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Gender Selection IVF in Cyprus - Advice

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Grish069 · 02/08/2022 12:00


My husband and I are looking into options re: Gender Selection / Family Balancing IVF in Cyprus. We are based in the UK.

I have found a clinic online which has good Google reviews (including from people with well established profiles - I tend to ignore reviews from people that have only done one review as they could be fake). It's called Eurocare IVF Cyprus, in Nicosia. It looks like they offer this service for around 5,000 EUR.

Has anyone gone through them, and what were their experiences?

We do not have any 'fertility problems' as such - just that we have a son already and are desperate for a daughter now.

Is it likely that this can be successful after one try?

Also, other people have mentioned in previous threads Team Z, but when I google this, it comes up with several different websites and clinics with this name. Could anyone who is experienced with them please provide the specific website and clinic link, and idea of cost?

Thank you so much in advance :)

OP posts:
Katie999999 · 01/09/2022 16:00

This reply has been deleted

This has been deleted by MNHQ for breaking our Talk Guidelines.

Allyxally · 15/02/2023 08:14

Hi grish069 I was wondering if you went out and got it done or not ad I'm also looking to go in April. Thanks

Newmumsie2016 · 26/02/2023 15:55

I'm with Team Z, I've not seen too many great reviews for Eurocare.

I recognise a similar post on another social media site - so hopefully you've found a supportive group.

Team Z are Hope Fertility.

I'm starting the process too, just trying to locate a supplier of meds in the UK that don't require me to remortgage!

Hoping to travel out in the next few months for retrieval.

Amazingpav · 27/02/2023 09:01

Hi newmumsie2016 I am allyxally it made me change my username for some reason I'm new to this I couldn't find any certified reviews to any is team z also in nicosia?

Newmumsie2016 · 27/02/2023 12:09

@Amazingpav most of the reviews I've read are on social media groups.

Yes Team Z are in Nicosia too.

Amazingpav · 27/02/2023 15:50

Thankyou good luck with everything

Teddysma · 12/04/2023 22:46

Hi all, just wondering if anyone had any updates on this? I’ve been looking at Dream IVF

SouthwestSis · 12/04/2023 23:34

Is gender selection IVF even legal?
Sounds unethical to me, I'm surprised medical professionals would offer it.

VillageFete · 13/04/2023 09:54

I’m with Team Z! Although not doing it for gender selection, but they do offer it if you’d like to know the gender of your embryos after the PGS/PGD testing.

The proper name is “Hope Fertility”

In regards to cost, hard to say. Depends how many eggs collections you need and how many blasts you get to test. I suppose it’s cheaper for me as i’m not looking for a specific gender and so I didn’t need to keep having egg collections if I didn’t get a healthy desired gender in the first collection? For example, I got 6 healthy blasts. I don’t know the gender but was told they are all the same gender! So i’ve either got a football team or a girl gang. Had I been going for gender selection i’d either be ecstatic or disappointed.

I’m pregnant, early days but so far, so good. I obviously highly rate them.

A word of advice - ask for the NK cell blood test at egg collection. It showed that I have an overactive immune system and need steroids and Intralipids to dampen it down in order for an embryo to stick.

I have PCOS and one blocked fallopian tube too so genuine fertility issues. My UK IVF cycles
didn’t work and I’m wondering if it was because of my immune system….

Before doing any egg collections, read “It starts with the egg” and take the relevant supplements for sperm and egg quality. Particularly a decent Ubiquinol.

Another clinic who they share a lab with is British Cyprus IVF and they offer gender selection too as far as i’m aware. Their female Dr is supposedly very good.

Teddysma · 13/04/2023 18:51

Aww huge congratulations. Delighted all is going well with bubs. Thanks for all the info. Can I ask if you found Cyprus safe or if there were any concerns for you on that side of things (war, Turkey, etc)

VillageFete · 13/04/2023 20:03

@Teddysma Super safe! The people are fabulous.

I’ve been a few times, twice alone. There’s a massive IVF community that go over there.

I have a lovely driver that collects me from the airport, I stay in the same hotel each time. Everyone is so friendly and i’ve never felt unsafe, far from it.

Don’t let those concerns put you off ❤️

Whywere · 13/04/2023 20:18

I cannot believe that someone would put themselves and their relationship through IVF to ‘balance a family’. It‘s so wrong. There’s a reason why this isn’t available on the NHS.

VillageFete · 13/04/2023 22:00

@Whywere To each their own.

IVF is gruelling, but I could never judge anyone for doing what they feel they need to do to complete their family in the way that they desire. I think it’s admirable. And i’m someone with secondary infertility who’d take an alien after all the heartache! Not looking for a specific gender.

I say live and let live.

FredaFox · 13/04/2023 22:21

Whywere · 13/04/2023 20:18

I cannot believe that someone would put themselves and their relationship through IVF to ‘balance a family’. It‘s so wrong. There’s a reason why this isn’t available on the NHS.

I have to agree, it's one step too far for me

Newmumsie2016 · 13/04/2023 23:09


I've not heard of dream IVF, at least it's not one commonly mentioned in other groups.

The advice and info given by @VillageFete is really fantastic.

I'm with Team Z too, I've paid about £3k for my medications so far, most people buy them from ASDA (that's just to start stims) the procedure will cost about £4k that's assuming everything goes well. I have daily injections, which are pretty terrifying. Then you'll need to add on flights and accommodation (I'm travelling 3 times atm)

There's quite a few social media groups dedicted to this topic where you'll find hundreds of families in the UK going through the same thing. You'd be welcome to join us.

Ignore the trolls, purely uneducated, insecure bullies. They'll be off posting 'be kind' memes all over Facebook later. A quick search on their usernames will tell you all you need to know 🙄

Welcome to the thread 😊

VillageFete · 14/04/2023 07:04

Oh, and to add that I get my meds from a pharmacist in Cyprus. She sends them over for me and I also used to collect directly from her when I was over there. So much cheaper than sourcing them here!

If anyone wants her info, PM me.

@Newmumsie2016 Best of luck! You can do it!

Amazingpav · 14/04/2023 08:38

Hi villagefete I'm due to go out in a couple of weeks I already have 5 sons 3 ivf and 2 natural do you know if they actually try to get the gender to fertilise the eggs or is it what ever fertilizes first my whole family mainly consists of boys so not sure if I may und up with all boy embryos

Newmumsie2016 · 14/04/2023 08:51

@Amazingpav they mostly develop the embryos to Blastocyst (around 5 days) then they test for gender.

There's several methods where gender can be preselected, Microsort, sperm spinning and a dye method. None of them have been scientifically proven to be effective or safe for the sperm.

Newmumsie2016 · 14/04/2023 08:54

@VillageFete unfortunately she didn't have stocks of the meds I needed and I didn't want to wait, but whilst I ended up sourcing them here that wasn't easy either, I had to buy from 3 different pharmacies! 😣

VillageFete · 14/04/2023 08:56

@Amazingpav Unfortunately they can’t guarantee a specific gender. It’s down to luck. So, I met Team Z at a fertility fair when I was first looking to go abroad and chose them based on the full embryo testing for a decent enough cost, plus the fact they deal with lots of PCOS patients like me. They’re a good clinic but unfortunately no clinic in the world can guarantee a specific gender and it may take a few egg collections to get what you want, or, you may hit the jackpot first time.

When I got my results of how many were healthy embryos, I asked out of curiosity if they were a mix of genders. Apparently not, they’re all the same (Although I didn’t ask which gender as i’d like a surprise at my scan with partner and kids. I already have a boy and girl after years of fertility treatment in this Country) So bare in mind that can happen!

Amazingpav · 14/04/2023 09:23

@villagefete thankyou for the reply here's to hoping I'm lucky first time and Congratulations

TallulahBetty · 14/04/2023 09:34



It's 2023, time to learn basic biology.

crossstitchingnana · 14/04/2023 09:38

Whywere · 13/04/2023 20:18

I cannot believe that someone would put themselves and their relationship through IVF to ‘balance a family’. It‘s so wrong. There’s a reason why this isn’t available on the NHS.


flowergirl2020 · 14/04/2023 09:47

Haven't had gender selection but I have had PGT-A (genetic testing) in the UK via CARE fertility. I've had 6 rounds of treatment some without PGT-A owing to endometriosis. Most clinics (I've used a few) have a link with a Greek or Cypriot clinic for those who wish to select sex. I explored it as it's touted as being cheaper to go abroad. You don't have to have all your embryo transfers done abroad as once the embryos have been biopsied (presuming you get ones strong enough to develop into a day 5 blastocyst when this can take place) they are frozen whilst you await the genetic test results. At this point you could pay to have them flown over and stored at a local clinic. It can be swings and roundabouts with how many viable genetically normal embryos you get. One of my round 2/6 were normal. Another 4/6 and this has an impact on potential cost and travel of transferring them if you chose to store them abroad.

Also, in the UK you can only transfer one embryo at a time if genetically tested since the chance of one implanting is higher. I think you can transfer multiple abroad hence why people go there as they also allow gender selection. This impacts on cost too if you can only put one back at a time versus multiple. But there's also the increased risk associated with a multiple pregnancy.

Wish you well in your family plans. Be kind to yourself and your body. It is gruelling physically and emotionally. Xx

flowergirl2020 · 14/04/2023 09:52

TallulahBetty · 14/04/2023 09:34



It's 2023, time to learn basic biology.

I think the poster is using that terminology as that's what it is referred to in all fertility clinics, their price lists etc

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