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Waiting on NIPT results

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AimeeLou84 · 06/02/2024 16:25

Has anyone had their NIPT results back fairly quickly i.e. before the 2 weeks? I’m going out of my mind. I had my bloods this morning and I’m 17 weeks tomorrow. I’ve fallen in love with my baby but this situation is tearing me apart at the moment. I’m constantly crying I just don’t know what to do. My quads showed 1 in 137 chance and I’ll be nearly 40 when I give birth. Has anyone had to wait the full 2 weeks i suppose is what I’m getting at. Thank you!

OP posts:
Deersthatloveapples · 06/02/2024 16:55

sorry this doesn’t answer your question but I’m in the same boat. Had mine yesterday and don’t understand how I’ll last 10working days. I’ve been through this before and the pregnancy had to be terminated eventually. Can’t believe I’m here again and at nearly 40 also and multiple MCs, I don’t think I could go through this again :(. Ours is 1:66.

Deersthatloveapples · 06/02/2024 17:01

Sorry I also meant to say I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and will be hoping we both get good news… and soon! Someone on another forum got hers back within the same week via a London clinic last week so that might be a good sign.

AimeeLou84 · 06/02/2024 17:15

Hi hun. Oh god it’s awful isn’t it. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone I’ve had to book the week off work I’m going insane. They told me my bloods will arrive at the London clinic tomorrow so I’m praying for both of us that we get positive news asap! I know how you’re feeling and what you’re going through you’re not alone x

OP posts:
CJ4713 · 06/02/2024 17:20

Did you use a clinic that processes the samples in the UK (assuming you are based in the UK)? Some companies still send samples the the USA, which obviously adds more time to getting the results.

I got mine back in 4 days, but, unfortunately it was bad news and positive for patau syndrome. There were obvious issues seen on the scan, so I don't know if they informed that lab of this and to process it quicker, or if that was just the turnaround time of that clinic/that week? That was 7yrs ago.

OP- do you have anyone to support you? Have you mentioned your concerns and anxiety to your midwife/GP? Best of luck with everything.

Deersthatloveapples · 06/02/2024 17:23

Thank you ❤️ sounds good that you’ll get yours soon. I’m off work too. There’s no way I can concentrate or do anything meaningful with this hanging over us.

AimeeLou84 · 06/02/2024 17:24

Hi thanks for replying. Yes I’m based near London so they’ve sent them there and they’ll receive them tomorrow. My scans haven’t shown up anything concerning I’ve even had a private scan, but they couldn’t measure the NT on them due to the babies position. I’m seeing my midwife tomorrow but to be honest the moment I talk about it I just cry. It’s a waiting game and it’s awful. So sorry about your situation but thanks for the response

OP posts:
AimeeLou84 · 06/02/2024 17:25

Exactly that. Good luck to both of us ❤️

OP posts:
Nic2908 · 06/02/2024 21:40

Ours went to London from the north west, that were back before the two weeks. I think it was just over a week. Have everything crossed for you

AimeeLou84 · 07/02/2024 06:05

Thank you! The waiting is awful 😞

OP posts:
rosed1008 · 07/02/2024 06:21

mine was a week and the midwife admitted to me that the turn around time in the lab is 5 working days. So hopefully under the two weeks! The waiting is hideous- good luck xx

AimeeLou84 · 07/02/2024 06:36

Ok thank you! I’m so worried I can’t sleep properly and I’m continually searching on the internet it’s driving me mad x

OP posts:
TTCbaby2023 · 07/02/2024 08:55

I did it privately at 11 weeks and got the results in one week.

Good luck with your results, I'm sure all will be fine.

AimeeLou84 · 07/02/2024 09:15

Thank you I was thinking to go private but didn’t know whether these might come back just as quickly. The waiting game is awful x

OP posts:
AimeeLou84 · 07/02/2024 20:55

Hey hun, don’t suppose there’s any news on your results yet? I’m going out of my mind x

OP posts:
Deersthatloveapples · 07/02/2024 21:49

I just came on to see if you had any news. Nothing my end yet :/ I’ve got a consultant appointment tomrw at the same place and I’m going to interrogate them about it and ask them to triple check whether the results are through (I know this is unlikely) but I think it’s more of a midwife general check up type thing anyway :/ I can’t stop scrolling forums. One minute I’m holding my belly and feeling loved up and like this baby is fine, and the next I think of my readings and I know they align with genetic issues so the likelihood is bad news and I think ok I’m never going to have a family :( uuuurrgghhh such a head spin :(

Deersthatloveapples · 07/02/2024 21:50

I did go for a swim today and that was nice 😂 little things! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hope you’re holding up xx

AimeeLou84 · 07/02/2024 21:54

Oh this is awful isnt it. I had a midwife appointment today and she basically said they should be back before the 2 weeks but that doesn’t help me over the next 4/5 days. I’m going out of my mind. I’m talking to my baby so much I can’t bare the thought of losing her now. I don’t want to pester the hospital but if I don’t hear anything by Friday I’m going to call the screening team as I can’t go on with worry. Praying for good news for both of us x

OP posts:
LittleDoveLove · 08/02/2024 02:07

Mine was a week both times. I paid for the Harmony test but it was done via the hospital. Hopefully you will get yours soon 🤞x

AimeeLou84 · 08/02/2024 06:37

Thank you. May I ask what your risk was out of the 150 please? I’m genuinely in pieces waiting x

OP posts:
Deersthatloveapples · 08/02/2024 13:41

AimeeLou how are you doing? My results came through whilst I was up at the hospital to see a consultant and the screening team came to tell me - I got good news - ‘lower chance’. Can’t believe we heard so soon. Thank you for your prayers. I’ll keep saying them for you for good news too. I’ve been sobbing since and don’t fully believe it. Sending my love and hope Xx

AimeeLou84 · 08/02/2024 13:46

Oh I’m so happy for you congratulations. I’m not doing great to be honest. Keep getting myself upset I can’t bare to go through the weekend not knowing. I had mine the day after you so I’m praying mine come back tomorrow and good news. I can’t go through all this again and I’m so attached to my baby it’s breaking me. Thank you for your thoughts x

OP posts:
badwolf82 · 08/02/2024 14:19

I had an absolutely terrible time waiting for my results, also around 16 weeks. I know how awfully anxious you must be. Is there anything you can do to distract yourself? Go for a walk? Do some sort of craft? Watch a comedy film? Do some crossword puzzles? Anything is better than sitting around waiting.

I hope you get your results back soon and that everything is normal.

AimeeLou84 · 08/02/2024 14:21

It’s awful isn’t it. I’ve tried but I can’t bring myself to leaving the house as I’m not sleeping great and look tired. I find myself going back to thinking about it every 5 minutes. It doesn’t help me that my 1 in 137 chance is just based on my age and bloods. No measures taken at 12 weeks so only got offered the original quad test due to my age

OP posts:
AimeeLou84 · 08/02/2024 15:18

I messaged the screening team and they said as my bloods only got to the lab / clinic yesterday it’s unlikely I’ll hear anything before the weekend so another 3/4 days of worry x

OP posts:
Deersthatloveapples · 08/02/2024 15:35

No measurement?! So you don’t know if the nuchal fold was thick/normal? That’s tough :( I’m so sorry. I can hear the turmoil in your messages and considering how I’ve been feeling, I know the pain and angst. I really did find going for a swim made a huuuge difference for me and I forced myself out for a walk every day into nature where I won’t bump into anyone. Other than that reruns of tv shows have whiled away hours, wordle/connections have busied my brain and podcasts have occupied my mind through the night. Keep going… the waiting is the worst part and by the end of next week you’ll be out the other side no matter what and hopefully with the news we’re hoping for. I had way worse chances 1:66 so that’s a good sign 🙏🏻 hold onto that hope that most of the results coming back from the lab are negative and it’s just our age that’s bumping up the worry. Also, you could call ARC they’ve got helplines and might soothe your anxiety a little if nothing else is. Really wish no one had to go through this. Stay strong ❤️🙏🏻 Also, my test was Monday avo and results came through before 11am today. assuming it arrived Tuesday, that’s only just over a day. Maybe worth another call tomorrow in case 🤞🏻

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