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Could this be a bad sign, waters have broken, yellow mucus!

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xaxayxey · 12/02/2024 21:41

41+2 weeks pregnant… so earlier today when I pulled up at the birth centre for my 4th sweep my water started leaking so I had a test that confirmed my water had definitely gone. Been sent home to see if labour starts itself.
All day I’ve had some really yellow mucus discharge which is what I assumed was my mucus plug coming loose. Midwife saw the colour of the mucus and said she wasn’t concerned and babies heartbeat sounded fine. Waters are continuing to leak, contractions are starting to build but I’m still getting a lot of this yellow mucus and I can’t tell if my waters are that colour or if the mucus is colouring the water on my pad. I’m in two minds about whether to be concerned because the midwife wasn’t worried but could this be a sign baby has pooed inside?
TMI but I’ve attached a pic for reference.

Could this be a bad sign, waters have broken, yellow mucus!
OP posts:
vacay · 12/02/2024 21:42

Sorry I don't know but I would maybe call the hospital and ask them to check for you ?

DustyLee123 · 12/02/2024 21:43

Give delivery a ring and ask tnem

ClockHolly · 12/02/2024 21:43

Call the hospital now and ask.

PeopleAreWeird · 12/02/2024 21:44

Baby may of pood
Ring / Go into the hospital NOW

TheIceQween · 12/02/2024 21:45

I wouldn’t even call ahead. Go straight in. His happened to my friends first baby. As she was being born she ingested the poo water and almost died. Please go

Ursulla · 12/02/2024 21:46

I'm sorry but I think this looks like meconium (ie baby poo - they do it in utero if they're not happy) - I had it with DS2 and that's what it was and he needed to come out. It's not an absolute catastrophe but baby needs to be out sooner rather than later. Off to the hospital for you, all good wishes and hope you'll be hugging your baby very soon

Legoroses · 12/02/2024 21:47

That's green enough on my screen to go straight in.

newtlover · 12/02/2024 21:48

I agree, its greeny rather than yellow, go to hospital and take that pad with you

thepurplepenguin · 12/02/2024 21:48

I had similar and was told it was the membranes breaking down as I was overdue. I didn't do anything as I didn't want to make a fuss, and I got thoroughly told off when I finally went in as it meant there was a high risk of infection. Don't be like me, go in now!

Zoraflora · 12/02/2024 21:49

There was mencioum in my waters when they broke at home. I went to the hospital and they induced me straight away.
It was dark in colour.

If you are unsure go back into hospital and as them to check. Good luck.

thepurplepenguin · 12/02/2024 21:49

Mine was perhaps more yellow than green (could be meconium), but either way, you need to go in.

TokyoSushi · 12/02/2024 21:49

Agreed I'd just go in with that, good luck!

Zoraflora · 12/02/2024 21:50

Sorry I just realised there was a photo. I would go back into hospital. I could be sign of infection.

DramaAlpaca · 12/02/2024 21:53

Please get yourself and your baby checked out today, OP.

Whiskeypowers · 12/02/2024 21:54

Another poster echoing that this looks like could be meconium. Hope you’ve gone in or are on the way to be checked

NamelessNinja · 12/02/2024 21:54

I'd get it checked out again to be sure but I had very similar in labour with my first. They concluded they felt it was discharge/mucus based on the colour and consistency on a pad (also checking after waters broke). It wasn't meconium and all was well.

DemBonesDemBones · 12/02/2024 21:55

Go right now. My baby inhaled meconium during birth and was very very ill.

thatneverhappened · 12/02/2024 21:56

That's green, not yellow. DD1 aspirated meconium. Hospital now lovely

Naptrappedmummy · 12/02/2024 22:07

I agree, hospital. Best of luck!

xaxayxey · 12/02/2024 22:12

On our way to hospital now guys, thanks for all your advice, it gave me the push I needed to go! Fingers crossed we’re all good 🤞🤞🤞

OP posts:
justasking111 · 12/02/2024 22:14

Best wishes family

Moier · 12/02/2024 22:15

It's definitely meconium.
You need to be in hospital.

CatchHimDerry · 12/02/2024 22:18

Good luck OP!

This happened to me, it was baby poop. I had 3 sweeps and was 40+12, took me ages to twig what was going on!… I had emergency section as he wasn’t happy, all went fine and dandy though and he was perfect so don’t be alarmed and hope it all goes well for you! Xx

ZippyZappyZoo · 12/02/2024 22:19

Looks like meconium. I’d go in for a check.

Grace185 · 12/02/2024 22:27

Hope all goes well and you have your baby soon!

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