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Does your preteen dd wear sandals?

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Dancergirl · 07/07/2017 13:52

Because mine refuses to!

She is 10. Last summer she mostly wore converse hi-tops, this year it's Adidas superstars which are pretty much her only out of school shoes.

We're going to Europe on holiday in August, it's going to be hot. When I broached the subject of sandals with her, she said 'no way' (and that's for ANY sandals).

Her feet are going to be very hot in trainers. Are sandals seen as really uncool now??

OP posts:
Kenworthington · 14/07/2017 09:58

Mike wear trainers all the time but on holiday wear adidas sliders. They're really comfy .
To all the haters- I have multicoloured furry sliders- they are all kinds of awesome!

imip · 14/07/2017 13:28

Fucking haunting me - they are now designer!


imip · 14/07/2017 13:29

Sorry kenworthington

AlisonHendrix · 20/07/2017 06:20

Mine won't wear them, nor will she take pictures on holiday!!! (Or is she does she pulls some ridiculous face). Our DD's will grow out of it, I guess sandals just aren't fashionable anymore!!!Confused

tearsinmyeyes · 21/07/2017 21:51

dancer my dd lived in her superstars last year including when we went abroad to hot France . She insisted and was ok. This year she's wearing huaraches to Antalya which is hotter Shock might have a browse at the adidas sliders mentioned above to try and persuade her ..

letsgomaths · 22/07/2017 10:52

I remember being one of a group of teenagers going on a summer holiday in 1995. It wasn't a beach trip, but it was in the south of France. There were only two sandal wearers in the group of twelve. Most of us were in trainers, without socks. Not one of us wore flip flops!

ShelaghTurner · 22/07/2017 10:59

My 9yo is currently in these. She also wears flip flops and sometimes trainers although she’s not a huge fan of trainers. She’s declared herself a rock chick HmmGrin

Does your preteen dd wear sandals?
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