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Help! DD 12yrs is nagging me to shave her legs, is it too young, what razors?

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shadypines · 25/05/2014 18:51

Hi, at what age did you let your DD start to shave legs/under arms etc? I have to say she is not that hairy but she has got a real bee in her bonnet about it.

I am reluctant for her to use any of the creams as she has eczema so are there any good 'safer' razors for younger girls? Thanks.

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shadypines · 25/05/2014 18:51

She wants to shave them herself, my title suggests she wants me to do it, misleading.

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MrsDmitriTippensKrushnic · 25/05/2014 18:56

I'd just use a good quality razor with a moisturising strip tbh. I don't think 12 is too young if she feels self-conscious about it. FWIW I shave my 10yo DD's underarms for her - she's too nervous to do it herself, but dislikes having hair there. She doesn't care about her leg hair so that stays put. You have to follow their lead with these things I think.

Have you thought of using waxing strips?

Wrcgirl · 25/05/2014 18:57

I had to beg my parents to let me shave when a teen, was so embarrassed and paranoid about it, I knew I was hairy :( eventually they let me. I do have black hairs on my legs tho. Tmi!

I had an electric shaver, I don't remember having any problems with it.

fuzzpig · 25/05/2014 19:03

I don't think it's too young if she is desperate to do it. I have read many posts on various threads where women really resent their mums for not letting them do it even when they were uncomfortable/embarrassed/teased etc. I am one of them. I once had to wear bandages under my trousers because I'd tried doing it myself and messed up - much better that you teach her how to do it safely.

I really like the Gillette Venus razors with replaceable heads, they are much better IME than the disposable basic type as they are flexible and glide smoothly. Get a set with some nice gel (again I use the Venus brand) as this makes it really easy.

drinkingtea · 25/05/2014 19:03

An electric one is good for a young girl. As she is pestering to be allowed its too late to bother trying to stop her because she's just a child... its sad 12 year olds are already self concious in this way, but its a fact now, so better to let her shave and feel comfortable with herself. I was dimilarly self concious but the thought of talking to my mum was so agonising that I used to sneak and borrow her shaver in secret, then later buy cheap disposables and cut my legs numerous times using them without gel/ foam because I was clueless - at least your DD is talking to you!

shadypines · 25/05/2014 19:13

Many thanks for your answers , that helps!

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AmeliaToppingLovesShopping · 25/05/2014 19:13

My DD1 also 12 uses hair removal cream. She had very hairy legs and started last year, when she was 11, because she went to a wedding where she wore a dress and no tights. She does it herself now with no input from me.

Journeytolight · 26/05/2014 20:24

IMO, you should let her. Like fuzzpig, i suggest Gillette Venus. My first dd (11) has started shaving her legs and DD2 (10) doesnt but a few of her friends apparently do. Sadly, girls so young are becoming self-concious! Oh well, our babies are growing up Sad

Picturesinthefirelight · 26/05/2014 20:27

My dd age 12 has been using hair removal cream for 12 months now. She dances & until recently had to wear ballet socks & bare legs rather than tights & she was very self conscious.

She has excema & hasn't reacted to it so far.

17leftfeet · 26/05/2014 20:32

My dd has eczema on her legs and uses an electric razor

ThaneOfScunthorpe · 26/05/2014 20:47

I had really hairy legs and was dreadfully self conscious about it. My mum refused to let me shave, it was a huge source of conflict.

Eventually she conceded - but said I had to use her Epilady! The pain!

Dancergirl · 27/05/2014 22:52

Shaving is a terrible method of hair removal, I would avoid it if possible.

Would she be happy having them waxed? It lasts for ages. I've been trying to persuade dd to have her legs waxed, she is also self conscious about the hair but she's not keen on pain! She uses a hair removing cream which is a half way house between waxing and shaving. Bit messy but it works.

But definitely let her remove leg hair if she wants to.

mumOFsix6 · 29/05/2014 16:54

When my dd was 12 (she's now 15) she used some of that veet hair removal cream, it's a bit smelly but there is no risk of hurting themselves with it

mumOFsix6 · 29/05/2014 16:55

When my dd was 12 (she's now 15) she used some of that veet hair removal cream, it's a bit smelly but there is no risk of hurting themselves with it

Blackoutblindmum28 · 29/06/2014 19:19

Hi! My 12 year old dd was worried about her legs and tried wax strips but they were tricky to use.

In the end I bought this ladyshave from amazon which has stopped her using my gilette razor and cutting herself badly.

meringue33 · 29/06/2014 19:20

Definitely wax don't shave. Shaving makes hair grow back thicker. Waxing lasts longer and over the years will probably reduce growth.

Littlefish · 29/06/2014 19:21

When dd is old enough I'm going to take her to have her legs waxed so that she never shaves them.

wellies · 10/07/2014 11:05

My 12 yo dd decided (after long deliberations) she wanted to shave her legs last week. I suggested we go and wax our legs together on holiday but she was keen to get on with it (had a pool party last weekend with friends who already all have silky smooth legs, apparently) so we bit the bullet and shaved them - well, I shaved them for her using a good razor with aloe vera etc. She's very fair so no noticable regrowth at all yet (one week on)
And she was delighted with the result - the summer dresses and shorts have all seen the light of day again :)

Hulababy · 10/07/2014 11:12

DD is 12y and has been using Veet under her arms for about a year now.

She tried it on her legs but it didn't work (hairs weren't removed) and it was stinging. Going to try again but smaller patch first. May have been as the hairs were so fine and quite long I guess.

I really don't think she'd go in for waxing - she wouldn't like the pain aspect!

BlueKarou · 10/07/2014 11:13

When I was that age my mum gave me an electric shaver. It did the job without the pain or risk of cutting my legs.

shadypines · 23/07/2014 16:17

thank you all for your replies.

OP posts:
momb · 23/07/2014 16:25

Yd is only nine and has started shaving her legs. She uses an electric shaver i bought for her on Amazon. She'd been teased at school as she has very pale skin and very dark hair.
She was insisting on wearing leggings under skirts as she'd become so self-conscious. I don't think there is an age at which it's appropriate: it's about when it becomes important to them.

ElephantsNeverForgive · 23/07/2014 16:32

My two, now 13 and 16, just picked up one of my razors one day and did it. These days it's a mixture of vert and green packet three blade Bic razors.

Many experiment have concluded that these are the cheapest that don't snag, nick or hurt.

DDs aren't keen on my electric razor.

DDs DF has a Venus, the blades are £££.

If she has eczema, Veet and some shaving gels may be a problem. I'd get her to try a tiny area first, and be prepared to use up the failures yourself.
(DSIS is very iffy with perfumed stuff, I used to win all sorts of toiletries, that brought her out in a rash)

ElephantsNeverForgive · 23/07/2014 16:35

I'm not vain enough for the pain, £££ or haste of going somewhere to have my legs waxed.

In 10y time I'm sure DD2 will educate me

ElephantsNeverForgive · 23/07/2014 16:35


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