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Name trends

31 replies

hub2dee · 10/02/2005 15:41

I found a Web site for anyone on the name trail...

We're expecting July / August and I've got a little spreadsheet running ... may share our fantabulous names when the list is a little more refined, or wait a while and just post the sex-appropriate ones should our 20 week scan reveal anything...

Anyway, I came across a site where you can view an impressive java program in your browser and see how popular a name has been this last century ! Well worth a look: (click on 'Name Voyager')

OP posts:
Bagpuss30 · 10/02/2005 15:44

LOL at spreadsheet .

DH and I shall be doing the name search the traditional way in our house - arguing about it a week before the birth or even when in the delivery suite. Hoping Monday will refine things for us .

tunise · 10/02/2005 15:53

That's a really good site. Not that i'm trying to find baby names at the mo, but i did find out that my daughters name is a lot more popular than i thought.
Also my own name was at it's height of fashion in the 30's!

tex111 · 10/02/2005 16:08

The only problem with that site is that it's based on American names, hence the popularity of McKenzie, Dalton etc and the lack of Evie, Beatrice, etc which seem to be growing in popularity in the UK.

tarantula · 10/02/2005 16:11

was just going to say that Tex My daughters name isnt on there and its a quite popular Irish name (here in England).

hub2dee · 10/02/2005 16:11

Yes, it certainly has an American bias. I wonder if the author will adjust the databases and publish books for other regions...

Hiya, bagpuss, hope Monday brings the refinement you are seeking It's certainly more efficient to just search for names for one sex only. We'll be waiting a while before starting the 'lively discussions'

Actually, I reckon dw and I will agree fairly easily, but wonder how our parents will like our names !

(Ongoing tease to dw: Morpheus for a boy and Morphette for a girl)

OP posts:
katzguk · 10/02/2005 16:13

i have a link at work, that lets you put your postcode and name to see popularity in your area, will post a link tomorrow

Gwenick · 10/02/2005 16:15

Neither of mine were in there at all

JanH · 10/02/2005 16:49

Just spotted Leopold in the brothers for Ulysses - I like that!

Titania · 10/02/2005 17:10

my name isnt even in the top 1000!!! lol

tex111 · 10/02/2005 18:17

Katzgut, please do post that link. It sounds great!

orangina · 10/02/2005 18:26

please please post the link, we are being absolutely hopeless in our search for names that we (me and dh) agree on.....

kalex · 10/02/2005 18:31

Well, In most closet circle of friends, 6. Three of us share the same name or variations of it, and it doesn't even appear. Obviously Scottish names don't feature as highly in America as they do in Perthshire

eidsvold · 10/02/2005 21:38

ohh dd1's name is not anywhere in the top 1000 any time and dd2 was popular in the 60's and 70's

wow my name was no1 in the 60's.....

katzguk · 11/02/2005 13:39

one link as promised yesterday


HappyMumof2 · 11/02/2005 14:04

Message withdrawn

Beansmum · 11/02/2005 14:04

same here with ds!

hub2dee · 11/02/2005 14:09

Thanks, katzguk.

Quite amazing finding so many babies with the names in our shortlist in London. Their site is a bit slow. Possibly we're all hitting it !

OP posts:
JanH · 11/02/2005 15:51

Apparently there were 8 girls called Estelle Maya registered in our town and it's a really small town

Hulababy · 11/02/2005 16:01

DD's name, spelt our way - Mollie - was really popular in the early 1900s. There is a very slight rise in 1990's. The Molly spelling is far more common now, since 1960s though.

Hulababy · 11/02/2005 16:01

Ah, hadn't seen it was a US site though.

CountessDracula · 11/02/2005 16:07

ha ha there is a chardonnay in our area, I can't believe it

HappyMumof2 · 11/02/2005 17:27

Message withdrawn

4kids · 13/02/2005 20:30

ALL MY KIDS HAVE PRETTY UNUSUAL NAMES i named dd1 Chardonnay 11 yrs ago way b4 it got popular [cos of footballers wives] ds now 10 is Jae dd2{7} is Paris & dt{3 & both girls} are Ebony & Baylee i really like unusual names but not 2 wacky .

hub2dee · 14/02/2005 08:36

I'm threatening dw with 'Morpheus' for a boy.

Does anyone know anyone who named their boy Morpheus ?

Equiv for a girl would surely be 'Morphette'

OP posts:
Hulababy · 14/02/2005 08:39

Another thread here with same link.

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