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I think the best time of year to have baby is:

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edgarcat · 15/04/2003 09:01

Message withdrawn

OP posts:

kaz33 · 03/06/2003 15:43



elliott · 03/06/2003 15:54

IF I had any choice in the matter I would go for somewhere between Feb and May....but since I don't (and the whole idea of even considering it feels quite surreal to me!) I might as well think of all the plus points for an early December baby....(and try NOT to think of the implications of two birthdays and Christmas within a month )


codswallop · 03/06/2003 16:26

go on f... get going now


futurity · 03/06/2003 16:28

Can't get going now..on the pill!!


Enid · 03/06/2003 17:11

Christmas babies are lovely! I've got one (20 Dec) and its great fun (expensive though...).


Linnet · 03/06/2003 22:40

Dh and I are planning baby #2, Ideally I'd like to get pregnant in August and have the baby arrive in May. But anytime between March and June are good for me. Our daughter is an August baby so I'd like to keep to the middle part of the year. Since we are now ttc It could be as early as February or anytime afterwards.

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