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DD1(10) yr5 seems to be the only child in her class not remotely intersted in the opposite sex

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drivinmecrazy · 20/05/2011 13:33

Title says it all really. to her boys are still just one big pain she has to endure, while many of her friends are 'dating' and am hearing about all kinds of boy friend angst from their mothers.
DD1 is very polular, has many friends but just cannot understand the 'boy thing'. Many boys in her class tease and chase her, paying her lots of attention, DH & I have explained to her that this is more likely because they like her than not (she can't understand this, not sure I do, as an almost 40yo do either)
Are your yr5 girls still not interested?? Will she just come home one day enrapture??
She is taking 11plus in November and with a bit of luck will go to an all girls school, which I think will suit her down to the ground.
Am not worried, just curious about others DDs

OP posts:

Theas18 · 26/07/2011 16:54

I think it's a "fashion" thing really and I've never bought into it. None of mine have shown huge interest in the opposite (or same !) sex even at 18/15/12. Eldest had a boyf once - but it was a boy who was a friend IYSWIM couple of "dates " to the pictures and and it blew over. She's still friends with him as a mate though.


Phanatic · 01/08/2011 18:08

My DD is also 10, just finished year 5. She has a 'boyfriend'. It's all very innocent; they went to the cinema (with my DH, other DD & DS!) and have had an playdate at his house. They enjoy each other's company and get along really well. It's not repulsive or sick; she goes to guides, plays football and is in the choir, so is a wholesome, well-rounded girl. It's a phase, and I have encouraged her to talk to me about it and been open to it. I hope this paths the way for her - and our - fututure relationships.


startail · 14/04/2012 22:35

A couple of the Y6 girls have "BFs" they cause DD2 and the rest of the class much amusement.

DD1 (14) professes herself to be not interested in boys and equally amused, bemused, proud and disapproving of her class mates. (ie they are far too young, but at least some of them are being careful).

Mind you most of the names she mentions are male.


SandStorm · 14/04/2012 22:39

I work in a year 5 class and I can quite categorically say that in the last 4 years not one of the girls has been interested in boys in that way and none of the boys has been interested in girls.

Your dd sounds perfectly normal to me.


workshy · 14/04/2012 22:48

DD is in year 5

there are about 15-20 from her year that meet up at the park and they are all paired off

she was one of the last to actually have a boyfriend and she was worried about asking him to be her boyfriend as he isn't one of the most popular kids and she thought the other girls would make fun of her

now when I say boyfriend and girlfriend -they walk up to each other and ask if they want to be boyfriend and girlfriend, little bit of hand hlding then the boys go off and play football and the girls sit on the climbing frame
I can see the park from my bedroom window so keep an eye out

it's the same as we did in primary


duchesse · 14/04/2012 23:02

Your DD sounds like a very sensible girl.

I do not think it normal for preteens to be pairing off like this, and it did not happen at primary level when I was young. Didn't start to happen until about age 12 afair. I actually think it's a slightly disturbing manifestation of the sexualisation of 8-12 year olds.


duchesse · 14/04/2012 23:04

Thea, my older children are very much like yours. Now aged 18, 17 and 14 and still not that interested in the opposite sex although they have tons of friends of both sexes.


BonnieBumble · 14/04/2012 23:07

I can remember boys and girls snogging in the last year of primary school (1983).


TeaTeaLotsOfTea · 14/04/2012 23:12

Ds is 10 and I can spot whe a girl is interested in him Smile

He doesn't seem interested at all. He just tells me that that such and such a girl has been annoying him lately.

He's too interested in football, scouts and his dogs.

Girls are just annoying pests.

I'm sure it will change but as he's still only in year 5 I don't think it will be yet.


Tryharder · 14/04/2012 23:20

This is weird. Surely it can't be normal for 10 year olds to be in "relationships". But as you say, it seems to be quite normal for kids to listen to their mums talk about their relationships which IMO is wrong.

I'm obviously an old-fashioned miserable old biddy, though.


Hulababy · 14/04/2012 23:24

My dd has just turned 10y and snt interested either. She goes to a girls school but as boys as friends outside of school but sees them entirely as friends. Tbh in dd's class the on,y girl who clais to have boyfriends is very much encouraged by her mum o see thm as tt rather than friends who just happen to be boys.
The other 10y, girls and boys, just rent interested tht way yet.


wishtimewouldfly · 21/04/2012 20:45

I agree with Duchesse ..what is the rush to grow up? We are talking about 10 year old children ....I find all of this very disturbing. As if they don't face enough pressures these days.

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