definitely still growing incl shoe size.

IndieTara · 23/08/2019 08:24

My DD is age 10 she is just shy of 1.6m tall and has size 6 feet.
Child appropriate footwear is a problem

sparkla · 23/08/2019 09:21

Yes that must be tricky @IndieTara but aren't Clark's good at the larger school shoe sizes?

OP posts:
sparkla · 23/08/2019 09:23

Kids definitely seem to be taller and develop earlier these days!

OP posts:
IndieTara · 23/08/2019 10:33

@sparkla Clark's aren't that good no
In theory they d make them in larger sizes but they're rarely in stock.
They order them in for us but then they don't fit despite being measured at Clark's !
So then they say to try a different fit or a half size down and invariably they aren't in stock again.
We also try the Women's section which is better for stock levels but also adds on an extra £12 or so for pretty much the same shoe!

YouCantBeSirius · 24/08/2019 01:12

sparkla my 10 year old step daughter is just slightly taller than your DD but is still in size 2 shoes. I don't think her feet look disproportionately small.

Rugbymumof2 · 24/08/2019 19:03

DD is 9.6yrs and today measured a size 3 for school shoes, she's about 4ft 7.5 (141cm) she either has quite slow growing feet as was a 2.5 since Sept last year or I've forgotten a big growth spurt just before that

Pipandmum · 24/08/2019 19:07

My daughter is 14 but hasn’t grown much since she was 12. She seems to have stopped at 5’6” shoe size 6.5. I’m 5’10” shoe size 9 (8 before kids).
I understand they don’t grow much a year or two after starting menstruating.

SallyOMalley · 24/08/2019 19:09

My 7.5yo DD has size 2 feet 😳

killerkoala · 24/08/2019 19:36

I'm 27 5ft3 and a size 2 😭😭

yetanothernewusername1 · 24/08/2019 19:44

Wait for 10 year old niece is 5ft 3 with size 8 feet!!!
My 11 year old boy in size 7, 8 year old girl in a 3

namechangedforthis1980 · 24/08/2019 19:47

My 10 yr old DS is 5ft 3 and has size 7.5 feet. He is particularly big for his age though. His older brother has size 12 feet so I think DS2 is on his way to have huge feet too!

Choufleur · 24/08/2019 19:48

Dunno but hope it’s soon. Ds is (13) and a size 12.

Ithinkmycatisevil · 27/08/2019 19:11

Dd1s grey stopped growing at 11, she’s now 14 and a size 5.5, she has grown a few inches in height since then and is 5ft5 or so. Dd2 is 11 and a size 5. I don’t think her feet will grow much more, she’s about 5ft 1.

PhantomErik · 27/08/2019 19:17

My dd is 10.5 yrs & wears size 1 trainers & 13.5 dance shoes. She's about 135cm tall.

BehindATractor · 27/08/2019 19:18

Dd is 11 and a size 2.5/3. She is on the small side, though - about 143cm.

Blueandredandblue · 27/08/2019 19:21

My 9 yr old dad is 5ft 2 and size 4 feet. I'm 5 ft 5 with size 5 feet, she's very excited at the prospect of wearing my shoes

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