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My coil is still in and I'm pregnant!!!!

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pie · 18/02/2003 09:01

Yep thats right! My coil is still in and yesterdays scan confirmed that there is a gestational sac planted in my uterus. (Thank god the the ectopic scare is over)

What I want to know is if anybody knows of any other such pregnancies?

I want to keep the baby very any sucess stories would be very appreciated as I am terrified of mc...

OP posts:
hmb · 18/02/2003 09:05

I am not sure how common it is but my first boss told me that her son was delivered defiently waving a coil in his hand! An exageration, but she and her son were both fine. I'm sure that Mears and others will have more info for you.

witch1 · 18/02/2003 09:08

Do you mind me asking what sort of a coil it was - was it the mirena?
I definintley do not want to be pregnant again

pie · 18/02/2003 09:29

It is the Nova T coil, so no hormones are being released. I've heard the stories of babies waving coils too.

Obviously having the coil in this pregnancy was not planned. In fact my husband is barely talking to me. I have wanted a second child forever and he simply does not. I'm hoping our marriage can surive this. I have to say I do feel that in his silence he is trying to pressure me into an abortion. I guess this belongs in the relationship section though!

I would just like as much reassurance as possible that there is hope for me that the little one growing inside.

OP posts:
witch1 · 18/02/2003 20:39

pie - been out just got back. Poor you with such things to face. I'm afraid I dont know anything about conception wiht a coil as I am definintly NOT trying to get pregnant. I really hope it works out for you, that baby is safe and dh comes round to idea of two.
Good Luck.

Caroline5 · 18/02/2003 21:09

I mentioned this when having my coil fitted and the doc also referred to the baby born waving a coil in its hand story - sounds like one of those urban myths, or is it true?? She did say that if pregnant visit GP promptly to arrange a scan, but it sounds like you've already done that. Hope all goes well for you and that your dh gets over his initial shock.

RosieT · 18/02/2003 22:11

I had a friend who accidentally got pregnant using the coil. It was a big shock initially, esp. as she was in her early 40s and hadn't planned on any children, but she came round to the idea and had a relatively trouble-free pregnancy and delivered a healthy, bouncing dd with next to no pain relief (not sure that's all relevant, but makes for an optimistic story all round, I thought ) Good luck with your pregnancy & hope your dh comes round (though can't understand why he's barely speaking ? I mean it's hardly your fault!)

mears · 18/02/2003 23:18

Pie - did the scan show your coil in place? It is not that rare for women to become pregnant with a coil but then it turns out that the coil has probably fallen out at some unknown time. Many women do not check the threads after periods. I have seen the coil embedded in the afterbirth after delivery - never in the baby's hand After delivery it is common to be offered an X-ray to check that the coil has not managed to get somewhere it shouldn't, such as in the abdomen - very, very rare. Hopefully all will be well for you. How many weeks are you?

pie · 19/02/2003 08:16

Thanks for all the replies, they are very appreciated. I'm only 6 weeks gone so I know its still early days.

The scan shows my coil is still in place, it has not come out at all.

The doc also mention that my corpus leturm (is the the right spelling?) seems to be breaking down. Isn't 6 going on 7 weeks a bit early or just right?

God I'm so worried. I want this baby so much and am feel like I'm literally falling apart

Dh seems to be talking to me again though. I think that whatever happens we will probably need some couple therapy to deal with the fall out.

OP posts:
witch1 · 19/02/2003 09:17

It seems so iunfair that your dh is taking it os badly.If he REALLY didnt want another baby he could have arranged that for himself. Nice people wiht knives would do that for him on the NHS. He must surely realise that all froms of contraception have an inbuilt risk.
What are his fears do you think? Are they financial? We have 3 kids and a hatchback and go camping with a six man tent and no roof box. By the time you ahve two most of the clothes are hand me downs from friends and neighbours or family. (dont be afraid to ask) and nappies can be from Child benefit. If you do real it's even cheaper.

maybe he is jealous of yor attention and wants to be your sole focus. I try and think of dh as cherished other child for this purpose and when he suffers green eyed monster tyr and spend a little one on one wioht him and dont mention other children and their achienvements. I'm waffling a bit here butit strikes me that his cold feet are not caused by you no matter which way you look at it.
Hugs to you

Ghosty · 19/02/2003 09:18

Hi Pie ... I have an encouraging story for you ... my brother's girlfriend (now his wife) got pregnant when she had a coil ... she had to have it removed (other factors ... not sure what made that a necessity)and she was told that she would very likely miscarry ...
In the end she had a healthy pg ... easyish birth and the most perfect baby girl ever!!!!
My niece is now 7 years old and is just wonderful (spot the doting auntie!)
I hope it works out for you ... thinking of you ...

zebra · 19/02/2003 09:44

You've had a scan so you know it's not ectopic, I guess? Which is a good thing -- something like 5% of coil pregnancies are ectopic. Aren't you going to get coil removed?? I thought that was standard? We know a lively 3yo boy who was a coil pregnancy.

My school best friend had a little sister who was conceived when her mom had a coil; yes, she was fine; now a mother of 4 herself!

sashaboo · 19/02/2003 10:05

Hi Pie. I am proud to have defied the stats and was a coil 'accident'. The doctors told my mother the coil must have either fallen out sometime before I was born or during the birth (this was in the days before scans).

I suffered no ill effects, was a big baby, not a great birth (but then a lot of them aren't!) and now have my own baby.

When I was 16 (!!!) they found the coil was still lurking inside her. She was not best pleased having had years of scary smear test results but I hope it reassures you (and I presume they will remove the coil for you too!).

Good luck with your pregnancy - I hope things improve with your DH. I have to say that when I was younger, knowing I wasn't planned, I felt rather special.

Tamz77 · 20/02/2003 00:06

I don't have any personal experience of this but read a very interesting section about coil pregnancy in a fertility/pregnancy book a while back - sorry I can't recall the name. It was written in the early 1990s and seemed to say that it's standard practice to remove the coil - if possible - although this has a relatively high risk of miscarriage, it's better than leaving it there, apparently. It also mentioned the stories of babies born waving coils and said this has happened but is much overexaggerated!

On a personal note I really hope your man wakes up to the fact that this was an event over which you had no control, and that you really need his support now more than ever. I find men's reactions to things unbelievable at times. I'm glad you're so happy and wish you the best of luck with this very special pregnancy!

ScummyMummy · 20/02/2003 07:14

Hey Pie- hope things get better for you soon and your worry eases. These sound like heady emotional days- exactly how I remember early pregnancy. Just wanted to say all the best really. Love sachaboo's idea that she and your little sac are rather special and fab for beating the coil... Hope dh is coming round. Give him time. xxxx

pie · 26/02/2003 11:18

Just a quick update...

I had my 5th scan yesterday and am now 7 weeks gone. The corpus leteum has stopped breaking down and is even a bit bigger. Which is what I was worrying about most, as it has to endure until the 12th week when the placenta becomes formed enough to take over the functions it was performing.

And there in my ever growing uterus was a prawn like creature and the flickering of an as yet unbroken heart.

The Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit I was being seen at has discharged me to the care of my GP and I have been given my booking appointment for the antenatal clinic in April.

Although they didn't spell it out I think I'm right in thinking that everything is oakie dokie for this stage...or am I being over confident?

I don't remember feeling anything near this anxious with my first pregnancy.

Oh yeah and they will leave the coil in for the forseeable future. It will probably pop out during labor.

OP posts:
Bugsy · 27/02/2003 10:21

Sounds fairly normal to me Pie - congratulations. I hope your little prawn continues to grow happily.

LoobyLoo1 · 03/11/2004 13:17

Hi Pie, How did the pregnancy go and is the baby keeping well? I have just found out that i may be pregnant as my coil is no longer there and period is 2 days late. i am soooo scared. i have 2 already. Do u have any words of wisdom?

Beetroot · 03/11/2004 13:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

listmaker · 03/11/2004 13:35

My friend got pregnant with a coil and had it taken out and miscarried.

PreggieMum · 03/11/2004 14:20

No experience of pregnancy with coil. Just wanted to say there is someone who posts on another website called pie. (I think probably the same person who posted here, so it may be worth asking on there too.)

Hope all goes well for you.

sweetkitty · 03/11/2004 14:31

Have had 3 friends get pregnant whilst having a coil all 3 have had lovely healthy babies.

Best of luck

blossomhill · 03/11/2004 14:34

OMG this thread has really scared me as I have a coil. I really have completed my family. I must talk dh into getting the snip!

LoobyLoo1 · 04/11/2004 14:02

Still no period but my preg test came back negative from the DR's. he said they'll do another in a weeks time and then if thats neg tpp they'll scan for the coil.its really weird but had kind of accepted that I waspregnant then as my last child was a one time wonder and that was the whole reason i had a coil fitted. Wish i knew NOW!!!

Seabird · 04/11/2004 15:35

pie - congratulations on your pregnancy and hope all goes well for you. Sounds to me like this baby is meant to be! Good luck with your dh too.

blossomhill · 04/11/2004 15:41

I really have to re-think my contraception asap. This thread has really worried me! Congratulations to you though Pie as you are happy and therefore is very good news for you

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