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Treatment for cold sores??

27 replies

Katts · 04/04/2005 14:54

I keep getting cold sores every couple of weeks accompanied by fever pain swelling etc. I usually use Zovirax but the package says not to use it if you're pregnant. Any ideas for what I can do?

OP posts:
PiccadillyCircus · 04/04/2005 14:56

I used Blistex a couple of weeks ago and that worked for me. I don't think it said anything about not using when pregnant (I hope not anyway...)

When I saw the GP (for something unrelated) she said that it could be due to low iron levels (don't know if mine is but I should be getting my blood results back soon).

dangirl · 04/04/2005 18:01

I am not sure that you can't ude zovirax in pregnancy. If I were you I would ask your Dr. It is after all the best treatment. If it continues that much after birth a possibility is also a tablet treatment with zovirax. Only given to patients with many attacks though.

Katts · 05/04/2005 11:03

Thanks for the replies guys. There doesn't seem to be much information out there. The Zovirax box definitely says not to use it while pregnant. I guess that doesn't necessarily mean it is harmful - just that no one knows. It's so irritating. I have my latest cold sore just inside my nose. OUCH! My glands are swelling up because of it and my whole face aches. Don't think Blistex is gonna quite do the trick on that one. Guess I'll have to call the dr.

OP posts:
MinkyCustard · 11/04/2005 18:16

Hi Katts

I use Lemon Balm from (hope this works) Artemis Herbs . Asked my midwife if it was OK and she said she wouldn't even need to check with the doctor as it only contained natural ingredients - it was fine. Husband asked a nurse about Zovirax and she says that although there is nothing harmful in it (she looked it up in the chemical listings book) the company who produce it put the warning on just in case.

I know how painful and frustrating it can be to have them and not be able to use anything for cold sores but the Lemon Balm stuff is FANTASTIC! It stops them instantly and the bottle is really large so will last for ages

I also use Dermalogica (very expensive but long lasting) facial products which also seem to stop the cold sores coming up. When I do get them they are on my lip or up my nose i.e. where the Dermalogica doesn't go.

Hope this helps.


KBear · 11/04/2005 18:23

My friend suffered terribly with cold sores (I only get the occasional one). Anyway, I read somewhere once that you should avoid citrus fruits and citric acid (ie Lemonade etc). It works for her. She used to eat a couple of oranges everday and so stopped and she still gets them but just one at a time and less frequently not a whole batch constantly! Also Lysine (from health food shops) can be taken which is supposed to help prevent them. Have a google for more info about Lysine though, not sure about the pregancy issue.

Katts · 12/04/2005 18:11

Thanks MinkyCustard, do you apply the lemon balm to the cold sore or just add it to water to drink? I'll definitely give that a try.

I saw a consultant today who said that Zovirax is safe in pregnancy "because they prescribe it in pregnancy". The way she worded it made me a bit unsure. Kind of like "We prescribe it so it must be good, right?" I've also found some research online that says it safe - even if the package warns against it.

KBear, I've tried lysine as well - pre-pregnancy but not sure if it ever showed any results.

Incidentally, when I told the consultant I kept getting cold sores she said, "You must be run down." Oh? Really? Am I?

OP posts:
oatcake · 12/04/2005 18:38

I get a lot of coldsores and get my cream from this lady in new zealand - completely natural ingredients which include peppermint which helps sooooo much with the pain of coldsores.

I don't know about your management of them, but I usually find... and I don't want to gross people out, but by applying said stuff, and then squashing the blisters down with a tissue, that they heal a lot quicker.

as for the zovirax, I think the consultant worded it in a way the consultant would. I don't think there's anything in there which could be detrimental to the baby, it's just that all drug companies have to cover their backs and put disclaimers like that on their products.

MinkyCustard · 14/04/2005 18:37

Hi Katts

You just apply the spray directly to the cold sore.
Don't know if it comforts you but after my posting on Monday I got a cold sore! On my lip.

Sorry for not posting before - been away on a course with work which is probably what caused the cold sore in the first place!

Take care

MinkyCustard · 14/04/2005 18:37

Hi Katts

You just apply the spray directly to the cold sore.
Don't know if it comforts you but after my posting on Monday I got a cold sore! On my lip.

Sorry for not posting before - been away on a course with work which is probably what caused the cold sore in the first place!

Take care

crystaltips · 14/04/2005 18:39

I swear by Tea Tree

PotPourri · 14/04/2005 18:50

Boots do a cold sore ointment - it s a clear liquid and is WONDERFUL I have been plagued with cold sores for years. Now whether it is safe in pregnancy I don't know, but worth a visit to boots to see the ingredients and read the details, then check it out. As I said, been suffering when run down or stressed for years, and this works every time, really quickly.

Surfermum · 14/04/2005 18:55

I've got a cold sore right now. Hate the things. Last time I had one I was recommended L-Lysine, but I really can't say it's made any difference. I shall look for the Boots stuff though.

Dd seems to be missing me giving her kisses and I'm missing them too .

Katts · 15/04/2005 15:31

Oh MinkyCustard! Bad luck! Evil. Evil. Things.

OP posts:
Katts · 19/04/2005 14:45

Another cold sore here too! Exactly 2 weeks after the last one. I'm resorting to the zovirax and hoping that will knock the virus back a bit.

OP posts:
TinyGang · 19/04/2005 14:59

Horrible NASTY NASTY things. So sorry for anyone who gets them (me included). I seem to have a nasty episode 2-3 times a year and they are so miserable. I am sure with me it's a combination of too much sunlight and/or stress that does it.

I usually use Zovirax, but my dentist of all people (who is also a sufferer), has recently started offering an 'ozone'(?) treatment.

If you get to her with it early, she uses a new kind of ozone machine which I think somehow sterilises the area (I really don't know how it works, can you tell!?) and stops the thing from getting too bad without the side effects that Zovirax has.

I had a go last summer after two came up at once and it was quite good, but expensive. I don't think I got there early enough really - would've been more effective if I had.

chipmonkey · 19/04/2005 15:54

Lemon balm remedy for cold sores really worked for me. I bought it over the net, was charged 5 dollars for the cream and 13 dollars for postage. I didn't have a cold sore when it arrived so I just put it in my handbag. I've been carrying it around in my handbag ever since, unused for a year and a half and haven't had a coldsore in all that time

jabberwocky · 19/04/2005 16:29

How far along are you? I think you can safely use Zovirax after 35 or 36 weeks, but it's always a good idea to check with your OB.

Katts · 20/04/2005 11:35

I'm just 18 weeks but OB consulant said Zovirax was ok. I've never experienced any side effects before. I've never had any success with any other cold sore remedies. They seem to dry the sore out but do nothing for the actual virus. Don't know about anybody else but I can feel the virus running along the nerve to the affected area when I get one. Ok maybe that's not medically correct but that's how it feels to me.

Tiny Gang I'd never heard of the Ozone thing. That sounds interesting.

Incidentally, my pharmacist told me that your GP can actually prescribe Zovirax orally if you're having a real hard time with cold sores. Seems that be better at knocking the virus back that just applying the ointment topically. But I'd be more worried about side effects in pregnancy with that one.

OP posts:
yoyo · 20/04/2005 11:56

My mother has suffered with cold sores all her life and dabs the sore with perfume (she keeps a bottle specially for this) and amazingly they always dry out really quickly.

I have also started to get them and although I found perfume effective couldn't stand the lingering taste. I assumed it was the alcohol drying them out so tried dabbing on neat vodka. Not an overnight cure but definitely speeds up the process.

I spoke to a pharmacist and was told that Zovirax is only effective if you catch them at the tingling stage - is this true? I never spot the initial signs so not much use to me if this is true.

KVG · 20/04/2005 12:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Katts · 20/04/2005 13:25

This web site says that zovirax has been partly studied in pregnant women and animals and does not appear to cause birth defects but that these studies were neither large, nor conclusive.

So this certainly doesn't say conclusively that zovirax is 100% safe, but what is? I think weighing up the possible risks vs benefits is a personal thing. And for me, the 3rd bout of cold sores in 10 weeks is the end of the line. I suffered through the first two and at this point I just can't do it again.

Unknown side-effects not withstanding, I think it's definitely a benefit for the baby to not have a feverish, stressed-out mother every two weeks. Also I would think that any possible side effects would be lessened with a topical application as opposed to an oral since the medicine is delivered straight to where it was needed. I'm also asthmatic and the obstetrician told me that this is why asthma medicine is condidered safe in pregnancy - because it's delivered straight to the site.

Everyone has to make their own choice about what you deem safe or not in pregnancy. And certainly nothing is without risk. But for me, the advice of the obstetrician weighed with my absolute desperation to get these things out of my system is enough.

Yoyo - Zovirax is definitely better at preventing cold sores from getting nasty if you get them at the beginning. But it also speeds up the healing and dries them out if use it after. Again, I think this is because it acts against the virus that travels along the nerves to the cold sore. Any way, for me it's the only thing that ever works.

OP posts:
mrslsmith · 06/10/2010 16:20

This stuff has always worked for me-I currently have a whopper thats popped up after a head cold (I'm 13 weeks and a few days) and also the use of a biostick is great (good for acne too) which is pricey but so worth it - ($ja=tsid:11527|cc:|prd:4480626|cat:health+%26+personal+care+%3E+facial+care)

All of that plus alcohol (Jack Daniels is great) applied too all helps kick its butt and helps heal quicker.


Helensevendays · 14/09/2015 16:19
This site is pretty useful as it has a section on natural treatments so you could look at that for possible help while you're preggo!

FeelingDumb · 14/09/2015 19:31

I have a biostick which is absolutely fantastic. I get coldsores a few times a year and after a particularly severe outbreak about 2 years ago I paid around £30 for it out of desperation. IIRC the red light penetrates the skin and encourages white blood cells to the area which promote faster healing of the sore. I really wasn't expecting it to work but it's been a godsend. I haven't had a coldsore amount to much in the last 2 years. If I catch it early enough, I can prevent it appearing altogether. If not, applying this for a couple of mins a few times a day ensures the coldsore is gone within 3-4 days and is barely noticeable. I carry mine in my handbag so I'm always prepared. I honestly can't recommend it highly enough. Works for spots too!

Treatment for cold sores??
Treatment for cold sores??
Brightonmum1 · 12/12/2016 18:23

Hi everyone, the easiest and best remedy for a cold sore is Marmite. I usually put it on 5 minutes before I go to bed so it dries and doesn't get on my pillow. The salt draws out the infection, I use it as soon as I think a cold sore is on its way.
It works better than any medication that I'm aware of...
Happy Christmas everyone x

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