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f1recr4cker · 21/05/2005 13:58

We ordered a pram from there. it arrived Tuesday and it was faulty so we took it back today as they offer a " 7 day no quibble quarantee" they said they wont refund us till they have spoken to the manufacturs!! they r basically acting illegally and dh has said that if the money isnt returned to us by the end of monday he is gona issue court proceedings.............its so wrong, we brougth a pram from then which is faulty and they r mucking us around even though it is quite clear in their terms and conditons that they should have given us a full refund!! just as well he is a solicitor i guess........

OP posts:
sparklymieow · 21/05/2005 14:35

but if an item is faulty and not fit for the use it was brought for, they legally have to refund.

biglips · 21/05/2005 14:37

damn right they should refund it to you as you also returned it within "7 days no quibble quarantee".

biglips · 21/05/2005 14:39

and if they are still not refunding anything to you, tell them that you will get the Trading standards involved and they will s*it themselves

f1recr4cker · 21/05/2005 14:57

i know its disgusting isnt it! i just hope it gets sorted on monday as either way if its faulty or not with their "7 day no quibble guarnatee" we should get a refund!!! i think they r real cowboys!!!!!!!

OP posts:
Xena · 21/05/2005 16:10

I bought a pram from them in 2002 and we had a terrible time when we had a fault with it. I got trading standards involved and there local office visited they said that basically they were trying to rectify problems but they had such a back log that they couldn't keep up, doesn't sound like they have emproved much.

f1recr4cker · 21/05/2005 16:55

did u get ur money back in the end or did u have to issue court proceedings?

OP posts:
Xena · 21/05/2005 17:44

They sent me a new body for the pram because I had it longer than a week??? I thought it was disgusting it took nearly 5mths to recive it.

f1recr4cker · 21/05/2005 20:11

hmm well with us they cant do that at least as it arrived tuesday and we took it back saturday........

OP posts:
Xena · 21/05/2005 20:15

will you notify TS as they already know about them and they may have powers over them now as it has been so ongoing?

spod · 21/05/2005 20:24

Message deleted

f1recr4cker · 21/05/2005 21:50

if they dont give us a refund monday then yes we will be reporting them to TS

OP posts:
f1recr4cker · 23/05/2005 14:53

well i have reported them to TS who also said we should be able to get the money back through Visa if we write to them showing prof of purchase and proof that it went back to them!!!

OP posts:
f1recr4cker · 24/05/2005 12:28

an update!

I contacted micralite they were v aploygetic and said they would contact 2leftfeet and get back to me.anyway ive just rang 2leftfeet and spoke to the woman concerned who put me on hold for about 5 mins then came back and said she had refunded the money last night!!! so we now just have to see whetehr or not the money has actually been returned!!!! wot a flippin palava!!!

OP posts:
knockoffnigel · 11/10/2008 08:13

If anyone still has an outstanding order with twoleftfeet i can try and help you because ive ordered from them before.

kazbeth · 11/10/2008 10:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SugarPig · 11/10/2008 11:10

3 months and still waiting for my refund - have passed it over to credit card company.

Its absolutely disgusting how they operate.

lulumama · 11/10/2008 11:13

really knockoff.... how can you help? do you work for them? the only threads and info i have ever seen about 2leftfeet are horrendous..same old story, orders never sent, faulty parts, no refunds. waiting months and months for items and then can;t get money back. amazed they are still going

ilovemydog · 11/10/2008 11:14

great they have a 'no quibble' policy. Imagine if they didn't

They are dreadful. They debited my card for something that wasn't in stock and was finally delivered 6 weeks later.

I've started shopping locally as a result...

mumofmonstersOBE · 11/10/2008 11:24

knockoff, without meaning to be rude there are a LOT of MNetters who have experience with 2leftfeet(unfortunatly) and exactly how can you help when you aren't employed by them ?

did you know this thread is from 2005?

lauraloola · 11/10/2008 11:34

I cant believe you actually received the item - I didnt even get mine.

I ended up copying in Trading Standards to an email and was refunded a few days later.

ajm200 · 11/10/2008 12:10

You are lucky to have recieved your pram. We ordered on two years ago for DS and it was fine so based on that we ordered a buggy in July for this baby. They couldn't give any updates on the order. We attempted to cancel after 12 weeks and got a letter offering 5% if we'd wait another 12 weeks. Luckily we used a credit card with internet purchase protection. The credit card refunded our money a week ago but two left feet have only just got round to acknowledging the cancellation.

They told us it wasn't their fault, there was a 12 week delay getting goods from the manufacturer. Didn't explain why they potentially needed 24 weeks though. Ordered the same buggy from somewhere else, got a call from the manufacturer 4 hours later offering to deliver the next day

seaside72 · 11/10/2008 23:52

So sorry to hear of such bad experiences.

I feel compelled to post the flip side from my experience- I ordered my pram, car seat, cot, changing table, nursing chair and loads of accessories from twoleftfeet last year and they were fantastic. It was all delivered when I asked for it to be and I have used them for other stuff since. I have to say I always spoke to the same girl there and had her direct email and phone extension - she was amazing. I could not fault them.

sillyworrywort · 12/10/2008 10:15

I had a terrible experience with two left feet and in the end I said I would go to the press unless they contacted me. They didn't so I emailed Watchdog thinking nothing would happen. 72 hours later I had a film crew in my house and was on TV the following week! Felt a right stupid arse but I hate that company. They actually disputed my claims on national TV but the next day I got everything I was waiting for, a letter of apology and free gro-bag thingy. Watchdog would love to know that they still being totally useless... (if anyone else is prepared to look silly on national TV!) Awful company and I anyone thinking of giving them 1p of their hard earned cash should so not bother.

lauraloola · 12/10/2008 14:35

Blimey - I cant believe someone actually had a good experience. Seems odd that so many people do have problems. I guess they cant be all bad or they would be shut down. Im not going to give them a chance to prove it though - all the way for me!!!

ajm200 · 13/10/2008 08:51

If watchdog are involved, I guess the bad stories must outweigh the good so seaside72 you've obviously been very lucky.

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