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Is it 3 sweeps and you're out or can you only have 1??

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skiingmummy · 04/02/2005 21:34

Well I had a sweep yesterday thats done absolutely nothing in terms of starting labour off and was wondering whether you can get them to try again and if so whats the maximum no of sweeps that can be done?? I'll do anything to avoid my induction next Friday and as I have a mw aptmt on Monday I was wondering if I can get her to do another sweep then? And is it worth it if the 1st one did nothing? Ta muchly!

OP posts:
kernowcat · 04/02/2005 21:36

no idea but thought a bump may help.
(although my usual effect seems to be to kill the thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

skiingmummy · 04/02/2005 21:39

Thanks for that!!!
Always grateful for a nice bump

OP posts:
Lonelymum · 04/02/2005 21:41

I've lost track Skiingmummy, how far gone are you now? (I have no idea about your question either, but this is as good a way as any to bump your thread again.)

skiingmummy · 04/02/2005 21:44

Hey LM!!! Good evening!!
I'm now 40+5 so I'll be 41+1 on Monday - a whole 8 days over

OP posts:
Lonelymum · 04/02/2005 21:47

Oh god poor you. And still no sign at all? Not a twinge or anything? Give the blighter a good prod and tell it to get out NOW!

skiingmummy · 04/02/2005 21:50

Well thats the thing, I keep getting tummy aches as if I've eaten something thats disagreed with me and have to keep going the loo but then by the next day I'm back to normal again. I wouldn't mind if these 'twinges' were doing something useful but I don't think they are

I've been doing all of the old wives tales for starting things off (apart from caster oil yeuch) and nothing seems to be working. I was really holding out high hopes for the sweep yesterday but as you can see.... nothing

OP posts:
MistressMary · 04/02/2005 21:53

I had two done on me, I went ten days over.
Booked in for induction then went into labour on the eve.

good luck.

kernowcat · 04/02/2005 21:55

bumping not helping then?????????????????????

Angeliz · 04/02/2005 21:55

Don't know but wanted to ask......did it hurt?

I'm due on 22nd and the midwife said she'd see me on 23rd if i've not had it to do a sweep. (Don't actually know if i'd want one!!)

Lonelymum · 04/02/2005 21:55

I remember when I had my last one and he was a day overdue, a neighbour asked me if there was anything happening yet. I said, no there wasn't, but within 24 hours I knew labour was starting and he was born the morning after that. So, by that reckoning, you may have your baby by Sunday morning. Well, I hope so, for your sake anyway. Off to bed now. Try to rest. Hope to hear about your birth very soon.

skiingmummy · 04/02/2005 21:56

Oh fantastic!!
Not you going 10 days over of course but knowing I can ask the mw on Monday to do a 2nd sweep!

Mind you don't know if theres any point if the 1st didn't work but I am getting desperate.

OP posts:
pupuce · 04/02/2005 21:57

Have a sweep on Wednesday and LEAVE IT ALONE Between now and then as you may well get going on your own !

MistressMary · 04/02/2005 21:58

It's like a smear test, I s'pose.
Go for a walk.
Eat fresh pineapple
Raspberry leaf tea
Nipple tweaking even
Curries etc..
Hope you are soon in labour.

pupuce · 04/02/2005 21:59

The sweep didn't work and you were warned it wouldn't by the MW as your cervix was nowhere near ready. Your cervix will continue to get ready and therefore another sweep might have a different result... still I'd wait to Wednesday not Monday for that 2nd sweep.

skiingmummy · 04/02/2005 22:00

Angeliz it didn't hurt as such was just a bit uncomfortable but as it only lasted about 30 seconds it was fine, not a problem. And tbh I was prepared to put up with any discomfort if there was a chance of it starting my labour off naturally. Having had the prostin induction experience first time round I really really don't want to repeat it if I can help it. Def go for a sweep first rather than straight to drug induction.

Night night LM!!

OP posts:
MistressMary · 04/02/2005 22:02

Even the threat of induction might help!
It did for me in the end or was it the fireworks on Guy Fawkes night!?

skiingmummy · 04/02/2005 22:06

Tee hee fireworks - now theres a thought!

Pupuce, Just wondered, why do you say to wait till Wed? Do you think theres a risk to having a 2nd sweep too close to the first?

The only prob with that is that my mw clinic is on a Monday at my GPs and my consultants clinic is on a Thursday!! I suppose they would make a one off aptmt for me if I explained how keen I am to to avoid induction and want to give my body every chance of going into labour naturally.

OP posts:
MistressMary · 04/02/2005 22:09

I had mine close together I think? After the second she booked the induction.

skiingmummy · 04/02/2005 22:15

Well that sounds positive for Monday, thanks!

I suppose all I can do is ask and then its up to the mw to say yes or no.

OP posts:
MistressMary · 04/02/2005 22:17

Yes, she knows for you what the best course of action will be.
Anyhow hopefully the weekend will be good for you anyhow.

pupuce · 05/02/2005 17:37

I say wait for Wednesday as I am not at all a fan of sweeps because - despite what you may think - it is an induction and I have seen it go pear shape !
By Wednesday I'd give it another go as it is better than drugs but I feel your body might well go into labour totally spontaneously before Wednesday.... probably not before Monday.

MistressMary · 05/02/2005 17:57

what do you mean Pupuce, I'm interested.

pupuce · 05/02/2005 18:00

What do you mean? What do you want to know?

MistressMary · 05/02/2005 18:06

Hello sorry, I meant the "pear shaped" bit.

pupuce · 05/02/2005 18:12

Well I have known women who went for a sweep and hours later labour started very strongly and I (as well as MW) felt the mother was much further along in labour than she actually was... (so we felt by strength and frequency of contractions that she should be at least 5cm) and she was hardly 1 !!! She quickly found she couldn't cope - especially when she realised that she wasn't dilating... so asks for epidural, gets synto and ends in section.... seen it once myself and have several clients to whom it happened.... MW always say a sweep isn't going to work if you weren't ready anyway... maybe.... but it can lead you to very strong contractions from early on...

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